The Erasmus Depression – TES #28

Welcome back everybody to unfortunately the hardest chapter I could talk about the “Erasmus depression” Maybe you’re watching this video because you’re going on an Erasmus you just heard about the Erasmus depression or you just arrived but this video is for everybody who is just returning right now because the first semester is just over a lot of people are going home now and the Erasmus is ending for these people I want to share with you guys a few things that I learnt when I returned after my first Erasmus ’cause right now I’m on my second so you basically don’t do the same mistake that I did I wasted so much time back home I have to be real with you guys as hard as it is and I wish somebody would have told me that when I returned but your Erasmus is over That’s it there’s no way you can go back to this period of time in your life you can look pictures at pictures you can have meetings but let me be very clear this period is over and your life as it was before you went on Erasmus is over you can try to go back but you learnt so many new things and you changed in so many different ways that it makes it more less impossible to go back you can adapt to it but this is basically when the Erasmus depression comes in when you see this difference let me break it down for you what’s happening in the next couple of weeks you go home, basically everybody’s excited that you’re coming back and wants to see you, wants to meet with you everything is crazy, you’re so happy that you’re back home after two or three weeks the normal life starts and basically big slaps you awake and then you realise in maybe two or three weeks after you return, that your Erasmus is actually over a lot of people start comparing what they find back home to their Erasmus and I did that for ages for months I was always talking about when I was on Erasmus this, this was so cool when I was on Erasmus this was so cool and I was there “Erasmus.. Erasmus.. Erasmus..” My friends of course, got angry about it and I was talking about it how awesome it was basically at the same time telling how boring the situation now is the biggest mistake I think to do is to compare your post-Erasmus life to your Erasmus These are two different chapters so your Erasmus is over and keep this as precious as it is as beautiful as this time is when you’re back home, a new chapter begins, right Please, if you’re in this new chapter don’t compare it to what it was like take it as it is otherwise, you’ll always see: it’s more boring, it’s whatever.. you know the biggest problem about this if you always compare it to your Erasmus you are not in the moment anymore and when you went on Erasmus you were in the moment basically you’re going to a party, you enjoyed the moment at the party with those people and that makes it so special if you’re back home and mentally you’re still in Erasmus you’re not there this cost me so much time ’cause for months and months I was really, like mentally still there I wanted to go back and whatever So, please don’t do this when you’re coming back home The second part is afterwards, when I saw that, ok, it’s a different thing I tried to make my time now how hard as I could, as it was on my Erasmus and again, instead of just comparing it you try to force something on your situation on your new life that just can’t be of course there are a lot of ways for example I joined the Erasmus Student Network so I was getting in touch I kept in touch with all the exchange students even in my home town I lost really a lot of friends after this time because it just didn’t work anymore my mind was like completely, like changed in a way, basically you’re like Alice, coming home from Wonderland if you would tell anybody back home how it was what you saw what you did nobody believes you but you still know what’s possible, right So what I did was started to travel I started to visit all my friends from everywhere I think that was the first moment of greatness that I saw coming from my Erasmus but in the ten months afterwards like I was traveling every month and I went to ten different countries in less than a year I started traveling like a mad man because in this sens, I was running away from my situation like I was facing the situation back home I couldn’t deal with it and I was like, really running away from it and traveling all the time and I asked all of my friends the whole time “come with me” “let’s go” “let’s do something” “let’s do it” and there’s this mentality that you can always do it tomorrow and when you’re back home you’re like “ok, let’s do it now” there’s no “let’s do it tomorrow” anymore I remember I was couchsurfing and like he said at some point very clearly like “man, you’re living in the past” that’s basically the first stuff I said as well but please don’t do this it’s going to be a hard time you can go through it and just take it as it is like leave it and look forward to what’s coming because the greatness that you’re taking out of it is that you know a different situation is possible now, with what you’ve learnt and the minds that you have like “let’s dot it”, “let’s use the time we have”, right ? that makes everything so much more beautiful I remember, like once I was kind over the Erasmus depression, right I actually started to enjoy the time I had a hundred times more than ever before like at any point of my life even though a hard time is coming a really hard time remember: the best is yet to come and use the time you have after your Erasmus you now know everybody everywhere you can travel all across the world now you know how easy it is you can fly like everywhere you can sleep on couches just use the time you have, right this is why I can say : “Once Erasmus, Always Erasmus” because, in this end even thought the Erasmus period might be over you take this one thing with you and in this end Erasmus never ends

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  1. That was so nice! I believe you can use what you said for everything, when a chapter ends you shouldn't stay there, move on and try to bring something good from that chapter 🙂

  2. I'm currently on Erasmus in Gent BE, some of my friends just let, and they just started to get depressed.

    But actually we already planned some skype conferences, we keep our what's app conversation active, we text literally everyday. Most of them will get engaged in their local ESN section

  3. Erasmus depression is useful, but only for two weeks. After that, it's just like you said: use those wonderful moments to create something useful and beautiful. That's how Erasmus really lasts.

  4. My Erasmus Semester really changed my view on some things and also my personality. I'm really caught by the "travel-mood" that I want to explore more countries. After Erasmus I feel more international and open-minded and I'm more open to speak to strangers even if they don't speak my language. It also showed me a different view on my home country that I see some spects with other eyes. All in all it was such a nice experience and I can definitely say that I'm a different person now than before Erasmus.

  5. I just can say Thank you, you exactly explained in detail what I am feeling these last months… Again, thank you for explaining it so good and help with your words other people who will definitily feel the same.

  6. 100 % true !! I wish I had seen this video when I returned from my Erasmus. 5 years past and my heart is still there <3

  7. Seeing this video made me realize that I'm not the only one who experienced the post-Erasmus depression. It's funny how I've only recently realized that I've been depressed all this time, up till now, which is exactly one year after I came back home from my exchange period. This change really affected me deeply and I don't think I'll be over it soon.. I'm looking forward to seeking professional help since it already costed me an academic year.

    My advice to others is to not neglect this "down" feeling/depression, thinking that you'll be over it soon. If you can't fight it on your own, seek profesional help for it can really affect you and your personal life.

    Loved the video!

  8. I always kind of felt that Erasmus was something different for me than it was for my friends. Now, after watching this, I'm sure about that. I just got back home few weeks ago and while all of my friends are depressed, I don't mind that I'm back home and that Erasmus is over. Actually, I'm pretty excited about coming back to my life here in my country and back to my university. Everyone goes on about how Erasmus changed them and how heartbreaking it is that it's over but… I'm exactly the same as I was before Erasmus, nothing changed for me and I, myself, haven't changed at all and don't get me wrong, I had fun, I loved it, it was amazing – all the travelling and meeting new people – but I'm not depressed, I know I won't be and I wouldn't want to go back there 🙂 Maybe there's just some Erasmus magic that I'm immune to 😉

  9. It really wasn't so emotional for me but then again I only spent three months abroad. Plus, I'm kind of antisocial so… 😀 However, I have experienced depression for different reasons and I can sort of relate. The best is indeed to come and time heals everything. That's what I can say.

  10. true true, I met my gf on Erasmus and because she was from Asia, I went there after my studies. Erasmus is definetely a life experience and best time of my life, no worries, friends, travelling and difficulties with language.
    I can only recommend to do it just before end of the university 😉 Otherwise you need more motivation to finish it.

  11. Amazing! I'm coming to Germany in 2 weeks to have a 6 months Erasmus!!
    Thanks for the info!! I have to say, It's my first Erasmus, but I've travelled before for summers (3 months) meeting new amazing people who share a lot of things with you, and after that, you have to say bye-bye… It's hard but after some summers I can be aware of the great time I'm spending in every moment which made me be even happier.
    Thanks a lot, as my big brother uses to say (he's a passionate of travel), "how amazing is to travel and meet new and different people and cultures from all around the world"

  12. People don't know how to continue their experience and they take the thing too much as a fun thing to do … Erasmus students are just trying to build Europe and sooner or later you will meet again someone who has done Erasmus to carry on your job …

  13. So true…Depression could also consist in not finding your own room anymore, because you went on Erasmus…but don't worry, you can leave rent it to another exchange student on 🙂 just a tip

  14. I am listening to you… and really want to cry! I was expecting that after the end of Erasmus will be different, but not that hard;(

  15. Thanks a lot man! I am 2 weeks away from finishing my ERASMUS and I am really feeling that exact way… It is sad indeed to part ways but as you said, don't live in the past… Thanks man!

  16. Thank you so much for this videos. You learnt to me the real sense of the erasmus and i think i've wasted it…

  17. this really helped me man, I just recently came back from malmö, Sweden, and it changed my life forever

  18. well… you convinced me… now I directly know I need to go to Erasmus! <3 than you for this great video and your truely words 🙂 greatings from Poland ! :*

  19. hi Patrick, Thank you for your reply, it was very helpful and made me happy 🙂 I would love to learn more. I'm starting a 9 month EVS soon, but I want longer. I'm going to apply for European soildarty corps next, but interested in getting into a bachelor degree aboard.

    my question is, is the study funded, is the food and accomdation funded my EU ?

    I don't have a lot of money but would love this opportunity

    please send your advice to email: [email protected] if you have time.

    l just discovered your videos a few hours ago and I love them 🙂

  20. When you said that erasmus and the moment when you’re back home are two completely different chapters and then repetead that ‘your Erasmus’ is over I literally got chills on my back.

    It’s been exactly 1 year and 3 days since I came back from my Erasmus. I had an 8-month depression and I thought that I would never be able to be as serene as I was in my international home. Then it happened what you said in the video – i managed to get over, I realised that I got the chance to live a gorgeous chapter of my life, I returned and I have to make the new chapter I am about to live back home beautiful too. And then I enjoyed doing the things I was used to do here one thousand times more. Exactly as you pointed.

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts about this. You helped healing a bit more the leftovers of the post erasmus depression. It will never completely disappear, it will always be there, in the background of our minds, like a never ending ‘saudade’.
    But speaking about it in the way you did, with like-minded people, helps for sure and turns it in a beautiful memory rather than a sad one.

    Great vlog. Your words are genuine and this make your speech so touching. Keep up the great work

  21. I had my Erasmus last semester and now I am feeling out of my mind. I try my best, but in my case is hard. I found my best friend, but now he doesn't even answer, all my friends are busy and I do too, but we don't talk anymore like we did before! Definitely everything has changed! I miss the people, but I am in another continent, no one can visit me, and I can't visit them. I feel lucky one for my Erasmus, but definitely now I am in the hardest part of this. I am trying to find someone to talk about this and I can't find someone… It's sad… I know I will do it my one way or another! Honestly I would like to take this feeling out of my chest! It's hard to see that my friends are different now!

  22. Hey, Patrick. I will start university this fall and I am very interested in the Erasmus program. I know you can only start it on the second year of uni. Could you message me when you have some time? I have a few questions
    Thank you very much

  23. Man, you've made me cry… I've been feeling like a shit even it's been 7 months since my erasmus over. I don't even want to talk to my parents, my siblings or my friends in the town. Nothing excites me anymore. I just want to go back to Spain and dance in the rain on the street…I want to live with the "sleep is useless because the time is priceless" mentality again. I don't even want to remember that I am home and I have to live my same old life… 🙁 🙁 🙁 but as you said,the best time of my life is over…

  24. Germany: shops and trains are better. Hungary: banks are better, people are more straight and less over-funny. XD I like both countries but I prefer Hungary and like it like never before.

  25. I haven't even been on erasmus but i can say i've had a better or similar experience last summer, international students in my face all the time and big groups of awesome friends, awesome parties….
    It's april now and just like you, i travel to escape….
    I haven't felt happy since last summer and it's weird ! I don't study i don't do anything, im so lazy and i keep wishing that somehow something similar would happen again soon but it just never happened and at this point it's hard to believe that it'll!
    Thanks for sharing though, it's good to know that im not alone

  26. I have almost two months left in my Erasmus right now, but i already feel it slipping away. I don't want to ruin it with all these thoughts but i can't really pretend like it's not there. Thing is, i sort of met someone during this Erasmus and i have never felt so good. Saying goodbye to him is going to break my heart in more pieces than my heart is made of.

  27. Thank you for this video. Yours words reflect what I had been feeling for years after my return. I've been an Erasmus student more than 15 years ago in Potsdam/Berlin. It's been like breathing and living myself for the first time. My Erasmus time literally saved my life but coming back home has destroyed my mental and physical health. I know it's been a while since I have been an Erasmus student, but I still miss how happy and alive I was there.
    Again, Thank you for this video.🤗🤗🤗

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