Suboccipital Headaches, Neck Pain, and Graston Technique

We commonly use Graston Technique for many
muscle and tendon injuries, especially scar tissue knots through that neck and shoulder
that contribute to headaches. One place often missed in people is the suboccipital. The suboccipitals are little muscles at the
base of the head for the occiput. These muscles have a tendency to tighten and spasm. When
they go into spasm, they’re very likely to grab on to a nerve. Pinching on that nerve
ends up producing a cascade of events that lead to a headache. So when people who feel
like their headache start at the base of their head where they feel tightness and soreness
right in these little muscles that end up leading to the headaches, these are people
describing suboccipital headaches. What we’re going to do is find ways to decrease
the muscle spasms through the trap and neck and those little suboccipital muscles to get
rid of the headaches. We’re going to use Graston Technique through the trap and levator to
loosen this area up. We’re then going to come up to the suboccipital. We’re putting cocoa
butter down so the tool slides over the skin nice and easy. As we’re gliding along, we’re
going to feel those knots and pieces of scar tissue developing. We’re trying to break those
up. We’re using shear force to pull one layer muscle across the top to break it up. We’re going to come up to the suboccipital
muscles. He’s probably going to feel a little bit more tenderness but he’s going to make
sure that we’re using a comfortably tolerable pressure. We’re going to combine this Graston
treatment with massage therapy, electric, stretching and other exercises to help this
area to heal and get rid of those headaches.

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