Signs and Symptoms of Depression – Joanne Schwartz Counselling

My name is Joanne Schwartz and I am an online
video counsellor here in Vancouver. Today I want to talk about the signs and symptoms
of depression. It is ok to feel bad for a period of time but if these symptoms are persisting
over more than a few months it may be worth talking to your doctor or a counsellor. Some
of the signs and symptoms are an increase in sleeping or a decrease, so you cant sleep
at ll or you feel like you want to sleep all the time. An increase in your appetite or
a decrease. You want to eat all the time or you feel like you cannot eat at all. Decrease
in concentration or an increase in irritability. A lack of interest in things you used to love
to do. All of these are signs you may be depressed and it may be time to get some online counselling.
Skype therapy is ideal for people who are feeling poorly and dont want to get out of
their apartment. Let us know if you would like to book an appointment today by logging
on to

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