Ski Mask The Slump God x Offset type beat | Hocus Pocus (Prod. Take It Low)

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  1. 🎍🎍🎍Have a good day!!🎍🎍🎍 Lo-fi secret track starts at 2:30 tho!!!




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  2. Take It lowさんのトラックのウワモノはかっこいいだけじゃなくて中毒性があるというか、聴きたくなる不思議な魅力がありますねぇ。今回のも怪しくてダークな雰囲気が最高にイカしてますね!シンプルな構成ですが、さり気ない音の足し算と引き算で気持ちの良い展開を作っているのは本当にさすがという感じです!

  3. I meant to say this beat got me feeling hype! I listened to this all the way to the end and it switched videos on my and made me accidentally comment on a lofi track lol. Dope beat bro!

  4. Bro. What can l sayyyy. Drums and hi-hats rolls are so fruity and clean!! Melody gives a lot of energy!! Man I love the lo fi part too!! Keeepppp💚💚🔥♨♨🤓

  5. Okey okey stop it right here👇🏻 as professional as this one sounds this is “tough one”… hip hop and trap beats i listen to when im going to gym are in the similar vibe and mood! I would defo add it to my gym playlist💪🏻 you are progressing with a mile steps bro. I absolutely felt in love with that outro … that soul guitar vibe 🙏🏻🙏🏻 i aint gonna say sick twice this time 😁🔥🔥🔥🔥

  6. Daaamn I love the vibe in this fr!! Really dope, drums on point as well, sub+! Would love if you check me out too, we could support each other if you like my style!🔥

  7. Man this is a SLAPPER!
    If you could check my last few beats and comment, ill be sure to return the love. Ive been busy the last few weeks but Im back now!

  8. I love the evil vibes this has. Those pitch shifts on the hi hat were a really nice touch and I'm loving the kinda short stutters on the melody too

  9. The first beat is lit, and you added a dope lofi track right after, even if you didn’t have to. That’s lit bro. That shows you’re dedicated.
    GJ and Keep grinding 💯🔥

  10. How'd I miss this one! the drums on this are so crazy bro, the sound selection on this is amazing you talent really shines hear my guy!! that bass is so mean I can feel it it my stomach lol so good

  11. ハットのチュルチュル具合がかっこいいです!あとスネアの残響感もくせになります

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