Signs Of A Genius |A Mentor|

have you ever imagined that what are the
signs or traits of an intelligent person here are top eight signs which reveals
that you are way more intelligent than you think and don’t take it lightly
because they are scientifically proven so watch this video till end number one
you question everything are you curious about everything do you question that
why things are the way that they are well that’s a first sign of a genius
right there because the brilliant mind never stops questioning and trying to
answer the deepest darkest questions of existence and the universe like why
sandwiches taste better when can’t diagonally why February has 28 days who come first
egg or hen or we can’t lick our own elbows ever thought of these questions
before if yes then you are probably smart as hell number two if you are
sarcastic believe it or not sarcastic people have a certain wit that implies
intelligence studies found a link between sarcasm and creativity people
who use sarcastic humor are more likely to be intelligent as it requires more
thought allows the mind to expand and promotes conceptualization number three
you talk to yourself normally people think that it’s so weird when someone
talks to themselves but the research says that the people who talk to
themselves are highly intellectual if you find yourself muttering to yourself
don’t worry it just means that you got a big old brain and if someone asked you
that why you talk to yourself and tell them that whenever I need an expert
advice I like to talk to myself number four if you overthink and worry a lot over
thinkers and worriers are actually some of the most intelligent among us
overthinking and worrying about potential situations shows imagination which links
to high creativity IQ so the next time you are worrying about something harness
the creativity number 5 you constantly challenge yourself
a true genius never stop challenging himself you constantly stimulates the
brain with mind-bending games illusions puzzles if that sounds familiar that it
could be a clue that you are freaking genius number six
being lazy researchers of Florida gulf University conducted a study on hundreds
of people and created two groups thinkers and non thinkers they gave
wristband to these groups and published their results in Journal of health and
psychology according to the study they found out that the people with high IQ
were less active than the average people history shows us that the
greatest inventions are made out of laziness such as remote control which
was made to avoid getting up every time to change the channel
Bill Gates said that I will always choose lazy person to do a tough job
because he will find an easy way to do it
number seven being a night owl staying up late at night than an average person
means that you are more brilliant than the people around you Nikola Tesla the
inventor of electricity used to sleep for two to three hours a day Leonardo
da Vinci a famous painter and inventor of modern designs used to sleep for
three to four hours a day scientists believe that it is easy to
concentrate at night so if you love to stay up at night you have a mind of a
genius number eight thumbnail signs if your
thumb has this white circle in the beginning part of your nail you are most
likely to be a genius person scientists believe that the deeper the
white half-circle the more intelligent you are these traits are found mostly in
the eastern countries such as India China Pakistan and few Arabic countries
they can work for longer and also shows muscle flexibility this ends up our
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