Signs of depression are not at first obvious:
Sadness & indifference can be confused for sloppiness. Anxiety, apathy, loss of pleasure, and restlessness
Can all be confused for life’s mere stressfulness. Binge eating, fatigue, excessive crying, and
lack of concentration Can all put you on a list for stress level
consideration. But all of those signs of depression become
concerning When hopelessness and suicidal thoughts your
mind start controlling. Add to the list also constant irritability
and agitation And then you can understand my long-term social
isolation. My depression signs became completely unquestionable
When I stopped washing my hair, taking showers, and being fashionable. I stopped caring about what I looked like
and even what I smelled like. I stopped caring about the opinions of whoever
my appearance and mood might dislike. Depression signs are all those individual
signs of stress, only together combined, And multiplied by 1000 all compound in my
body and mind. I can’t get out of bed, but even when I
can, I question WHY. Life makes no sense and I’d rather today
in my bed like this die. Nothing interests me and there’s no purpose
in anything. I don’t trust anyone and I question the
why of everything. Depression signs are hopelessness and sadness,
Your thoughts are slow but they’re all mostly focused on suicide madness. Depression is dark, big, black, deep hole. I don’t wish depression on anyone ever at
all. I fight my depression with Biblical scriptures
every day. I lean on God and to Him for healing I pray. I know that God loves me and Jesus gave His
life for mine, My hope comes from the Lord who heals from
depression my mind. Are you depressed? Or do you know someone who is? Share this video with them and spread the
hope please.

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