Tension & Migraine Headache Treatment

We see many people who have tension and migraine
headaches in the office. And I really kind of like it because those are ones we can make
a dramatic difference in quickly. We find that most people who have those headaches
have a lot of neck, shoulder, upper back muscle spasms, tightness and scar tissue in that
area contributing to their headaches. If we can decrease those symptoms, it very quickly
decreases people’s headaches. We have more people who come in here and they
do all the wrong things and they know it. They sit at the computer too long. Their posture
isn’t too great. They get headaches from these positions. When they’re not working on the
computer, they don’t have headaches. They go back to work, they get headaches. They
know what’s going on, they just need that little extra motivation and that little, “Hey,
what else am I doing?” That’s why we’re going to talk with you of
look at the other things in your life. What else do you do where you’re slouching and
rolling forward? What’s your posture when you drive? What’s your posture when you’re
in the kitchen? What’s your posture on the couch? I’m going to bet that you do a lot
of this to get those headaches. By decreasing the amount of time you’re doing that, the
muscles don’t have to work as hard, you’re going to be less likely to get headaches. For treatment, we’re going to work at decreasing
those spams as quickly as we can, increasing the range of motion and improving the flexibility.
Once we get those muscles to loosen up about 20%, you’re going to feel a lot better. We’re
going to compliment that with massage therapy to attack the muscles in a big, broad section
through that whole neck, shoulder and upper back because that’s all contributing to your
headaches. We’re going to use Graston Technique to help
break up the scar tissue that’s contributing to that neck, shoulders, upper back and scapular
area. We’re going to combine a lot of physical therapy, exercises, and stretches to get you
lose, get the flexibility back where it should, get you feeling where you can do the other
exercises and not have these headaches several times a week.

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