Signs And Symptoms Of Depression And Suicide

Depression is a serious mental disorder that
severely affects your thoughts,your emotions and will siphon off every positive feelings
in the life, affecting your behavior and physical health. There is this feeling of emptiness,hopelessness
and endless road of sadness,which is leading to no where. Feeling of worthleess paves way for an Unprecedented
surge of negative thoughts that begins to control the mind,which makes it difficult
to concentrate even on small things. The person feels trapped,but don’t know how
to get out of it. The hope that something will change for sure
no longer exist,and the person gets stuck in loneliness. Overwhelming sense of boredom,Lack of motivation
and constant burden of guilt starts consuming the person,which not only lowers the self
esteem to a great degree,but also results into persistent self criticism,where the person
helds oneself responsible for every single act. Happiness does not exist any more,and the
person starts feeling dead inside, which takes the form of clinical depression also known
as major depression. The person is tired of putting the fake mask
in front of his family and friends,and soon begins to isolate oneself from the immediate
surroundings. The person does not feel hungry,and fatigue
in the body,restlessness becomes the integral part of one’s life. Getting out of bed and doing mundane activities,seems
like a task for the person. The person starts crying every night thinking
about how worthless and unproductive his life is,sometimes not even knowing the reason behind
it. In this vicious circle of sadness,loneliness
and hopelessness,the person tries to harm oneself and even attempts to commit suicide. There are multiple factors which can lead
to depression. Financial troubles faced by the person in
business or job,unemployment,highly stressful life,Hereditary disease like diabetes,alcohol
or drug addiction. Constant arguments in the relationship or
even divorce,loss of loved ones at the very early age,deserted by your own family and
friends,and the reasons are endless. The recent death of famous Korean Singer due
to Suicide suggests that no matter how successful the person is,if you are broken from inside,depression
will slowly swallow you like a parasite. I am soon going to post a follow up video
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  1. Recommended book to get out of depression

    Suicide Crisis Hotlines:

  2. Thats exactly how i felt am on medication now and feel a bit better and brighter. Was so fatigued could hardly function and everything was black its horrible when you feel like that.

  3. Sometimes I don't know what to do. Always comes in my mind to commit suicide. ' I feels that there's no hope for me..😢

  4. I am unsuccessful and handicapped . I have one kid and loving wife but my father always abuse me I want to die help me please

  5. Depression is just another word for extreme disappointment in most all people & being in this horrid reality that we all are trapped in. So the word should not be depression, instead it should be"DISAPPOINTMENT" in humanity.

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