The Good Fight 致胜出击 – Ep 15

Where’s Doudou?
Why is he absent? He hasn’t been coming to class Serious? Why? No idea. We couldn’t find him
or reach him on the phone I don’t know if it has to do with
the missing of his father His father is missing? He told us it’s been a week I’m more concerned about whether
he’s being abused by his grandparents again What is it all about? He told us his grandparents disliked him, and they often beat him There was once they didn’t give him pocket money
and he passed out from hunger Do you know where he lives? I do Let’s pay him a visit Shall we inform Coach? We’ll do that on the way Pack your things, hurry Coach Coach Coach Hi, we’re looking for Doudou.
Is he in? Who are you? Doudou hasn’t been attending wushu class.
We’re here to find out why Are you his mum? I’m Maria. I’m… -What’s going on? Who are you guys? Are you Doudou’s dad? We heard you’d been missing for a week I… -What an irresponsible father you are Doudou had a hard time
when you weren’t around He was even abused by his grandparents Elaine You’ve lost me. What’s all that talk
about grandparents and abuse? Who exactly are you guys? I’m not his dad This is my wife I provide food and lodging for Doudou,
and pay his school fees and miscellaneous fees You call that abuse?
Who are you guys? I’m Doudou’s wushu coach They’re his wushu classmates It’s you guys I told him to quit wushu.
What did you still come here for? Why do you want him to quit? Doudou’s parents divorced long ago His dad is a seaman and is always not around So he leaves Doudou with me If Doudou gets hurt during wushu training,
I won’t be able to answer to his dad He was lying when he said
his grandparents beat him? Geez Doudou has always been neglected.
That explains his low self-esteem I believe he made up stories
to get attention and love He always appeared to be the victim
in his stories… because he wanted our attention and love He’s overthinking.
A true friend doesn’t mind his background He shouldn’t have lied to us Trust between friends
once lost is gone for good So where’s Doudou? He went to Pulau Ubin a few days ago… and should come back today Yichen Your dad said you’d been going home late Is he upset that I didn’t cook for him? You know that’s not what I meant What did you mean then? Are you going to run away from me forever? I don’t know I’ve been thinking about Yifeng again I remember… how he cared about others… more than he cared about himself You know, he used to say… if we were happy, he’d be happy too My brother was such a kind soul Then, I started reflecting on myself I kept wanting to have your forgiveness I kept wanting to get back together with you But I’ve never spared a thought
for your feelings I’m really selfish Therefore, shall we start off as friends again? Friends? Much as I don’t wish to, the last thing I want is to
see you looking so sad I know you’re unable to forgive me yet, but at least don’t run away from me We’ll just pretend to be friends
who just got to know each other All right? I don’t know My mind is in a whirl Come on, we’re just friends All right? Just kidding Can we shake hands? Bye-bye All right, let me test you If you get it wrong, you’ll have to drink Bring it on What’s my favourite number? 3 How did you know that? You told us before -I did? I also know Yichen likes the number 7 You like the number 8 You, Yifeng? You’ve never told us
what your favourite number is Me? I like 3, 7 and 8 I like what you like That’s my brother.
When you’re happy… I’m happy, too 3 I don’t know how I’ve managed to come this far I live like a zombie Life was nothing but training, training
and more training for me I studied Desri’s movements online He beats me in terms of
speed and movements, not to mention his special technique I’m not confident of defeating him at all You’re my pride.
You’ll win for sure I’m stressed out Yet I still have to wear a smile
to put everybody’s mind at ease I feel like breaking down, but can I do that? You’ll win at the final tomorrow We’ll have a celebration
when you come back with the trophy I won’t let you down Go for it, Bro A single brilliant strike
to set the world alight Impregnable as a mountain,
strike like fire I’m really, really tired Sometimes, I wish someone
would say this to me, “It’s OK, it doesn’t matter if you lose the match” I’m sorry, Bro You were under so much pressure You were in distress None of us understood you I’m sorry Sorry, I’m late! Sorry… Where is everybody?
Are they not here yet? So there you are.
Why didn’t you answer my calls? Look who’s here, Doudou Daddy What are you doing here, Daddy? Where did you go?
I couldn’t reach you at all I thought I’d become an orphan Sorry, Doudou My ship had a small accident,
so I couldn’t contact you It won’t happen again Do you like the surprise? I lied to you guys and did weird things
to delay your training I’m really sorry You’ve my word that I’ll train hard.
I won’t drag you down again We’re a team, Doudou Tell us your problems.
Don’t hide them We’ll deal with them together Yes, Coach If you skive during training again,
you’ll get it from me Doudou’s performance is excellent today He’d usually complain he’s tired by this time I’m not surprised.
He sees very little of his dad He has to make his dad proud of him It’s been a long time since I saw him
wearing such a broad smile So he likes wushu? I know you’re a busy man, Mr Huang But please try and
spend more time with Doudou He may look lively and happy, but he’s actually rather lonely He lies a lot, but that’s because
he’s trying to get attention It’s not our care he needs… but your love I’ve failed as a father I worked hard to give him a good life Little did I know that
I’d end up neglecting him We know you mean Doudou well But we feel… he needs you by his side Got it. I’m reunited with Doudou again I’ve decided to quit my job
and be with Doudou At the very least,
he won’t have to worry about me any more You mean it? He’ll rejoice when he finds out Thanks for taking care of him Dad Are you still coaching those kids? Yeah. We just came back from training I can grab anyone off the street
and you won’t be able to beat him You think you’re fit to teach wushu
in Yi Ji Dao’s name? You’d better leave the wushu world… before anybody thinks the people
from Yi Ji Dao can’t even take a blow Dad, Zhengbin isn’t that lousy He’ll prove his mettle one day Come on, he can’t even
overcome his mental block At the rate he’s going,
those kids will become wimpy like him Zhengbin puts his heart and soul
into teaching them They appreciate it and trust him He’s lost his confidence.
Don’t make it worse I’m making it worse? When he’s trounced by Desri,
you’ll know who’s making it worse Dad… -Yichen Don’t say any more Master is just being concerned He’s not concerned about you He’s just afraid you might disgrace him
and tarnish his reputation Say whatever you like I’m just worried he might even lose his life The two of you couldn’t even beat him How about three? What’s with that expression? You don’t think I’ll be able to beat Desri? Coach, you said I’d made a lot of progress Let me take Johnny on You’ll see the result of my training No, I should take him on
since I have the most experience I know you’re worried about me But I’ve no more mental block If Desri were to appear and
wanted a duel with me, I’m OK with it I need a word with you Go and warm up.
Don’t let the matter affect you. Go Desri? It’s not your duel with Zhengbin yet.
What do you want? I’m here to remind you
of our duel next week Be prepared for it Don’t disappoint me I’ll take you on on behalf of my coach Wenkai What nonsense The match between you and Yi Ji Dao
12 years ago didn’t yield any outcome Next week, we’ll have a winner Sure, I’m looking forward to it Let’s go What are you looking at? Don’t worry, I’m prepared for it Come next week, Desri will know… who the real champion fighter is This is to train your stamina and speed.
I’ll go faster and faster You’ll have to try and cope Dad! This training is too tough for Wenkai This is what I call “training” Can running and going through
a few set movements win you the championship? It’s all right, Yichen I asked Grand-master to up
the intensity of my training Don’t be stubborn In order to win, you’re risking injury Are you through? Please leave.
You’re interrupting our training Once more That’s enough, Master! You OK, Wenkai? I’m fine -Are you hurt? You OK? -I’m OK Scratches and bruises are no big deal Be reasonable, Master He trains with the others in the morning,
gets personal coaching from you in the afternoon… and studies for his exams at night Yet you’re still so hard on him.
You’re working him into the ground! Being overprotective of your brother
will only ruin him You were also the reason
Yifeng couldn’t focus on his training Why rake up the past? Shuya used to practise with Bro We all worked very hard,
but you weren’t aware I wasn’t aware? Had you put your hearts and souls
into your practice back then, would you have made it only this far? Lost your tongues? Leave I really am fine. Please go Sure you’re fine? -Yeah Let’s carry on Shuya Yes? Can you think of a way
to stop my dad from torturing Wenkai? Come to think of it, Master has a point there You used to disapprove of
Wenkai learning wushu Why do you see eye to eye with my dad now? I was too wilful I used to disrupt Yifeng’s training I’ve sorted out my thinking I’m supportive of Wenkai now He should go all out to fulfil his dream You weren’t totally to blame
for my brother’s death You don’t hold it against us any more? I’ve sorted out my thinking You and Zhengbin weren’t exactly to blame I’m glad to hear that Please believe me.
I didn’t mean to keep the truth from you I wanted to find out the truth… not because I wanted to
absolve myself of blame Let’s not… let the matter haunt us any more It’s time we moved on I’ve been busy That’s none of my business I’ve to supervise your training with Wenkai
every day. It’s keeping me busy So you’ll have to eat instant noodles every day But if you stop coaching Wenkai
in the afternoon, I’ll probably have time
to cook your favourite dishes Don’t bother.
Instant noodles are nice Dad, I’m not saying you can’t train Wenkai But can you go easy on him? If you push him too hard, he might just quit If he gives up so easily,
he isn’t fit to be a member of Yi Ji Dao You just don’t get my point Don’t say any more.
I’ll train Wenkai in my own way Your brother didn’t win the championship title Wenkai will do it Fine, I won’t bother with how you train Wenkai But if you cross the line, I’ll stop you Another thing Can you treat Zhengbin and Shuya better? Don’t keep raking up the past Am I wrong about it? They caused your brother’s death I’ll never forgive them Why are you staring into space
in the middle of the night? I woke up and couldn’t get back to sleep Something bothering you? I told you to confide in me I’ll help you I’m all right I guess I’ve been stressed out Who stresses you out? Everybody has high hopes for me, especially Grand-master He really wants me to win If I fail to win the championship title, they’ll be so disappointed Nobody can predict the outcome of a match.
Just do your best No point dwelling on it.
Trust me But… It doesn’t matter whether
you win the championship or not Ultimately, you’ve to be happy If the tournament is stressing you out, just quit I’ll talk to Master on your behalf Sis The truth is… The truth is, I’m all right I’ll go back to sleep. Goodnight Zhengbin I heard you’ve been going round
duelling with people Yup. My match with Desri is round the corner I’ve to train hard to defeat him Whom are you trying to dupe? You’ve yet to overcome your mental block.
You’re not ready for the duel What you’re doing
is no different from hurting yourself Are you concerned about me? You also spoke in favour of me to your dad Not angry with me any more? I spoke up for you because
my dad crossed the line I’m still angry with you
for keeping the truth from me What’s wrong with you? You’re blowing hot and cold I’m so confused I don’t know Take it that I’m crazy Sorry, I shouldn’t have said all that I know you care about me I’m happy Zhengbin My brother might have
injured himself to protect you, but that’s no proof that you caused his death I didn’t expect that coming from you Put my brother’s death behind you… and focus on the match Kick faster Good Good What are you kicking? Mr Simon What brings you here, Mr Desri? My disciple, Johnny, will have a duel with you Let’s do that at the tournament I don’t care.
My disciple will fight with you guys Mr Simon, they’re challenging us.
Let me take them on Who told you to come forward?
Step back I’m confident of beating them That’s good But I never said yes Let’s begin Mr Simon, don’t let them think we’re cowards Exactly, Mr Simon! -No! We’re not fighting them! Trust me, Mr Simon.
They’re not my match Very well! You OK? So this is the elite team? Let’s go Hold it there! Mr Simon! Thanks Grand-uncle Simon Your dad seems badly injured.
Check him out No He’s rich and afraid of death.
He’ll make sure he gets treated He doesn’t need my care My arm is in bandage
but she’s not showing any concern Hello, hello I’m on my way. OK I’ll help you, Grand-uncle Simon I’ll go wash my hands.
Have a chat What happened to your arm? I had a fall I know Desri challenged you
at Simon Fitness a few days ago He injured you? Why ask when you already knew? You’re afraid of trouble.
I thought you wouldn’t take him on I’m from Yi Ji Dao He insulted me. I had to duel him
even if I was no match for him The outcome didn’t matter People from Yi Ji Dao will take no insult! Daddy Enough about that.
When are you moving back? I… Baby, your mum left me.
You’re all that I have If you leave me too, I’ll be all alone I’ll move back home, but let me say this –
I won’t join the elite team again So long as you move home,
everything can be resolved I’ve to take a call Wenkai? Why did you rummage my handbag? Wenkai is sick? You won’t tell me? I’ll ask his sis Wait! If you don’t pry,
I’ll tell you another secret What secret? You’re not dead yet? Poor guy. He doesn’t even know
why his son died Don’t you want to know
what caused your son’s death? Out with it You know why Zhengbin
gave up his well-paid job… to put up with your sullen face every day
and to bring Yi Ji Dao back? Because he did you wrong.
He felt guilty Your two disciples were responsible
for your son’s death They were the reason your son
got badly injured before the tournament That was why he died in the arena What’s the point you’re trying to make? Listen good A few days before the tournament,
your son stood up for Zhengbin He fought with a few ruffians and got injured The day before the tournament,
Shuya wanted a break-up Your son’s attempt to climb up
to her window failed… and he fell It was double injuries for him Dad Grand-master Good timing.
Tell us how we can do better Master The cheek of you to be here! You want to help me revive Yi Ji Dao? You’re just trying to atone for your sins Yifeng wouldn’t have died in the arena
if he hadn’t got injured because of you guys How did you find out? Master I’m sorry Does it solve the problem? Had it not been for you,
Yifeng would be the one teaching here It’s not what you think, Dad Get out of my sight! Scram! You, too! Scram! Stop it, Dad.
You’ll hurt yourself Tell me Did you find out long ago that
your brother got injured because of them? You hid the truth from me like they did! They’ve been blaming themselves It wasn’t easy for them They caused your brother’s death.
Stop defending them! They weren’t totally to blame You are, then! I won’t forgive them Don’t say another word,
or I’ll throw you out as well! Dad had high hopes for me If I lose, he’ll be so disappointed I’ve no choice but to work hard.
There’s no backing out for me None of us were aware of your pain I can’t let history repeat itself You sounded urgent.
Something has happened to Master? I’ve something to tell you Go on I know we shouldn’t go back.
Master will be agitated But with the competition round the corner, the young chaps need my coaching Master will hit the roof if he sees us You weren’t totally to blame
for my brother’s death Yes, he was injured But the real reason for his death… was stress Stress? What do you mean? He wasn’t confident of beating Desri But everybody, especially my dad,
had high hopes for him In order not to disappoint us, he bore the pressure alone
and practised on his own That’s the real cause of his death Yichen, I trained with him every day He looked perfectly all right to me Remember this writing in my bro’s blog
which was encrypted? You managed to break the password? Yup. Read it and you’ll know what I mean Dad had high hopes for me I can’t let him down But what must I do to defeat Desri? I’ve to work harder It requires lots and lots of training
to beat Desri I’m already doing my best, but I’m still nowhere near my goal What should I do? He was under tremendous pressure, yet I wasn’t aware To think I kept blaming him
for not spending time with me Some girlfriend I was We were very close to him, yet we failed to notice anything Are we going to tell Master about this? He might not be able to take it If he finds out, he’ll break down I got the wrong idea about you both Sorry Sorry I told you the truth because… I want you to stop blaming yourselves It wasn’t your fault You promised not to tell anyone about
how Coach and Shuya caused Yifeng’s death So why did you tell Grand-master? Coach and Shuya were thrown
out of Yi Ji Dao. Happy now? I didn’t want that old man
to be duped by his two dearest disciples Stop pretending You’re taking this opportunity
to deal a blow to us Why are you so low?
You’re not fit to be my daddy! I brought you up.
Don’t you take that attitude with me! Yes, Yan Dongshan is my enemy I was out to deal him a blow And I thought you were righteous
to some extent You were just putting on an act
to dupe me into going home Look, I’m not moving back home
to face a rat like you! Fine! Since you hate me so much,
I won’t cover up the fact that Wenkai is ill Wenkai is ill? What’s he suffering from? He was shooting from the hip!
Don’t believe him! I have a date with Wenkai.
Got to go! Tell me about it Subtitles: S Lin, Mediacorp TV

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