Someone With Depression VS Someone Without Depression

Das ist Charlie Das ist Alex Charlie leidet an einer Depression Alex leidet an keiner Depression Sie sind Freunde. Dies ist ihre Geschichte Charlie ist deprimiert und die meiste Zeit leicht reizbar Alex ist fröhlich und genießt die meiste Zeit sein Leben Charlie fühlt sich schuldig, wertlos und hilflos Alex hat “Liebesgefühle”, ist selbstbewusst und hoffnungsvoll Charlie hat das Interesse an Aktivitäten und Hobbys verloren, die ihm vorher Freude machten, inklusive Sex Alex hat sein Interesse an Aktivitäten und Hobby nicht verloren Charlie hat in den meisten Nächten Schlafprobleme Alex schläft wie ein Baby! Charlie fühlt sich die GANZE Zeit ausgelaugt und müde Alex fühlt sich nur ausgelaugt oder müde, wenn er etwas gemacht hat, dass ihn so fühlen lässt! Charlie hat negative Gedanken Alex hat fröhliche Gedanken Alex möchte nicht etwas mit anderen Leuten unternehmen/ sich sozialisieren Alex möchte etwas mit anderen unternehmen Charlie möchte die meiste Zeit zu Hause bleiben Alex möchte die meisten Zeit nach draußen gehen Charlie denkt, dass niemand versteht wie er sich fühlt Alex fühlt sich “normal” wie jeder andere auch Charlie fällt es schwer sich zu konzentrieren Charlie hat manchmal schädliche Gedanken, weil er es nicht mehr ertragen kann Kannst du dich mit Charlie identifizieren? Oder besser mit Alex? Ich kann mich mit allem an Charlie identifizieren Naja, Charlie ist eine Figur, die auf mir basiert Es gibt VIEL mehr über Depressionen zu wissen als in diesem Video gezeigt. Wenn du denkst, du könntest vielleicht an Depressionen leiden suche dir BITTE Hilfe SO SCHNELL WIE MÖGLICH!

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  1. I see another side to this. Isn't Charlie having the same qualities of an introvert and Alex having qualities of an extrovert? If m right, Are u saying introverts are depressed and extroverts are happy? Or am I missing something here?

  2. Man I can relate a little bit to both. I just feel like depressed people sometimes want to drag happy people down or see them as being nonchalant, arrogant and narcissistic and when you're depressed people look at you as insecure, weak and annoying.

    I try not to think too much about stuff like this though. It brings negative energy.

  3. Depression is something cant explain its like a different dimension of mind that no one will tell even like us.

  4. But nothing actually improves depression… I've been on antidepressants for 2 years now, I feel a bit more in control, but still have no interest in just about nothing.. 😥

  5. My parents can't help me, I have no friends and I can't afford to go to a professional. I think I'm getting better. I have self harmed for months and I've been sleeping okay. The suicidal thoughts have decreased as well. I'm glad I'm still standing.

  6. it's very frustrating when people say they're depressed when they're just sad, it makes people who are ACTUALLY DEPRESSED sound faking it, but i really am suffering from depression since i was very very young, i used to cut myself and then stopped for like a year when i red about self harm and was ashamed by then i started doing it again recently, you see, the problem here is that I KNOW i have depression but i can't speak about it ot loud and at the same time can't afford the medications and therapy alone, so i'm just self medicating myself and so far it's kinda controllable, i just hope that one day i can actually do something about it before depression takes over me and swallow me whole, i have suicidal thoughts everyday 😢😢 please ray for me and wish me lots of luck ❤❤❤
    i forgot to say that i can definitely relate to charlie 100% xD 😅

  7. I'm both. Most days I have bad thoughts. Then somedays it's like I forget about it. But at the end of that day after everything is over, I'm Charlie. When I get home from school I usually go to the bathroom and cry for a while till I hear my mom ask me why I'm taking long or if I'm ok. Then I walk out like I'm happy, the smile fools everyone. I have told I couple of my friends but all they say is "Oh" and "Aww" or hope you feel better. I remember one day in class I couldn't hold it in and I started to have an anxiety attack so I just walked out the classroom without saying nothing and crying. I just started the 9th grade and I'm overwhelmed and cant concentrate. But my moms always there to help me and hug me when I'm in that state of mind. Love her for that. But other people just dont understand and I get bullied for it. I just hope it can get better.

  8. Some may disagree with me but IMO 20% of people don’t care about your problems while 80% are glad that you have them. This has happened to me sadly…

  9. Imagine your mother, father or love one just died. Imagine the grief, the loss, the loneliness. Imagine that feeling for days or weeks. Now imagine waking up feeling like that even though everything and your loved ones are fine. Imagine no one understands and tells you to just snap out of it. Imagine having to pretend you feel normal just so people don't avoid you for days, weeks or months. Just imagine.

    I don't have to imagine. Lucky me.

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  11. What the actual fuck not a single point I relate to Alex. It's like someone based Charlie off of me. What the actual fuck man

  12. 😂😂😂😂😂
    Advice to Alex….. Time to end friendship with Charlie!
    Happy people should be friends with happy people. Law of nature!

  13. For any of you that suffers anxiety and depression, try using kratom powder or leaves. I have been using it on a daily basis, it helps with my mood and energy. You guys should try it.

  14. I wish I could be more like Alex I used to have hope that I could help my friends get over depression but then I started to feel like I was starting to get depression as well. I still have hope that we can overcome it someday

  15. extremely oversimplified adds only to confusion about DEPRESSION because doesn't distinguish between "clinical" vs "situational"
    MUCH LESS the causes of depression
    endogenous-physical (the brain) which runs the body
    generating all mental/physical experienced.
    exogenous-circumstances and social/cultural conditions.
    add in physical and psychological ( traumas and ecoeriences + interpretations)

    If that simple why are so many people unhappy etc.?

    for axample: bio-chemicals in brain like hormones and neurotransmitters alone if altered can cause "clinical depression", which may have no symptoms of feeling down or tired but indecisive or/and lack of motivation only.
    If severe enough such inability could easily cause one to become down or withdrawn asca secondary symptom or reaction to disability.
    like becoming parapalegic due to accident.
    Your explanation is way too
    I think FIRST the degree, severity and length time of need to be considered.
    A complete physically wheel chair victim can have happydays as well as sad or even bad days.

    "oh im feeling depressed"
    isnt major deoressive disorder requiring an experienced Psychiatrist to diagnose afterva regular physical exam including tests for causes of symptoms must be completed.

  16. I dunno. I have a big fear of depression (haha thanks anxiety) so when I don’t feel happy I overthink it and think (and feel? Idk) I’m depressed. Any advice???

  17. I can relate to charlie and I'm crying as I'm reading the characteristics of Charlie. 😔😔😔😭😭😭😭. I remember being Alex few years back. 😖😔😫😔

  18. I just want to tell thé truth about depression. Depression is not an emotion it's being sad or being tired it's way more than that, un fact depression is like you were watching a sad story over and over but you can't feel anything all you Can do is thinking about what is wrong with you and why peoples are mean to you over and over.
    Even when you find out thé answer or that question you will always thinking about what you could do to be accepted by the others but the point is no matter what you do, you will always thinking you're uselless and also that you should'nt being bornd at all.
    In general depression's coming with trusts issues and etc witch is more difficult for people who suffering of depression to get right out Of them situation and more difficult to explain what's un they're mind too.(at least that's my situation but i think that's a case's coming's most of the time. correct me if i'm wrong it wasn't itentional to generalsed that fact)

  19. charlie are most related to me…

    85% Sadness
    15% Happiness

    people see me as happy boy but inside me there just a sadness and pain…

    sometimes i feel dead and alive at the same time…

  20. I once was the same as Charlie honestly, waking up in the morning was like living nightmare more like I was drowning, I still remember how I felt every time I woke up in the morning

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