What time is it? Where are you guys? Is there a problem with me ? What have i done ? Were not we together in my place ? Bro is it night time right now ? What is going on with me ? I did what ? Hi guys it’s Bi Haller Tonight we are in a night duty and we are about to do an interesting prank Its 2 am in the morning and its goint to be first prank of us .We are doing the prank to Umut . Last we were in his house shooting some videos and We loged in his whatsapp account in our pc as in web As in web way ? Ömer :his whatsapp in a web way ahahah
-We identified Umuts whatsapp account to our computer during the shootings Its 2 am now We are gonna type stuff like he is typing And we are trying to get us call there to his place. And we are going to type stuff over that Berkant: Its gonna be like we talked and we went there. But of course Umut does not know anything. And he is probably sleeping We came here at 2 am and ıts far. Berkant came from Besiktas I came from Balat. Let’s see what’s gonna happen We are about to make Umut go crazy But there is chance we came here for nothing too I thınk he will fall fort hat the guy is obsessive. He is very obsessed about this kind of things. Its normal he ıs living alone in that kind of house ıts huge Now its like Umuts tying to us which he is. Because we have his whatsapp web We are typing to outselves To our whatsapp group We are typing ‘come to my place now its urgent’ Dont call me i cant answer So it wont be a problem when we get there Guys come to my place immediately You got it ? -yes Berkant: Now i m gonna say stuff too Why dont we call you? Yes yes say that Do you want both us to come ? Ömer is probably sleeping is there a problem ? Ömer: Yeah yeah and im gonna type Yes i’m awake Berkant:Perfect Wait wait Then i’m typing too I am not sleeping what happened? Berkant: Guys now We have to wait about a half hour in the car Because we are coming from a long distance Ömer: Because Umut is going to see the messages too He must think its been a while then we will show up The second part of the prank is going to be more effective. You will see. The second part is awesome Its gonna be way better. Do you know what is gonna happen ? He is gonna be have a bad trip Ahahah yes yes when he wakes up Yes probably before he finds up he is gonna be He is gonna think he has some problems. **** Door is open Lets go Be more energic. Are you geeting in a mood ? BerkantYes i m in the mood We are getting in the mood. Lets do it Ring ring ring I m putting the camere away now I think he did not wake up yet Yes probably Hide it Let me put it to my pocket Bro ? Are you okay ? Ömer : What happened? Berkant : You called us here is something bad happened you wrote to the whatsapp group Umut: What are you talking about ? Are you crazy ? Berkant: Open the lights .Are you okay ? Umut: What time is it ? Berkant : Its 2.30 ıt took 30 minutes to come here Umut : Why would i call you guys ? You wrote us on whatsapp for goods sake Ömer : You said dont call me Umut : I did what ? Berkant : Are you okay? What happened to you ? Umut: Is not it middle of the night now Berkant : Bro its 2.30 am now we came all the way from Balat. Umut: What about the ringing the bell .I got scared. Ömer: You asked us to come are you joking? Berkant: Are you messing with us? Umut : W*** the F*** i wrote You wrote to the group on whataspp OH GOD! Umut : Are you guys messing around with me ? What did i say ? You said come to my place its urgert on whatsapp. And you said dont call me If you are joking just say to us i drived 30 kms to here. Because its not funny . Ömer: ı came from Balat ! Are you serious or messing with us ? Berkant: Just take a sit firt What could possibly happen what could i say to you in the middle of night ? What do you mean what could happen anything could happen. Umut: Are you joking with me? Ömer: You dont make any sense just sit here. Just take a sit for a minute .My hands are shaking too I sweare the god i though something bad happened. Dıd i say come here to my place ? And you said its urgent. I said that ? Ömer: Yes you said its urgent Berkant: I am all sweaty right now Ömer: You typed to us on whatsapp. And i said should i call you and you said no dont call me i can not answer. Guys are you messing around with me ? ? Ömer:Just go check your whatsapp. You are not making any sense. Berkant: Can you check the group please ? He is getting his phone let se what is gonna happen Do you want some water are you okay ? When we talked all of this stuff I dont belive it . Ömer: Just look at the texts. You said its urgent twice! I was going to call you and you said dont call. I got scared man! We got scared !. Ömer: Are you being serious or messing with us ? Why would i be messing with you ? Why would we come all the way then? I say 30 kms i picked him up too. I did not write such things like that ! What do you mean you did not ? What kind of bulls*** is that? Who wrote it then ? Just tell us are you okay right now or not? Are you joking ****? Umut: I was sleeping ! How could i possibly wrote all these .People say you can talk during your sleep but there is no way i could write these I dont know about that. For Gods sake. Berkant: If you are joking say it already. Do you know where i came from for you ? I m not joking man!. Ömer:He took his fathers car to come here Would i do such a thing like that in this hour.I was sleeping. He carjacked for you! I was in Besiktas He picked me up from Balat too. Did i write these in my sleep ? Was your phone near you . Ömer:Did you drink something before you slept ? No i did not.Why would i write you if a had some drinks.I even typed its urgent for god’s sake Bro are you okay? You are really scaring me Umut: Are you guys F*** with me ? WHY WHY we would do that ? You said come here immediately and we did! Ömer:You are looking at the texts! The phone is just next to you I would say i had a dream but who do that in a dream? Were you alone whole night was there someone with you? Umut:No i was alone. You sure ??
00:07:09,100 –>00:07:11,120
I am sure for gods sake its enough already! Was there someone in your dream ? I mean how did it happen? I did not have a dream or anything.If you are messing with me enough is enough! I am asking myself why i am here right now. Either you are messing with us or you are becoming schizoid. Is there any explaination i would do that why whould i call you here in the middle of the night ? Okay bro what can we do ?. Umut: Oh man is there a problem with me ?? Now i m thinking about that. Berkant: Just go wash your face or something. Go wash your face. Do you want anything tea , coffee? Ömer: What coffee go get your s*** together Then just stay here fort he rest of the night. Just go wash your face then we will talk about it okay ? Okay we’ll stay but just go wash your face. Oh man! Guys Umut went to bathroom now And we are leaving ! Ömer: We are leaving i am gonna hide the camera somewhere here. We forgot something we need to delete all the messages from his phone !. Lets delete them I dont know man! I would not want be in his place right now. Me neither i would freak out Ömer? Ömer? Are you f*** joking with me ? Berkant? Berkant? If you are hiding somewhere… You are joking right ?
00:09:12,820 –>00:09:14,940
I m about to freak out whats going on He is calling he is calling open the door Open the door quick He is calling quick Wait wait wait hold this Open it open it Yes ? Umut: Alo Ömer? Yes what happen? Umut: where are you guys? What do you mean where are we? Just just were not we together in my place? What are you saying i m home do you know what time is it ? What ? i am getting pissed off just dont f*** with me ! What do you mean by that ? ıts almost 3 am for gods sake
Did something happen ? Umut: Did not you just come to my place? You said i asked you to come to my place on whatsapp So i did write i guess … Were not we just sitting here together Ömer: What did you write bro ?
Who wrote on the whatsapp ? Bro its 2.30*** I was home by 11 pm. Umut: ******* with me .I’m so nervous right now! I am a hypochondriacal person you know that Ömer:Bro for god’s sake i did not type anything to you on whatsapp. I dıd not type anything to you on Whatsapp what do you mean Berkant ? Were not just together checking the messages ? Was not Berkant with you ? Bro fot God’s sake i’m home what Berkant ? Wait a sec hold on hold on I am sending you a screenshoot on Whatsapp Okay send it i m not hanging up the phone Umut: **** with me ? Hold it Hold it Let me check the whatsapp too .I don’t really understand what are saying.
00:10:46,700 –>00:10:48,120
Wait a sec i’m putting on speakers. So i can check my whatsapp Man ! There is nothing in my whatsapp the last time we talked It was ın the morning I’m gonna say you something.Is there something wrong going on with me ? Oğlum ya bir şey söyleyeceğim. Bir şey mi oluyor lan bana? My door got ringed like hell and then I was in bed sleeping .The bell was ringing then i woke up .
I opened up the door and it was you guys. You said i just called you in here .You said that ” you said it was urgent” Whare the f*** are you talking about ? Did you drink something before you went to bed ? Wait wait Bro what the F************ What ? oh s*** you guys What the f*** just happened here I almost s*** on my pants. He noticed or what ? ? Ömer: Did it happen? What did it happen ? Oh man ! What the the f*** how do you close this ! Don’t hang up , don’t hang up we are coming . Umut:You guys are here ? It was your time ahahah we are almost there Just come here already . Ömer: Don’t close the camere we are here I thought i just went crazy. It really was a good one . Berkant: I think it was just perfect Guys its 3.am 3.am 3.am. Valla delirdim dedim yani gerçekten. Oğlum böyle bir şaka çekme şekli mi var gecenin 3’ünde? Lütfen ya.. Berkant: Naber abi? Oğlum hakikaten korktum lan. What you afraid of? Did you think i get mad? I didn’t do so much thing in the first one. I said it could be something like sleepwalking.. But in the second one when you are not there… I checked whatsapp and there was no message too…. Did you delete messages in whatsapp? Berkant: Yes I was afraid so. Ömer: Sorry… I got mad i am saying. I said i may have a mental problem. Perfect, perfect. It was nice. Berkant: We can stay when we came already. Bravo it is a good prank. I am usually against of camera prank. Friends know! But this one was a good one. Ömer: We did insist many times to Umut to make a street prank . He didn’t accept us. Well it happened to Umut. Berkant: Yes it went good. First joke happened to me. Berkant: Well, let’s hope for the best. Later. Bye.

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