*SOLD* XXXTENTACION x Ski Mask The Slump God Type Beat – “Painkillers” (Prod. by Benihana Boi)

XXXTENTACION x Ski Mask The Slump God Type Beat – Painkillers” (Prod. by Benihana Boi)

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  1. You got a TrainTrak page or something to peep all the beats easier? U gotta turn the basss all the way up for these tracks so that it knocks harder, i fuck widdit heavy tho, if U NY Based id love to Collab, pay for ya time too LMK https://soundcloud.com/q-finese

  2. Love the beat, and I love this channel. I can see ski on this fo sure and $UI , not so much X. Maybe that's just me though idk, all in all great work.

  3. FREE X!!!! but check me out to doe dope beat… check me out too https://soundcloud.com/twentyfive2life/mobbin-thru-the-city

  4. hey benihana you should go check out what i did with the beat bro! its good asf www.soundcloud.com/chillywilly337/painkillers

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