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I had an addiction
to pornography that was before her that I
felt like once I get married, that’ll go away. Well, and– and he had told
me about it but I made it like, but I’m over that. Yeah. You know, he downplayed. And what happened
was is that, you know, you learn to just
go underground. And you– one thing too is
that, as a man, you tend to say, well, at least I’m not going
like that, I’m not doing that. And you see– so I could
legally come back home and say, look, I’m not
doing the crazy stuff these guys are doing. But I had my thing, you know? And I think– and I think
it made me suspicious, which of course, made him aggravated. And then it also
made him pull away. And when I would– when I would
say, well, are you doing this, or are you– you know, like
something is wrong, honey. And he’s like, honey,
you know, stop worrying. He would just try
to reassure me. And I never could quite– I can never quite
feel comfortable knowing that he was doing
everything he said he was. Yeah. Yeah.

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  1. Why get married then, but whatever works for you. We have to work on ourselves before being with another person. Situations we deal with do not magically disappear when someone gets married

  2. I really respect them for having the courage to open up like this. I appreciate that they have made themselves vulnerable on this type of an international/ global platform. Their honesty has already helped me, and I know that it will help countless others. Thank you, Terry, and Rebecca. Thank you, Oprah!

  3. Want to know how the world is messed up? We have two humans that’s sharing their most sad, darkest moments.. and people are commenting on how ugly she is and how much work she’s had done. Listen with your ears and not judge with your eyes. Your sight can deceive you but listening with your heart won’t

  4. For anyone reading this and battling your own addictions, I pray you break free ❤️ Keep pushing

    -Josh Otusanya

  5. Genuine question..How is this black love?!?
    But if it were a white man and a black woman y’all would know the difference 😒

  6. People should stop pretending like as if they are perfect in their relationships. That couple just came clean, just respect them for sharing.
    Lovely couple.

  7. Everyone's commenting on how she looks and how much work she may or may not have had done… I think she's beautiful first of all and secondly she looks like somebody with back issues. I have a bad back and when it flares up, I sit ramrod straight just like that. Even when I'm driving. I wouldn't wish that pain on anyone.

  8. My mom is really light like her but she's black so idk if this lady is black or not but i remember her having skin issues. And if yall had money to fix your skin,y'all would do it to. Hell I'm poor compared to them and I get chemical peels and it's totally transformed my skin.

  9. Terry, speak for yourself… Not judging you but still a lot of men haven't ever or wouldn't even make the kinds of mistakes you've made, especially of violating the covenant between you and your wife & long-life sacred vow. Learn to say "I, as a man" instead of saying "you" as painful as it may be. Our mistakes are different.

  10. Let's be honest you'll get hurt by the one you love whether intentionally or not the difference is the one you're willing to forgive….that's the one you fight for . Note that love can hurt because hurt keeps us humble and aware of mistake or the other persons flaws, weaknesses, but love doesn't destroy If you out there having to fight females /males in the streets or double checking EVERYTHING they say because of their inability to tell the truth you're already destroyed. Relationships are where you feel safe stress free even. Your safe haven cannot be your war zone

  11. Pleeeeeeaaassee don't judge me, just share the word. I'm trying all that I can and they really need help!! If you can not please send to someone who can! Its so bad we even reached out to OWN we never got a response but that's ok, keep trying right!

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