Somatic Stress Release

Hello, I’m Dr. Scott Lyons and thank you for your interest in the Somatic Stress Release™ Immersions. We know that each person responds to stress in their own unique and individual ways. Each person’s stress response is dependent on their physiological capacities, their levels of resilience and coping style, as well as other factors including their nutrition, their habituated breathing patterns, how past stressors are situated still in their body, their postural alignment, as well as how their strengths and challenges of being in relationship actually affect their response to stress. This is why it truly takes a holistic approach to address the many levels and layers of how and where stress shows up. This is the reason for the creation of Somatic Stress Release™. In order to better understand the methodology of Somatic Stress Release™, it’s helpful to first break down what is somatics. So “soma” means the body, and “somatics” is the field of research and practice of experiencing attuning and being present in the living body. So Somatic Stress Release™ methodology is a practice that gives you the skills to more fully come into your body as a way to navigate and gain control over the inevitable stressors of life with a profound presence and success. The purpose of this methodology is to empower you to learn to listen, mobilize, and mindfully respond to what you’re interacting with in any given moment. The methodology will enable you to arrive back into your body, to feel a sense of stability and groundedness so that you can begin to learn the skills of listening deeply to your body as a way of self-regulation. Somatic Stress Release™ also helps you grow your capacity to learn to listen to the subtle body cues of your friends, of your clients, of your students, of your children as a way to help guide them to what is needed in that exact moment to bring them towards greater well-being. I invite you to join me in the Somatic Stress Release™ Immersions, and I very much look forward to connecting with you there.

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