Stuart – My story of depression

I’m Stuart Upton, and my lovely wife Karen,
who got me to where I am today. He just wasn’t behaving characteristically,
he just wasn’t being Stu, he was withdrawn and he’s normally very talkative. I’d come home from work and just go straight
up to the bedroom and sit on the bed and watch TV. These guys and all the kids were down
the lounge and I was not part of that scene. So everyone has a bad day, everyone’s
a bit grumpy or bad times at work or something but it went on for too long and it was just
too different from his normal personality, I thinks it’s just a major personality change. For me it was every day. It wasn’t the odd
bad day but every day. Stu’s problem was work stress. He
doesn’t let anything in his personal life stress him out too much do you, but he takes
his work seriously I was doing the major pricing, quoting, doing
the jobs and obviously it was getting too much. I thought I was doing ok. I took him to the doctor but he wasn’t
entirely forthcoming were you. You weren’t entirely disclosing everything that you were
thinking and feeling. (Stuart whispers “I told lies”) I wouldn’t say you told lies, you
just weren’t totally forthcoming. Having learnt a bit about how this all works
and you’re going down in this spiral, I was pretty much at the bottom by that stage and
it took somebody else to realise that hey, you’re not Stu anymore and we need to do something
about it. I guess looking back I could see the
signs but you just have to, um..– and I would catch them today, whereas I didn’t catch them
earlier enough, obviously, at that time and let him get quite low before we got help whereas
if we’d got help earlier it would have had a better, a faster recovery.

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