Signs of Prenatal Depression – Shoshana Bennett, PhD

We talk a lot about postpartum depression
these days. It is good that we are talking about it. Certainly, when I was going through
it, nobody was talking about it, back in the 80’s. It is also very important to talk about
depression in pregnancy or prenatal depression, which happens at the same rate as it does
postpartum; 15 to 20 percent. There is one wonderful study that said 23 percent. Women
who are depressed in pregnancy are often, through no fault of their own, not caring
for themselves well. They might have lost their appetite, so their nutrition isn’t good,
which isn’t good for the baby. Maybe they are not sleeping well at night, having nothing
to do with heartburn or anything. Maybe her mind is racing with anxious thoughts and she
can’t sleep. Maybe she is trying to self-treat with medications over-the-counter. There are
all kinds of things that might be going on. It’s very, very important to discuss it and
very important that she gets proper help during pregnancy.

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