TEENAGER Has CHRONIC Low Back Pain and Headaches, RELIEF with Gonstead Technique

(upbeat modern music) – So you’re having, like, low back pain, but you’re also having, you even have headaches for
like four years at this point? – Yeah.
– Okay. When you feel the headaches, where do you feel the headaches. – Like, everywhere in here. – Like, just kind of all around there. – Yeah. – Do you get it more, like, waking up, or like more towards
the middle of the day? – More towards the middle of the day. – Okay, good, good. Do you feel like a
throbbing kind of symptoms? Or it’s just all up here, like a pain? – Yeah, it’s like all up here. – So, tell me a little bit
about your lower back pain. Kind of see if you can
kinda point to it too. – Well it’s kind of like in the bottom. – On the bottom here? – Yeah. – Do you feel like it’s more like in the middle or towards, like, over here? – I think it’s like more in the middle. – In the middle, okay. I don’t know if you can tell, but your head is really
tilted like that way. Yeah, so I’m going to
do something real quick, so if I do this, is that weird? Does that not feel straight? – [Boy] I don’t know, just weird. – [Man] Feels kind of weird, right? Yeah but if I go back, that’s normal? – [Boy] Yeah. – So I think we did this last time, yeah, I remember we did this last time, yeah. This side is like this, yeah, so, I don’t know if you’ve
ever looked at yourself in the mirror and you saw that, okay. Dr. Jerry went over the X-rays with you, but you can see how his
head is tilted a lot there. Can you turn your head to the left for me? Just rotate your head. For the low back pain, does
anything make this worse like, sitting, does
anything make it worse? Like sitting, or walking or– – Sometimes when I run too much like, when I go to practice, I run and it starts hurting my back. – What about if you sit for a long time? – Oh yeah, yeah, car rides. – Car rides, car rides,
gotcha, long car rides, right? Yeah, right there, okay, a
little bit of a swing there. Yours might be a little bit
low, too, yeah, right there. Can you point to me where you feel the low
back pain one more time? Is it more like down
here, or more right here? – [Boy] Like, in between. – In between, okay, got it. So what’s worse, right here? – Ah yeah. (laughing) – Okay, bingo! All right so just going to make sure, this one’s not that bad
a little bit of pain. But this one here,
okay, got it, all right. Compared to right there. – Oh right here. – Yeah, that hurts more?
– Yeah. – Okay. Can you just rotate your
head to the left, okay? Does that hurt when you do that? – No, I can feel a little bit, but– – And to the right? – No. – I’m basically going to adjust
this top bone, right here. – Aww. – Yeah, aww, yeah it’s definitely painful, it’s definitely not moving, okay. So we’re going to adjust this here and I’m actually going to
see if that, if his ears, if this actually gets
better, like with that tilt. Let’s go ahead, all right, so, have you ever been adjusted before? – No. (laughing) – A little scared?
– Yeah. – Don’t worry. (cracking) – Oh! – You’re alive, you’re alive buddy! (laughing) It’s a little bit better, actually. Before it was a little more like this. This doesn’t feel as
weird if I do this, right? – [Boy] No. – Okay, yeah so it’s definitely got a little bit better there. So we’re going to adjust right down here. Right there is painful, right? – Oh yeah! (cracking) – There we go, got it, not that bad! (laughing) It’s not as tight, right?
– Yeah. – Yeah, it’s starting to
normalize a little bit. A little bit less than what it was before. Feel a little light-headed
when we first adjusted it? – Yeah. – Yeah, it’s a bit of a trip, so. But you’re gonna be good. For you, basically
what’s going to happen is when we’re adjusting you first off, it’s probably going to
be a little bit sore, especially because when
I first pushed on it, it was really sore there. But we got some immediate changes, like you don’t feel as queasy right now so that’s really good for us, okay? Yeah, how do you feel, feel all right? – Yeah. (laughing) – Not too bad first adjustment? – No. (soft music)

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