Stress and Depression

Stress is good when it helps motivate
you to achieve greatness in your life. But it can quickly become overwhelming and have bad effects on
your life. In fact after months of prolonged chronic stress
you may find that you are not getting enough sleep or even want to sleep all the time. Over time you may find it hard to get motivated to do even simple chores such as cleaning
the house or tidying up your car every once in a while. You may start thinking that you are
worthless and a failure even though you know that you previously
accomplished so much in life. You feel sad and lonely even when there
is no rational reason to do so. These unexplained feelings can happen after a
prolonged stressful period in your life. This can happen after a long challenging
project at work or even after having to take care of a
family member that is ill or needs so much of your attention that
you seem never to have enough time for you. These feelings often happen after
someone loses a family member from an accident or prolonged illness. Doctors see this all the time. and know why it happens. They know that long periods of stress cause elevated stress hormones and reduce
certain mood related chemicals in the brain. When serotonin and dopamine are reduced
your biological processes such as sleep appetite energy and sex drive just don’t seem to be operating the way they
should. Sometimes these feelings and symptoms
eventually go away. When they don’t most likely to visit to
a health care professional is in order. For those people clinical depression is
just not something that will disappear on its own. I’m doctor Glenn Archbald for
over 21 years I’ve successfully worked with patients who suffer from the symptoms
of depression. My practice is located in Anniston Alabama midway between Atlanta and Birmingham. Through the TMS wellness Institute we
now provide Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation
treatment for those patients who have not done well with other approaches and wish to get their life back. TMS is FDA approved, non-invasive and has little to no side effects. You can learn more about our services by visiting for information on stress and depression.

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  1. I don't like having people abuse depression for their business. If you make a video implying help, don't make it drug related. Some of us don't want drugs we just need to understand and fight through it on our own.

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