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So if you would like to talk with a therapist
online for help with anxiety depression, addictions or any other psychological emotional problem
that can benefit from psychotherapy then please do contact me through my website. So I provide online therapy over Skype for
anxiety and depression, or OCD, for addictions and many other emotional psychological problems. Mindfulness Therapy is very effective indeed
for helping you break free from those habits that feed anxiety and depression. This is the main focus of training, how to
break free from that reactive identification with our emotions, with our thoughts and with
our beliefs and also with our memories too. It’s just a habit. The thought or emotion gets triggered out
of conditioning, out of habit. And then what tends to happen is that we just
fall right into it, right into the grip of the emotion or the reactive thoughts or the
memory, if it is traumatic, and then we proliferate that suffering. So the key, the first step to breaking this
habit of reactive identification is to develop mindful consciousness of these habits. Because when you bring consciousness to the
habits that takes away their power, because habits only work when there’s no consciousness
around; they are unconscious by their nature. So how do you do this? Well we learn how to meditate on our mind. That means meditating on our emotions or thoughts,
our traumatic memories, or emotionally charged beliefs, whatever they may be, that are limiting
us and creating suffering. We do not accept these habits. Instead we learn to meditate on them. So that means replaying the emotion, the memory
or the thoughts in the mind, deliberately bringing it into the mind, then sitting with
that mental object with mindfulness, with consciousness observing it. And this is the important thing to understand
here. The more that you become the Observer, the
freer you become from the observed. When you are observing anxiety you become
the Observer not the anxiety. So the action of observing consciously actually
frees you from the anxiety. And this is extremely important, to get this
separation from the emotion or the thoughts or the memory or any other content of mind. If there’s no separation then you simply become
a victim of those mental objects. You become consumed by them, overwhelmed by
them, a slave to your emotions and your reactive thoughts. So. But deliberately training with them using
mindfulness meditation we develop more and more freedom from those habitual thoughts
and emotions. So that’s really important. When you have established sufficient freedom
then you can begin to respond skillfully to help any unresolved emotion heal, and that’s
the second, primary component if you like of Mindfulness Therapy or mindfulness meditation
therapy. We learn how to respond with compassion to
any emotional suffering that we experience in the mind. We help it heal. We help it heal by establishing a conscious
compassionate relationship with that part of ourself that’s in pain. And this is very much like a parent-child
relationship. You can think of the emotional pain, whether
it’s anxiety or depression or guilt or shame or anger or poor self-esteem, whatever it
might be, you can think of it as being like a child. The child is in pain. Your job is to develop your consciousness
as a parent to that child to help it heal. So that’s part of mindfulness meditation training,
and I will teach you how to do this in great detail. It’s not just a question of reading a book
about this; it’s not just feeling inspired and then struggling with it. No. You need very specific guidance and training
on how to do this. But this approach works. Just talking about your emotions. Not Going to work. Just treating them with anti-anxiety or antidepressant
medications. Not going to work. You have to develop this internal conscious
relationship with your emotions and that does work. So if you’d like to learn more about us working
with your anxiety or depression or other emotions using mindfulness then simply go to my website
and read more about this approach. Please feel free to e-mail me with any questions
you have and let schedule a session. You will see within that first session just
how powerful this approach can be and you will see results within the first session. It’s really quite amazing how powerful Mindfulness
Therapy can be. Now I teach it online. People ask me is that as good as meeting in
person. And it is. There’s nothing wrong at all about doing online
therapy, as long as you use Skype or any other video platform. You need to see each other. That is simply a way of making that communication
effective. But if you can see each other through Skype
then there’s no difference when compared to meeting a therapist or teacher in person. There’s no difference at all. So I teach it online. And that allows me to reach a large audience
of people who are specifically interested in learning about mindfulness and how to apply
it for healing anxiety and depression. Many people like the greater privacy offered
by online therapy too. You can have your sessions at home. You can do so without anyone else knowing
what you’re doing. So it’s very good, especially if you’re working
with a difficult emotional subject, whether it’s depression or addiction or whatever it
might be. So that’s another great advantage provided
by online therapy: privacy. It’s also of course very convenient. People can organize sessions without having
to drive to an office. It’s much easier to fit it into a busy schedule. I work a lot with people who have agoraphobia
and can’t leave home, and that’s another tremendous breakthrough for people suffering from severe
anxiety like agoraphobia – being able to have their sessions without leaving home. Very important. But also how I see lots of mothers with young
children who find it difficult to leave home. I work a lot with people overseas. And so on. So online therapy is a tremendous advance
and it makes psychotherapy much more available, which is how it should be. Psychotherapy is simply learning how to heal
the mind, to heal from emotional suffering. And that can be something that can help you
for life for life. So please, if you’re interested in learning
more about online therapy via Skype then simply email me. If you would like to get started and start
learning how to use mindfulness to work with your emotional suffering then e-mail me. I look forward to meeting you and helping
you. Thank you.

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