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Hi. Welcome back.
I’m Michael Carbonaro. And you’re watching
a very special edition of “The Carbonaro Effect”
called “Double Takes 3,” where we’re showcasing
never-before-seen reactions to some of the eeriest tricks
we’ve ever shot. How’s it going, sir? It’s all gonna turn
to dust anyway. Now, surely you remember
Vitale’s reaction to the ghost
of my grandfather transforming
into a lifeless scarecrow. That is so bizarre.
The picture of the guy was — Oh, my God. Well, later that day, Laura here also got
to discover that sometimes, the scariest of moments
can happen in broad daylight. All right, anything good? Yeah. So, we cleaned this place
out 10 years ago, but they were
renovating the loft, so now it’s things I kind of thought
I put this all away already, and now to see this stuff
that we didn’t — Oh, man, what’d you get? Wow, that’s
my grandpa’s pocket watch. -Cool.
-Oh, that’s a good one. See, we thought
we lost this. That is so cool.
What, was that wrapped in that? -Okay, there we go.
-Get that nice and wrapped up. Good, okay, and what else…
Oh, yeah. Well, here’s another
keeper, obviously. -Oh, my gosh.
-Yeah. -Wow.
-Yeah, that’s insane. It’s the same.
Same jacket and everything. -Yeah.
-Here, I’ll put — This will be a keeper, as well,
and that, wrap that up nice. Keep it in the box.
That’s a keeper. Oh, my gosh, yeah.
I totally remember this book. The little girl across the way
used to bring it over. Oh, what was her name? -Angela.
-Angela. Wow. Just like all falling apart
at the seams, you know,
the way stuff does. That’s what happens. All right, so the watering cans,
I’m gonna leave those. My aunt’s probably
gonna want those. How many do you have?
I got three. I think there’s
another one down there. And then there’s
that one that. Yeah, there’s one over here.
Let me get that one. Good. So, that — I guess
we’ll leave this table out, and maybe that will become
part of the garage sale if my aunt
doesn’t want it. Here, this feels
like something good. Money, coins.
What do you got there? Coins, all right.
Let’s see. What do we got? Ooh. Okay, we got a little locket.
-Oh, great. You know what made me wrap that
up in the same thing? -Yeah, yeah.
-Where the watch is. Great. Okay. Yeah, well, I’m gonna
write those down, ’cause that’s important —
The watch and the locket. Wait. Did I —
Did you take it out? Wait. Wait. Sorry. I thought I saw you
put it in here. -I did.
-That is so weird. Did it fall? No.
I totally put it in there. Wait.
-Hold on a minute. -No, wait.
-Is it under here? Let me see. No.
-Oh, my gosh. That is so bizarre. -What is happening?
-I don’t know.

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  2. Giving a dislike for not showing till the end . The reaction when he says it was a scarecrow all along. You left the best part

  3. Yo wtf is going on. All you guys do is play impractical jokers 24/7. I want to watch this show instead please.

  4. You know what would be great? If someone who recognizes Michael just plays along with his trick and when he asks if they have heard of the Carbonaro Effect, they can say, "Oh yeah, It's the name of the hidden camera magic TV show like the one we are on right now!"

  5. The Carbonaro Effect is the phenomenon that makes me swear the NEXT YouTube clip of the show is my last and THEN I'm going to bed… 3 hours later I'm clicking on another one. 😬

  6. This assholes needs to show complete reactions, they stop video a moment reaction starts. No wonder why these entertaining videos have a tiny fraction of views.

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