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>>Dr. Amen: Hi. I’m Dr. Daniel Amen, founder
of BrainMD. I’m here with my friend, Dr. Parris Kidd, who is the Chief Science Officer
for BrainMD. We have formulated this very special line to optimize your brain and your
body. Today, we’re going to talk about Everyday Stress Relief. This is really one of my favorite products. I don’t know if any of you have had experiences where things didn’t go the
way you expected them to go, that’s stressful and the chronic pumping of Cortisol, one of
the stress hormones in your system has been associated with the trouble losing weight.
It’s been associated with you just get sick more easily and you feel anxious, nervous,
revved up. We developed Everyday Stress Relief to help sort of calm down, help you combat
stress but at the same time help you focus.>>Dr. Kidd: Yeah, and by the way, long-term
high Cortisol also kills brain cells particularly in the hippocampus which is the main zone
that creates memories. So, high Cortisol and high stress is really a killer over the long
term.>>Dr. Amen: So, we developed Everyday Stress
Relief in multiple mechanisms. So, walk us through what’s in it.
>>Dr. Kidd: Well, it starts with magnesium and magnesium is this mineral, essential mineral
that more than half of Americans are deficient in and yet helps to calm down the brain all
the way across. At the brain connection, the synapses, magnesium is essential to have just
the right level of firing and not too much firing which would make the brain too busy.
So, we start with magnesium then we go to taurine which is, again, a substance that
occurs naturally in all of our cells and is concentrated in our brain cells and taurine
helps to buffer calcium and to buffer magnesium because the calcium-magnesium balance has
a lot to do with how excited the brain cells will be. So, in a way this preparation is
also helping to calm down activity at the level of the individual nerve cells. And then
we have Relora which is a proven adaptogen. It’s made from the bark of two trees and
that helps also to calm down blood Cortisol levels. L-Theanine is a substance that’s
prepared from green tea and which has that sort of calming and relaxing effect that green
tea can give without necessarily making you sleepy and also can help to sharpen up your
mental focus. And then there’s holy basil which is another adaptogen and which is going
through quite intensive research for stress these days and we were able to get in the
full clinical dose of holy basil at 600 milligrams. So, this is a highly potent product and very
much indicated for people who are facing stressful events on an ongoing basis.
>>Dr. Amen: So, actually when we were developing Everyday Stress Relief I went through a personally
stressful event. I mean, anybody that’s sort of in the public eye has people attacked
them and the Washington Post actually came here and they did a cover story on me and
it was awesome but I realized there are going to be parts in that story I didn’t really
like, you know, some attacks from my colleagues and so on and I started to feel really stressed
but we were developing this and so I started taking it and I went, well I don’t care.
I mean, of course if you do something special, someone’s not going to like it. And it just
lowered my stress and even my mood and for about a month I just kept it with me like
a Linus’ security blanket because I’m a baby, I don’t like feeling bad. And so,
you know, I use the supplements always to optimize my mood but when I went through that
stressful time, I kept it with me and so whenever I travel I just take Everyday Stress Relief.
It can be very helpful for you. We know stress causes a lot of bad things in your body and
in your brain and Everyday Stress Relief, we created for you to help you manage it more

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