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  1. I did fast forward only cause I saw the isolated clip of tf the meditation. PEople are stressed out cause of the system set in place that make us slaves to materialistic goods and consumables.

  2. Yes I agree so much about the big house example, people work so hard to buy a big big house to do not talk to their family, because each of them have a “comfortable “ space to be in and complain why I am so lonely.

  3. Ajahn Brahm can you do talks which are in bad audio quality on YouTube again? Maybe with some new bad jokes and story twists?
    And are you planing to narrate your books for audible in near future?

  4. So devastated Ajahn Brahm has resigned, I know, I am attached to him, but from respect and gratitude, I wish him so much peace and long days of Meditation and joy!

  5. Dear Ajahn Brahm, thank you so very much for your teachings. They blossom my day! You do so much good, it is so helpful, relaxing, funny and healing. Greetings from Austria, Salzburg.

  6. How do you deal with an non supportive mother who is cheap and always forces me into sports when I haven't gave an answer and don't want to do it and squeezes my time to play with my friends and then complains about not having a lot of money when it is her fault she is making me do all these sports I don't want to do

  7. He's losing it , he was marketed well by his disciples but repetition of too much of same thing has shown that he himself trapped in a place. I wish him well with social work

  8. yesssss! you are back in the environment and setting i love!!! its easier on the eyes and better to watch than something that looks like a jails background

  9. You can't make comparisons of peoples suffering. It's like saying,"Oh you just have first world problems." That's using guilt and shame for what someone is feeling. A king can be in a state of crippling depression who would cut off his arm to end it, and another person in obvious poverty might be incredibly happy. Or, they might be depressed too. Or hiding their abuse. You can't KNOW and you don't have the right to criticize the suffering someone else feels just because you think they "shouldn't" be in pain. Please avoid the guilt and shame game, because THAT is exactly what is behind the suicide of those Chinese kids sense of not being successful. This sense of whipping others with guilt for "not living up to" societal standards or god standards. Maybe if we had more museums of compassion and emphasized compassion rather than the unreasonable expectations it would help. Excellence in personal choices to be kind rather than ruthless. If one is going to have kids because governments fail to spend money on compassionate aging systems, that is creating a human being merely to burden them. If someone is feeling that by 16 or 17, they are likely to be wrecks by 30. We can justify government to spend money on building militaries but not to have compassionate communities to live in? What is the point? What are we protecting then? Even a kid can figure this odd value system out, so it's no surprise they feel overwhelmed! Then we judge people for stress living in these systems? Ridiculous!

  10. Can anyone tell me the chant Ajahn Brahm does at the end to honor the Buddha/the dharmma/the sangha? Thank you!

  11. Ajan Brahm has simple talks yes so inspirational. Thank you for your time Ajan Brahm. Sadu Sadu Sadu

  12. Thank you ajahn brahm for saving me six years ago. I am back, in need of help again . My partner left me and the children after eight years and i feel depressed.

  13. An interesting question was posed: "when you do become wealthy, what do you do with the wealth anyway"? My answer: donate 10% to charity, provide for your family, do good in your community, have free time to travel the world and meet new people. None of these things are possible without wealth…

  14. I regularly visit the Ammaravati Buddhist temple in UK. I also enjoy the way Ajahn Brahm deliverers his Dhamma talk, very peaceful in a funny & delightful way. Sartu

  15. Versace robe and a Gucci bag for Ajahn Brahm …… LOL. { when I’m feeling depressed, and overwhelmed with Life’s demands and want to give up … I pull an Ajahn Brahm video. And before you know it, I’m back to the center and feeling good again.

  16. Mmmmmm … I wonder what became of that little girl who looked at you with disgust. Probably there, one of the attendees in the hall listening to your talk. LOL

  17. You can have money and love it's just how you look at it. If you can be happy without money you should be able to be happy with money. That being said money does change people so can being be poor.

  18. ajahn, i want to brought you a roasted barley so you know it taste so good almost like coffee, then is this how tea like tasting coffee, then you know how good without this roasted barley that not even taste so good like a barley.

  19. I wish Ajahn Brahm had computer access. I wish he could see how much he helps people, and how many of us love him boundlessly.

  20. Thank you Ajahn Brahm and BSWA for this talk. I really needed to hear every minute as I've been stressed out and depressed lately. You've helped me overcome those (for now, until next time!). Much love from New Zealand.

  21. Listening to you makes me happy. I have to say that in my house growing up, parents worked from home, but never had time for us. They didn't care for us, they took care of us, but did not care for us. Very hard to get past that in life. So in my life, being around people like my parents is to be avoided. Easier to have very few good loving people in my life.

  22. I agree this is good childcare to put your child as a novice monk in the monastery to ease the burden of taking care of them so that you can go overseas. And they return home as good children, But beware, they may not want to go home too, because they are just too peaceful and happy at the monastery. Sadhu!

  23. trying to learn accept what I have and embrace every moment of life. It is sometimes difficult to appreciate what I have. I feel stressed my children are not doing how much accomplishing "compared to" other people… Ugh!! I need to learn… Thanks to Ajahn Brahm, reminding me how I should think…

  24. If it was possible, i would give this talk 10 thumbs up. Ajahn Brahm, thank you so much for reminding us of the importance of simplicity…

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