Stress Ended His Life (A case of Schizophrenia) – Psychology

Hello. It’s good to have you here. Today we are going to talk
about a case I had long ago. It shows how stress attacks
our weakest personality traits and shows the worst part of ourselves. Let’s talk about Franklin,
a 28 year-old guy. He is short, thin and
he looks kind of strange. He lives with his father, and
they have a close relationship. way different from the one he has
with his mother. He hates her. During our first session he told me: Ana, I am working with my father now. He got me a job in the parking
lot, looking after the cars. We have five or six coworkers. But I
don’t know what’s wrong with one of them. I think he has it out for me. Days ago he was with a few of
them and they started looking at me I was getting nervous and they were looking
and laughing at me and I said: What’s this? The thing is, when is not for
this reason is for that different one. That guy, I think, just has is out
for me. He won’t stop bothering me. Last month they changed my
shifts: at night, in the mornings, the next day one in the
afternoon… Well, a mess. I can’t tell day from night
anymore. I have trouble sleeping. And I spend the day
arguing with my father. The one I actually love the most is
the one I am arguing with at home. I just don’t know what to
do, I’m not even hungry. I don’t know what I am going to
do, honestly, so many people… I just don’t know. Well, there is something else but I’m a
bit uncomfortable talking about, but anyway. For the last three months or so, I’ve been hearing this voice
again, after all this time. It’s a voice that insults me, that… That’s it, it says ugly things to me. and also asks me to do bad
things to others, like hurting them. And, honestly, I feel very… Very bad. I feel very bad,
I don’t know what to do. Franklin also tells me that eight years ago he was
diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia. He is stable because
he takes his medication. But this new situation at work
is taking him to a state of chrisis. What are the variables
afecting this situation? Two main factors:
the shift change and the new coworkers. This kind of people need strict
schedules or else they become unbalanced. On the other side, they are solitary people. and dealing with different kinds
of people tend to stress them a lot. I am sure you also went
through stressful situations. They way you react depends
on your personality type. Franklin reacted with wrath.
Some other kinds of reaction? Depression, externalizing also, like
a stomachache or pain in the neck. Stress is an enemy that
feeds upon our weaknesses and keeps us away from happines. Franklin was slowly starting
to show his good side and his great sense of humor. His diagnosis was clear. Now we only had to start working on the areas we wanted to
achieve better results on. Three techniques were fundamental here: Cognitive therapy on hallucinations, occupational therapy
with domestic animals and last: raising body consiousness
through dietary balance and sports. Nowadays, Franklin is a new person. He doesn’t hear any voices. He has a new pet grey cat, which
is a main pillar in his life. He takes dancing lessons and he swims. Furthermore: he has become a
great chef regarding healthy food. This case shows how small
changes in our life styles can help us confront
this stressful situations that we have experienced in the past
and that we will experience again. That’s all for today’s video.
See you in the next one. And remember: be happy.

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