Stress liệu có đáng sợ? (Oops Banana Vlog #2)

Stress or a feeling of strain and pressure … Is a response of our body … Against an impact or a pressure … Which threatens us both physically and mentally. In our lives, all of us have got stressed out, for sure. As a student, you got stressed out by the pressure of studying and tests. As an employee, you got stressed out by the workload, deadline, KPI, etc … As parents, you got stressed out by the need of feeding the whole family. As a successful person, you got stressed out by the urge of getting married from your family. And stress will give you … Discomfort … Anxiety … Discouragement … Irritation … And you will be pissed off. So is stress scary? To me, it can be either a yes or a no answer. And it won’t be that scary if you guys can put this word into practice. The word is … Adaptation. Why adaptation? After researching for a while, I’ve come to a conclusion. Our brain and our muscles work in the same way. Let’s use a simple example. When you play any kind of sports … Such as … Running … Working out … Our muscles will have to work hard. And they will suffer from pains. They will be injured. But they will grow as a consequence. Our muscles will be thick and they’ll get bigger. To resist all those pains. We know that, after all those pains … Our muscles will grow stronger. Our physical strength and endurance will be improved. And our lean body will make us confident in ourselves. The same as our brain. If we try to escape from stress every single day … Our brain will not be improved. And then there comes a day … When all the stresses of life come together … They will unite as an extremely severe stress … And beats your *ss up! When you cannot handle the stress, your mental state will turn to depression. That’s why we need to adapt and cope with stress. Then stress will come to us in a much less scary state. This is the story of mine for this week! I hope that you guys will find this video useful! If you find it cool, please smash the like button and share it to support me! See you next week!

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