Signs of Depression or Suicide

Kathleen Moore, LISW: “There are many signs
that people are suffering emotionally, and it’s important to listen to those signs and
to respond appropriately. And here’s some of the signs to watch for: (Student voices over graphics) “This life just isn’t worth it.”
“Everyone will be better off if I’m gone.” “You can have this, i won’t need it anymore.”
“Things will be a lot easier shortly.” “Everybody is gonna be sorry when I’m not
here.” “I just feel like ending it.”
“No one will be bothered with me anymore.” “I always feel so sad.”
“No thanks. I don’t want to go out.” “Not hungry… really, not hungry. I just
can’t sleep.” “I got my dads gun.”
“Keep this note for me but don’t read it, OK.” STUDENTS: “DO NOT Give advice or try to cheer
them up.” LISW: “They need somebody to listen and to
care.” STUDENTS: “Do not call a bluff, daring your
friend to do it.” LISW: “They’re in pain, help them get some
help.” STUDENTS: “Do not be a judgemental listener.”
LISW: “Don’t debate the appropriateness of your friends feelings – it’s important to
listen and to let them know that you don’t want to lose them.” STUDENTS: “Do not be sworn to secrecy.”
LISW: “If they ask you to keep a secret about this, tell them that this is not a secret
that you can keep. They may be upset with you, but it’s better to take precautions before
something happens.” STUDENTS:
Do ACT Now: A…. Acknowledge: Take it seriously and listen.
C…. Care: Take the initiative and voice your concern.
T…. Treatment: Get professional help immediately. TELL a trusted adult or school counselor. New Mexico Crisis and Access Line 1-855-NM-CRISIS
1 (855) 662-7474 Copyright 2015 City of Albuquerque

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