The Day I Almost Died | My Hand Ripped Off

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  1. I just wanted to say thank you so much to every single person showing SO much love, support, and encouragement on this video. You guys have inspired me beyond belief and I cant wait to continue to share my life and faith with you all every step of the way. I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH! If I could respond to every one of you I would! Please reach out to me on instagram if you would like any direct responses, I'll do my best to answer ya'll <3

    ALSO, There are so many comments below regarding why they couldn't re-attach my hand and please know this video is coming NEXT! Turn on your post notifications to be the first to know!

  2. And you are a normal strong 💪 person I sometimes don't notice your Amputation when I talk with you Dance Ballet is beautiful Mathew Bourne n his Modern ballet is good but then the Bolshoi Ballet are traditional n very good I've seen Carlos Acosta he was good but just 1 man I have seen disabled theatre But I'd love to see you perform at the theatre N the person you are is Majical x

  3. N people say to fall in love Here is bad 🦋 but what happens when you do? The best singer I've seen live it should take me a while to decide but no I think its Billy Ocean His singing and stage presance N how he walks among n greets his Fans Breathtaking X Just like you x

  4. I am leaving you which is a shame because you enlighten every but I give my love of life n theatre n you n then people come on n offended me saying this n that n what I can n can't do when it's your choice you will have a great life without me as I never came to b offended Goodbye x

  5. You are so nice and sweet – so I really don’t want this to come off as a hate comment in anyway okay? I just want to let you know that you have a bit of upper lip hair that is noticeable on camera. I used to aswell and it took me a long time to realize it so I just want to help you out and let you know

  6. You are so nice and sweet – so I really don’t want this to come off as a hate comment in anyway okay? I just want to let you know that you have a bit of upper lip hair that is noticeable on camera. I used to aswell and it took me a long time to realize it so I just want to help you out and let you know

  7. You are so nice and sweet – so I really don’t want this to come off as a hate comment in anyway okay? I just want to let you know that you have a bit of upper lip hair that is noticeable on camera. I used to aswell and it took me a long time to realize it so I just want to help you out and let you know

  8. If I lost my hand or anything I wouldn't be sad or depressed because I now people deal with way worse things and problems

  9. Good morning I have 🏉 rugby today Keep Fit is a major part of me Martial Art Karate I did for about 14 years this taught me so much I still train everyday But my 🎶 singing is my thing as 🖤 Blacksheep 🖤 when I perform or Record the people here play a major part of me I never came looking for But when I met you that all changed Love you being an amputee or love more the person ii met n never see their disability I mean I had a very close call n almost died n everyday is a learning Curve n you know if we ever met on live or in person you won't see my disability Normal What is Normal?

  10. I don't 🎨 paint but I do collect some art n of of course I sing n write all my own music n songs in fact I wrote a song for Felina 🐯 on here which is on Air because I found myself with her x

  11. This is amazing! You have such postivity its incredible! I've never seen someone go through something so bad and still see the best outcome and have the best mindset! I just found your channel and I'm so glad I did because you are already an inspiration for me! You are an amazing beautiful person seriously! All the best with you Kristie!

  12. i was sooo close to losing my index finger on my left hand bc I had cut it with a cuticle cutter and i was crying bc i had to get stitches or amputate. you lost your ENTIRE HAND. you are so strong.

  13. In the beginning of your 'slideshow' you had no hand on your right arm but your actually missing your left so?…

  14. My best friend lost her arm when she was in high school during a car accident. I didnt meet her until college but she was one of the most wonderful and life changing people I've ever met. She died almost 7 years ago, also in a car accident.

    The way she described her accident was very similar to yours. The car landed on her arm and ripped it off, but she didnt really feel anything during the chaos.

    I just found your videos and your energy and happiness grips my heart and reminds me of so much of her. ♥️

  15. I am an amputee with four of my digits of right hand amputated. I was feeling lonely and wandering if there will be anyone who would understand my feelings ever. Just then I found your video . I went through exact same feelings, emotions and experience. I am so motivated by your faith and positive attitude. Thank you so much for being there and inspiring many like me. Keep doing what you do. <3

  16. I know just how you feel about that surreal state. When my dad was hit by a van, he didn’t even realize that he could see his bones. Me being my 12 year old self was screaming my head off totally not helping at all. But thanks to the great doctors he had, they reconstructed his entire arm with metal pipes for new bones and a few skin graphs. He’s back to being my dad.

  17. You are AMAZING. I have never met another person aside from me that would NOT go back in time and change a single thing. I find each struggle a blessing, and Gods timing is PERFECT. There is a reason for everything. If you can take something positive away from every negative thing that happens you just cant lose💪

  18. I watched your video on Chris Hemsworth, and then to this one. You're such a positive strong person. I really admire that. I love your spirit, thanks for sharing!! Sending much love from Toronto!!💕💕💕

  19. Awesome, the same day on my birthday June 25, ((not awesome about your hand but I'm happy that you're trying and not giving up on you life because you lost a hand))

  20. It's really cool how you've overcome all this shit, but it's so dumb when people make everything about Jesus or God. It kinda distracts from the story. I really just wanted to learn about your story but instead it just feels like a reason for me to be religious in a Christian way. It totally sucks.

  21. holy shit as someone who also lives in bc i know how far away and remote ruby lake is, that must have been stressful omg

  22. My first time seeing any of your videos and you motivated the hell out of me. Thanks for sharing your experience, you can tell in your voice it was hard. Stay amazing! New subscriber now

  23. Kristie. For some reason you showed up on my recommended list and I thought, Hey a really pretty girl with one hand, what's up with that??? I watched that video and then came here to see your story and I was just amazed to put it mildly. Your attitude of gratitude is something that can only come from God. It is clearly evident that he lives in you and shines in your life. I can see it in the sparkle of your beautiful eyes. I'm going to check out your other videos and subscribe. You are so precious and lovely not only on the outside but on the inside as well. God bless you as you serve him sweetheart.

  24. I was diagnosed with autism and It was heart breaking because alot of things are going to be a struggle but I believe you can do anything I love you

  25. Okay, this is a really weird question, but what did they do with your hand? Did you get to keep it? I would have kept in one of the preservation jars to show off lol

  26. I've had my eye cut open before and I acted like a little biTch, I couldn't have handled getting a limb ripped off.

    H a, get it? "hand"le.
    Ah fuck I hate myself-

  27. Wow. A photo 6 hours earlier and a photo 6 hours later. We never know what tomorrow will bring. I love your incredible attitude.

  28. So I find it kind of interesting the parallel we have. I had my accident in 2013 on June 7th. at 1:10 in the afternoon. I lost about 20% of the muscle in my LEFT shoulder and forearm and have surface paralysis in my shoulder and forearm. I didn't lose my arm, but it was close! I'm a pk and thank God every day that I'm here. you inspired me to make a video about what happened to me.

  29. Omg if I saw my arm with just blood and bones I would just drop dead like Ong I would pass out and let jesus take me.

  30. ): gods looking down on you and like….. you and God are similar God got needles in his hand and you got ur hand ripped off ur a really lucky girl….(:

  31. This girl is a Great Person. The doctors who did he surgery, Bless them. You are beautiful no matter what, No legs, Missing Limbs Or Even With No Nose! Bless these people and I hope you have a great day / night!

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