Stars get depression and die, but we will not (Be with GOD)

Hey everyone, long time no see these days I’ve been get flu I got
flu for one week, more than a week ,I get fever like near 40 or 42 degree maybe, I don’t
know ,I feel I was burning ,near death and after that I try to eat some pills, I go to
doctor I try to get some pills but it makes me cough every day, 24 hours I feel I cough, I can’t stop coughing ,so I start to lose hope ,especially these days
my job my business is not so good, so I start to feel worried ,my worry is not only
job ,it’s everything and because the depression, so I can’t
touch my parents and they are not responsible for me ,so I hate everyone I
start to close myself ,I feel everything is negative .I feel my life is closed
I started to want to kill myself again I know that that’s desperate again so I
feel hopeless so I decide to pray to God again and I don’t know what I can
do in in this period now so I kneel down and start to talk with God so the
amazing thing is happening today I start to feel better after after I pray to God
last night I start to feel better I stopped a
little coughing in this morning my body down
temperature a lot I start to feel much better
I know that God is always there so you may feel it sounds strange , I
have done nothing I just prayed to God there are many occasions that I can prove that
God is with us so especially this depression why we
have depression I feel that it’s because God want us to touch him he wants us to
connect with him and when we feel hopeless we must to tell him all the
feelings that we have and try ask help and thanks God that makes
Muffin stay with me even when I lose hope, but she is
cute and she may be naughty but she is with me so I still feel lucky another thing another thing that we know
that recently the Korea star Sulli, I don’t know English name is Shelley I
know that she died because the depression and of course many people
will start to worry : maybe we are the same ,we will be
dying or we will have same answer but if we start to connect with
God ,God will save us ,just trust God. not everyone is same, not every
people get depression ,you will go to hell or go to other place, we must trust
God we will have a better life .that’s all that I want to say, thank you

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  1. Aww Janet, so sorry to hear you have not been well. I am glad you are on the way to feeling better. Carry on healing my friend ❤

  2. Be with God ♥ Dear Janet ♥♥♥感冒好多了嗎?姐姐看完後,好心疼!把自己交託耶和華神吧!感謝主耶穌❣妳能相信主耶穌,我放心多了!♥姐姐最近也面臨難處,滯留在台灣了!…簡單說,老公爸爸過世,身後要給老公的財產被老公兄姊侵佔了,現在進入法律訴訟,我是局外人卻得陪著老公耗著,無比無奈、無辜,只有禱告我的主!依靠祂♥至少讓自己平靜面對❣姐也常常為妳禱告♥♥ 保重喔!

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