The Day I Almost Died | My Hand Ripped Off

I saw that I had like No hand so there was Nothing left on my arm It was just blood and bones and I was in the water You have to be willing to believe in yourself and to believe in your story and to believe that there’s more that we’re going through And that what you’re going through is going to bring you Further into who you’re supposed to be and your calling and find the good in it Hey guys, welcome back if this is your first time here My name is Kristie Sita and I’m so glad you’re here because today I have a long-awaited video on my four year anniversary since my accident I did a video kind of talking about my Jesus testimony and how my faith has come Over the past four years that all kind of stemmed from the accident itself But today I’m doing a video really focused on just the day of the accident I’ve had so many questions and a lot of my following is brand new on both my accounts So I’m here to tell you guys exactly what went down on July. Oh That’s wrong. On June 30th 2014, which was the day my life changed forever Okay, guys, let’s get right into this So I want to start on June 25th 2014 was the day I graduated high school at age 16 So at the age of 16, I graduated one year early I had previously gone to my counselors when I was 14 years old and said I Really want to pursue dance and I want to get to the city as quick as possible so let’s figure out how I can get out of here here early and Thankfully I was able to I so June 25th was the day that I did graduate And I’m gonna insert a photo Someone here’s finishing high school and knowing that I was going to be moving to the city within the next couple weeks. And so You can see this. Next picture was June 29th, June 29th, 2014 They’re like whatever hand is showing that’s my left hand Not there anymore and then this photo is from June 30th 2014 at 9:50 a.m I had just gone to the gym to kill a workout before I was going the lake with my friends And so I took this picture of my left bicep and my left arm and my left hand in the gym bathroom Which is really crazy this does a big reality check for me But literally on my phone when I swipe from that picture, the next picture is me in the helicopter on my way to Children’s Hospital with one less limb So, this is June 30 2014 Swipe June 30 2014 at 3:40 go back 9:50 a.m 3:40 p.m. That is crazy So now I’m gonna go back and I’m going to tell you what happened between 9:40 a.m. And 3:50 p.m So I was out at Ruby Lake on the Sunshine Coast Which is our favorite summer like ever and I remember it was the most beautiful day It was blue sky was literally one of the best days I’ve ever had I had previously texted my mom saying I’m having the best day ever and then I’m so thankful that she let me come out to see my friends And I also sent her a video of me tubing which must have been I don’t know exactly what time I texted her But it would have only been a couple hours or a couple minutes before Everything went down So what happened is we were done tubing for the little bit of time and so we pulled up into Like the visiting section of the lake which was where lots people lie on the sand and there’s a little bit of a swimming area So we had pulled up into there and some of our friends that were on the boat We’re gonna go grab some of their things but I stayed on the boat with two of my friends So just after a couple of minutes another group of my friends had showed up in a separate boat and we had decided that we were gonna go anchor up and meet in the middle of the lake and hang out there and So all of our friends were taking a long time. Well, they’re going to grab their stuff and me being my impatient self I was like, let’s just go and so we ended up leaving but the tube was too big to fit inside the boat so that it could be like tucked down and so it’s actually just resting on like the back of the boat and so we took off and we’re going and the other boat had already left before us and they were meeting us in the middle of The lake and so we left And we are going. this whole time is like a teeny bit blurry for me So I don’t have exact details but I’m gonna give you guys as Much as I remember and all of a sudden the tube felt out of the back of the boat but nobody else realized but myself and my initial reaction was like Oh, no The tube and I reached back for the rope to save the tube and then my hand had gotten tangled and so my hand just like Completely ripped off I had no idea what had happened and I rose up out of the water and I was kind of like Oh my shoulder feels a little bit weird so I then I rose my left hand to be like hey guys come get me and I saw that I had like No hand so there was Nothing left on my arm. It was just blood and bones and I was in the water and I was like I Honestly, and everyone always asked me if I felt pain there and I didn’t feel anything. I was in so much shock I had no idea what was going on I just literally there’s a fight-or-flight and I went in to fight and survival mode and I was losing all of my blood but I was like I was treading water so hard just to stay above I’m like, I’m not going under like I can’t go down right now and so then the boat My friends on the boat had realized that I had fallen out and see how they picked me up and then they put me on the back of the boat and they wrapped my hand up super super tight and Made sure that I wasn’t losing too much blood and I remember like we were going super fast Towards the boat launch and in my head, I was just like this realization that it was like Literally five seconds ago. My life was completely different. I’m like this can’t be real like this is just a nightmare This is not real. It’s not real. This is not real It’s not real and I was just like it’s that super surreal state that it’s literally like five seconds ago I had two hands and I was a normal person and five seconds. Later I have one hand and my life has completely changed and that’s just like a very surreal Very very very very surreal moment. And so I remember going through this process of like no, this is a nightmare This is the nightmare. This is the night where this isn’t real and It was real right. Um, so I remember going so fast into the boat launch and everyone there was like a bunch of boats that came out and they’re like Hey slow down the guys were just like we have a huge emergency and That’s when we started to gather a bunch of medical people from around the lake which helped me Stay because we’re also in the middle of nomer so there was no ambulance to get there within Very quickly, so I had people that were like asking me questions and I knew everything I was fully alerted. I was not Sleepy. I was kind of just in like this really surreal state when I just was like God like you have to take it from here like I I can’t do this and I can’t go right now I was like Please don’t take me just just please don’t take me and that’s all I could really think throughout my mind and my favorite show growing up, which was always really crazy was Soul Surfer with Bethany Hamilton and Bethany Hamilton like it was like I had probably seen the movie 40 times It was my favorite cuz not only her belief in her faith but also the storyline and her overcoming adversity and just going so far into the world after not letting anything hold her back That was something that drew me in so quickly and I loved it and so I was actually remembering every step that she took and every breath that she took and the prayer that she had and everything that her family was thinking and I was like I have to say like I have to Have to fight and she taught me how to fight from watching that movie so much which was so crazy so crazy, but Pretty much that super kept me alert and I had a bunch of people that actually went out to go find the tube to see if they could find my hand and They found the tube and they rolled up the rope and my hand was still like holding on to the rope they put the hand in a cooler and the cooler came with me actually to the hospital because they were hoping to maybe reattach my hand So fast forward like half hour, I got into the ambulance and the ambulance. They took me to the nearest helicopter pad and then at that point I remember I was like in the ambulance and they were like Turn away because they were undoing like the wrap up that the boys did They’re like turn away like turn away You’re not going to want to see this and you’re not going to remember me blah blah and I like remember I was like no and I watched them do it and I watched them take off the Covering on my hand and I watched them do nothing and I also remember every one of them I remember you so I remembered everything from there and then I got transferred into the helicopter and in the helicopter, I Think I was like in and out sighs not so much medication, but there was one point when I was like hey Can you go into my purse and I was like, it’s my purse here grab my phone and take a picture of me So that’s the picture that you guys previously saw that I’ll show up again here but I’m in the helicopter like low-key smiling on my way to Children’s Hospital like not knowing what Was going to happen at all or really what was going on and also at that point I was telling her and in the helicopter I was like Oh I want to be a professional dancer and I’m like and these are all my hopes and my dreams and I love fitness and like my whole world is just dance and I was like I just was going off about everything that I wanted to pursue and everything that I loved They’re like, okay, who is this girl? Like she’s literally dying and all she’s talking about is dance and fitness and so it was a really like surreal ride and then I got off the helicopter and I remember I was like getting strolled into the Hospital and I’ve had like blankets on me and it was really hot out So I like took off my blankets and I was like I’m tanning hmm So yeah after getting off the helicopter, I got rolled into the emergency room All of the surgery rooms were full and all of the surgeons were taken so they actually had to bring in Like one of their other surgeons, which was dr. Irving Lincoln and she is my lifesaver She did the best possible operation on me ever and So going into that they did have my hand and they kind of explained to me after because I went into surgery and I remember I was like I Like I remember I was lying there and I looked at every single surgeon like directly in the eye And I had to see every single one and there’s interns in there There was a bunch of people And I just said that God has a plan for me and that was my last words before they put like the mask over and I So what happened in the surgery room is they actually had to pull some of my like because all of my four muscles came off? As well like my hand Ripped off with all of my muscles that was in this arm so it so you can see it’s really thin here Um, so they pulled down a little bit of my muscle into everywhere and they put also must the end So it’s fully weight-bearing and that’s how you guys see that I can do my fitness and I can put on my body weight on It it’s because it’s fully waiver and then you can see kind of that. They sewed it back up here Kind of goes all the way around But it’s a very like clean stump my surgeon I know clean stuff has a really good phrase But my surgeon did really really well. I have no extra skin on it. It’s just Sewn together so I can live But yeah guys that pretty much brings me to the end of what happened on June 30 2014 I want to do a whole nother video for you guys on my recovery because That was a whole nother process and just so many things are involved in that So what I really hope you guys get from today if you’re another amputee or if you’re just someone watching my video Value your life and value your limbs and value your health because like I just showed you like There is so much that can happen between 9:50 a.m. And 3:50 p.m Like I woke up on that day and I would have never known what my life would possibly have been like by the end of the day and like life changes so quickly and it’s so cliche to say but Anything can happen at any second and like no day is guaranteed. No moment is guaranteed nothing in your life is guaranteed like everything is temporary or risk able and so I really just hope that if you guys can get anything from this that you just Really take advantage of your life and really live every single day It’s just like just be appreciative every day and be present in every day because you really don’t know What the next day’s gonna hold and I mean I if you want to see more about my journey personally You can go to my testimony video There’s lots of goods in there of how mentally I got through that time and how I got through my recovery Like going through the accident was the biggest challenge I’ve ever Encountered but it’s also been the biggest blessing in my life and I would not change a single day. I would not change anything I am Who I am for a reason and gods brought so much reason into Who I am and what happened to me and really Making me a light for the world through what’s happened to me and that I can tell you guys and that I can inspire people out there to just keep on living and lives the fullest and be present and love your family and love your friends and just really know that nothing is Nothing here to stay and I really just hope that you guys can be inspired and know that I am doing like so, okay I love my life more than ever and I am so grateful For everything that’s happened to me because it’s made me the person I am today and I wouldn’t have myself any other way So I really hope you guys share this video if it did inspire you and don’t forget to subscribe to my channel I want to do more sit-down chats with you guys cause right now I’ve only really done fitness and my testimony video but I think talking to you is so important and I think that’s a huge reason why I’m still here is to Inspire and tell my stories and speak to you guys and be present and be real So please do subscribe it would mean the world to me and I can’t wait to meet you guys in the next video But if you guys want comment your your story down below I want to hear What you’ve been through and like what your life is and who you are and if you’re an FPT I would love to connect with you and reach out to me because I love talking to you guys But you guys can follow me on Instagram. I’ve got my Christy Sita which is my personal page and my Sita fit is my fitness So yeah, I’ll see you guys in the next video and I will see you soon. Thanks for watching

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  1. I just wanted to say thank you so much to every single person showing SO much love, support, and encouragement on this video. You guys have inspired me beyond belief and I cant wait to continue to share my life and faith with you all every step of the way. I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH! If I could respond to every one of you I would! Please reach out to me on instagram if you would like any direct responses, I'll do my best to answer ya'll <3

    ALSO, There are so many comments below regarding why they couldn't re-attach my hand and please know this video is coming NEXT! Turn on your post notifications to be the first to know!

  2. And you are a normal strong 💪 person I sometimes don't notice your Amputation when I talk with you Dance Ballet is beautiful Mathew Bourne n his Modern ballet is good but then the Bolshoi Ballet are traditional n very good I've seen Carlos Acosta he was good but just 1 man I have seen disabled theatre But I'd love to see you perform at the theatre N the person you are is Majical x

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  5. You are so nice and sweet – so I really don’t want this to come off as a hate comment in anyway okay? I just want to let you know that you have a bit of upper lip hair that is noticeable on camera. I used to aswell and it took me a long time to realize it so I just want to help you out and let you know

  6. You are so nice and sweet – so I really don’t want this to come off as a hate comment in anyway okay? I just want to let you know that you have a bit of upper lip hair that is noticeable on camera. I used to aswell and it took me a long time to realize it so I just want to help you out and let you know

  7. You are so nice and sweet – so I really don’t want this to come off as a hate comment in anyway okay? I just want to let you know that you have a bit of upper lip hair that is noticeable on camera. I used to aswell and it took me a long time to realize it so I just want to help you out and let you know

  8. If I lost my hand or anything I wouldn't be sad or depressed because I now people deal with way worse things and problems

  9. Good morning I have 🏉 rugby today Keep Fit is a major part of me Martial Art Karate I did for about 14 years this taught me so much I still train everyday But my 🎶 singing is my thing as 🖤 Blacksheep 🖤 when I perform or Record the people here play a major part of me I never came looking for But when I met you that all changed Love you being an amputee or love more the person ii met n never see their disability I mean I had a very close call n almost died n everyday is a learning Curve n you know if we ever met on live or in person you won't see my disability Normal What is Normal?

  10. I don't 🎨 paint but I do collect some art n of of course I sing n write all my own music n songs in fact I wrote a song for Felina 🐯 on here which is on Air because I found myself with her x

  11. This is amazing! You have such postivity its incredible! I've never seen someone go through something so bad and still see the best outcome and have the best mindset! I just found your channel and I'm so glad I did because you are already an inspiration for me! You are an amazing beautiful person seriously! All the best with you Kristie!

  12. i was sooo close to losing my index finger on my left hand bc I had cut it with a cuticle cutter and i was crying bc i had to get stitches or amputate. you lost your ENTIRE HAND. you are so strong.

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  14. My best friend lost her arm when she was in high school during a car accident. I didnt meet her until college but she was one of the most wonderful and life changing people I've ever met. She died almost 7 years ago, also in a car accident.

    The way she described her accident was very similar to yours. The car landed on her arm and ripped it off, but she didnt really feel anything during the chaos.

    I just found your videos and your energy and happiness grips my heart and reminds me of so much of her. ♥️

  15. I am an amputee with four of my digits of right hand amputated. I was feeling lonely and wandering if there will be anyone who would understand my feelings ever. Just then I found your video . I went through exact same feelings, emotions and experience. I am so motivated by your faith and positive attitude. Thank you so much for being there and inspiring many like me. Keep doing what you do. <3

  16. I know just how you feel about that surreal state. When my dad was hit by a van, he didn’t even realize that he could see his bones. Me being my 12 year old self was screaming my head off totally not helping at all. But thanks to the great doctors he had, they reconstructed his entire arm with metal pipes for new bones and a few skin graphs. He’s back to being my dad.

  17. You are AMAZING. I have never met another person aside from me that would NOT go back in time and change a single thing. I find each struggle a blessing, and Gods timing is PERFECT. There is a reason for everything. If you can take something positive away from every negative thing that happens you just cant lose💪

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  20. It's really cool how you've overcome all this shit, but it's so dumb when people make everything about Jesus or God. It kinda distracts from the story. I really just wanted to learn about your story but instead it just feels like a reason for me to be religious in a Christian way. It totally sucks.

  21. holy shit as someone who also lives in bc i know how far away and remote ruby lake is, that must have been stressful omg

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  23. Kristie. For some reason you showed up on my recommended list and I thought, Hey a really pretty girl with one hand, what's up with that??? I watched that video and then came here to see your story and I was just amazed to put it mildly. Your attitude of gratitude is something that can only come from God. It is clearly evident that he lives in you and shines in your life. I can see it in the sparkle of your beautiful eyes. I'm going to check out your other videos and subscribe. You are so precious and lovely not only on the outside but on the inside as well. God bless you as you serve him sweetheart.

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    H a, get it? "hand"le.
    Ah fuck I hate myself-

  27. Wow. A photo 6 hours earlier and a photo 6 hours later. We never know what tomorrow will bring. I love your incredible attitude.

  28. So I find it kind of interesting the parallel we have. I had my accident in 2013 on June 7th. at 1:10 in the afternoon. I lost about 20% of the muscle in my LEFT shoulder and forearm and have surface paralysis in my shoulder and forearm. I didn't lose my arm, but it was close! I'm a pk and thank God every day that I'm here. you inspired me to make a video about what happened to me.

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