The Neverending Story: The Animated Series Episode 01 The Tears of Sadness

ANNOUNCER: The Neverending Story: The Animated Series! Episode 1 The Tears of Sadness by Peter Sauder. ( birds chirping ) VOOSHVAZOOL: ( screaming ) Bastian!!! ( echoing ) BASTIAN: Huh? What? Fantasia! BARNEY: Mmm.. Smells good. Hey, Hey! Bastian! What about breakfast? BASTIAN: Sorry, Dad! Gotta go! BARNEY: Oh, that boy. ( car horns honking ) MR. CORREANDER: Bastian, I had to step it. In case you miss breakfast, help yourself to an apple. Just one. Happy Reading, C. Correander. BASTIAN: It was a clear night. A Shooting star arct across the expense of open sky. Welcome to Fantasia. BASTIAN NARRATES: Bastian starred the solid monarch the Ivory tower The heart of Fantasia and the home of the Childlike Empress As many times as he had seen it before Its beauty always took his breath away. LARGE HEAD: The evil is spreading across Fantasia! It’s like a Plague! Oh, Childlike Empress, Something must be done! CHILDLIKE EMPRESS: Bastian! I knew you’d come! BASTIAN: Empress, what’s going on? these statues are- LARGE HEAD: They’re not statues. BASTIAN: You mean they’re- LARGE HEAD: Yes, they’re living breathing Fantasians or used to be. BASTIAN: ( gasps ) BASTIAN NARRATES: In his heart, Bastian knew that this was somehow connected to the awful sound that had brought him to Fantasia. CHILDLIKE EMPRESS: No one knows why this is happening, Bastian. Its strikes at whim individuals our entire tribes. We need your help, Bastian. LARGE HEAD: But he’s just a child. What can he do? What can anyone do? BASTIAN: Large head is right, Empress. What can I do? CHILDLIKE EMPRESS: You must find this evil, Bastian. Before it finds each and everyone of us. BASTIAN: But, I don’t know where to look. CHILDLIKE EMPRESS: Follow your heart, Bastian. It will always lead you. BASTIAN NARRATES: Bastian had helped the Childlike Empress before. Each time had been the same for as much as Bastian doubted himself. She was willing to risk all of Fantasia in her belief of him. She had always been right, so far. LARGE HEAD: ( gasps ) The orin’s gloom is fading! That means evil is beginning to overwhelm Fantasia! If this continues, and the orin loses all its light, There will mean that everything just and good in Fantasia will be… no more! Evil will reign supreme! BASTIAN: I’ll, I’ll try. BARKTROLL: Don’t worry, Bastian. I’m with you-Whoops! BASTIAN: Barktroll! BARKTROLL: It got my sister, Bastian. Whatever is doing this will get it. As long as it doesn’t involve any monsters or anything. Not that I’m afraid but trolls are not afraid of anything. FALKOR: Did I need some help? BARKTROLL: Oh, I slipped. BASTIAN: Falkor! You always show up. Just what I need you the most. FALKOR: You forget Bastian, That’s what luck dragons do. BARKTROLL: Startling me like that is a good way to make me lose my leaves. BASTIAN: You’ll grow new ones. Come on! BARKTROLL: Are we there yet? I’m thirsty. FALKOR: Here we are! Hang on, Bastian! BARKTROLL: ( yelling and grunts ) BASTIAN: ( giggles ) You’re always thirsty, Barktroll. I told you to hang on. BARKTROLL: I still say if trees were meant to fly we grow feathers instead of leaves. A brook. BASTIAN: Barktroll, No! BARKTROLL: Aah, Ugh! BASTIAN: It’s the water, Barktroll. It must be. Something in the water must be what’s turn everyone into statues. BARKTROLL: And I almost drank? Ohhhhhhhhh…. ( THUD! ) BASTIAN: A tiny. It got him too. We’re near the gnomes cottage if anyone can help us figure this out. It’s Engywook and Urgl. We won’t be long, Falkor! BARKTROLL: But I’m still thirsty. ENGYWOOK: How many times do I have to repeat myself, woman? Modern science is the answer! Not those archiac herbal concoctions of yours. URGL: Ha! can your modern science grow hair? Make things invisible? Cure hiccups? My potions can. ENGYWOOK: Hiccups? ( coughs ) It’s unimportant does that the spells to eating the grand scheme of things especially when it comes to, to, to… Wha- What was it when were arguing about, Urgl? URGL: Mmm… can’t seem to remember, Engywook. ENGYWOOK: Gasping Gallopers! BASTIAN: Sorry, Engywook. I didn’t mean to startle you. ENGYWOOK: Then let me congratulate you on an unintentionally bunch of. URGL: Bastian! not another word. and should you try one of my Beetlebun Cookies. BARKTROLL: Beetlebun? Yuck! URGL: And you brought a friend. Take two. BASTIAN: Of course. These two, Urgl. ( laughs ) Don’t mean salter, eat it. BARKTROLL: Mmm. Yuck! Hey! What’s happening? Urgl? URGL: Ta-da! BASTIAN: We- We shrunk! ENGYWOOK: Ha! URGL: ( laughs ) Told you my shrinking cookies would work. ENGYWOOK: Dash! I was sure your potion would backfire and turn them into newts or something. BARKTROLL: But how are we ever going to get back to our normal size? URGL: ( laughs ) We’ll just have to see if my enlarging wormcakes work. BARKTROLL: Mmm. maybe I could get used to this. ENGYWOOK: What brings you to us, Bastian? People being turned into statues? BASTIAN: How did you know? ENGYWOOK: Modern science, my boy! URGL: Hmph! BASTIAN: I think whatever is causing is in the water. ENGYWOOK: And that takes even more serious. Come with me. URGL: Careful, troll. These are very powerful potions. BARKTROLL: Yeah. well, I know a thing or two about potions myself. I, eh, gah- know never to do that again. ( laughs ) BASTIAN: Engywook, it’s amazing! ENGYWOOK: It’s the Fountain of Life from which every drop of water in Fantasia comes. BASTIAN: Wait! move it over! Oh no! ENGYWOOK: What is it, Bastian? BASTIAN: It’s Xayide’s Giants! They’re drilling holes in the rock. Lots of holes. And whatever is coming out. He’s fixing with the waters of life. ENGYWOOK: That’s the front trouble with modern science. I was going in a fritz! BASTIAN: It’s okay, Engywook. I’ve seen all I need to see. ENGYWOOK: Xayide’s contaminating the water! This could well be the end of- BARKTROLL: ( screams ) BASTIAN: Come on! BARKTROLL: ( gasps ) ENGYWOOK: Urgl!! But why, oh, why would you drink that water? BARKTROLL: She didn’t. She just looked at it. ENGYWOOK: But how? What could- I can’t see. Wait! I think maybe- Yes, I’m sure. I can’t see! BASTIAN: Engywook, No! This is Xayide’s doing. I saw her giants, barktroll. contaminating the waters of life. We’ve gotta stop them. BARKTROLL: We- As in you and, and… me? Powerful potions, huh? If we’re going up against the most evil and powerful sorceress and all of Fantasia. We’re going to need the mother-of-all powerful potions. BASTIAN: Come on, Barktroll! Urgl’s cakes work. BARKTROLL: A little peat moss wouldn’t hurt. So what’s your plan, Bastian? BASTIAN: I’ll let you know as soon I think of something. BARKTROLL: Good plan. BASTIAN: Let’s go! FALKOR: Hold on! XAYIDE: Make your way, you pathetic little pair. Or you’ll soon see when the others have seen. And what all she’ll soon see in the waters of life. Your doom. ( laughs ) Every creature in Fantasia will become empty statues. Even the Childlike Empress Then the Ivory tower will be mine! Mine for all of time! ( cackles ) FALKOR: Good luck, Bastian! BASTIAN: Thanks, Falkor! BARKTROLL: Will need it. BASTIAN: There it is, Barktroll! The Fountain of life. ( eagle screeches ) BARKTROLL: It makes me thirsty. BOTH: Huh? ( gasps ) BASTIAN: Run! BARKTROLL: Oh, I still say you should have my powerful potion on the giant. BASTIAN: Me? But it’s your potion. BARKTROLL: Exactly! I mixed it so the least you could do is test it to see what it does. BASTIAN: What if it doesn’t do anything? BARKTROLL: Hmm.. well, then it’s Urgl’s fault. She made the potions I just put them together. BASTIAN: Shhh!! BARKTROLL: ( whispers ) What? What is it? BASTIAN: Let’s find out. BARKTROLL: But it’s dark in there, Not that I’m not afraid of the dark or anything. It-It’s just that trees need sunshine. and I don’t think- BASTIAN: Shhh!!! BARKTROLL: Have you thought of a plan yet? BASTIAN: I wonder if this is what the giants are leaking into the waters of life. BARKTROLL: Ooh! What was that!?! ( gasps ) Whatever they are the waters full of them. ACHARIS: We are the acharis. No light. We beg of you. BASTIAN: Who- What are you? ACHARIS: The acharis the most repulsive creatures in Fantasia. So repulsive are we. That we dare not even look at one another. We alone know them bottomless depths of misery and despair. BASTIAN: Is that why you remain here hiding in the darkness? ACHARIS: Yes. Forever.. ( crying ) Sobbing in the fog of tears. BASTIAN: You mean, this isn’t water it’s- ACHARIS: Tears are torment, misery and sorrow. BARKTROLL: And I Thought beetlebun cookies were bad. Yuck! BASTIAN: Shh! If, If I looked at them. Your tears. closely, very closely. What would I see? ACHARIS: ( sobbing ) In the light you would see more torment, misery and sorrow. And you are being of a living creature couldn’t bear. BASTIAN: That’s it! That’s what Engywook and Urgl saw in the water. More sorrow that they could bear. The black giants are drilling holes To allow the Acharis’s tears to drain into the waters of life. BARKTROLL: And there’s no way to stop it from affecting everyone in Fantasia. BASTIAN: That be Xayide’s plan. ( both gasp ) BARKTROLL: Aah!! BASTIAN: Run! BARKTROLL: Oh! Ah! Aaahhh! BASTIAN: Come on! BARKTROLL: Have you thought of a plan yet? BASTIAN: I’m working on it! BARKTROLL: Bastian!!! ( Bastian grunts ) ( BOOM! ) BASTIAN: What a Team! BARKTROLL: Yeah, N-Next time you-you be’d obeyed! Not that I’m straight or anything. BOTH: Huh? BASTIAN: We waited a circle! ( both screaming ) BARKTROLL: I’m about to be turned into a woodcarving! I’m not a very good one of that! ( gasps ) AAAAAHHHHHH!!! XAYIDE: So you thought you could stop me, did you? BARKTROLL: ( laughs ) Whatever gave you that idea. BASTIAN: You finally met you match, Xayide! The potion, Barktroll. BARKTROLL: A potion. But we don’t even know if it- XAYIDE: A potion? BARKTROLL: A powerful potion. Powerful enough to do if you, you don’t let us go! BARKTROLL: A plan. Stay back! I’m warning you or you going to find out just how powerful this potion is? BASTIAN: Well, what’s it gonna be, Xayide? XAYIDE: Destroy them. BARKTROLL: AAAAAHHH! OH! ( moaning and crying ) XAYIDE: Nooooooooooo!!! Her potion spoiling everything! You have destroyed the Acharis! You have ruined my chance to control Fantasia! BARKTROLL: I didn’t mean to, it was my first potion. B-B-Best I expected was a- a puff of smoke. XAYIDE: Enough! I’ll have to content myself with the pleasure unlimited in you along with Bastian Balthazar Bux. ( giggles ) XAYIDE: What is This!?! ( laughter ) BASTIAN: Barktroll, You potion transformed the Acharis into, into.. BARKTROLL: That was one powerful potion! XAYIDE: Spare may these inseparable creatures, I want them gone, Now! ( giggles ) ( giggling and laughing ) XAYIDE: Oh, there everywhere! like insects! Just get my hands on one of you you’ll stay still! and I’ll- ( BOOM! ) BASTIAN: Now’s our chance! Come on! XAYIDE: Don’t just stand there! After them! They’re getting away! Ahh! ( groans ) You’ve won this time, Bastian! ( screams ) ( KABOOM!) BASTIAN: Run, Barktroll! BOTH: ( screaming ) BOTH: ( yelling ) BARKTROLL: Ouch! Ooh, eee, ah! ooh! aah! ugh! aah! ugh! aah! oof! ( water splashes ) BARKTROLL: The water, Bastian! It’ll turn us into statues! BASTIAN: ( laughs ) I don’t think we need to worry anymore. Thanks to your potion. It changed the acharis from the unhappiest creatures in Fantasia into the happiest. ( both laughing ) GLUCKUK: ( coughing ) Hey! What’s going on? Where am I? BASTIAN: And it also reverses the effects of the Tears of Sadness. BARKTROLL: You mean I can drink? ( guzzling ) BASTIAN: ( laughs ) Take it easy, Barktroll. We’ll drink you dry. CHILDLIKE EMPRESS: Once again, you have earned the undying gratitude of Fantasians everywhere Bastian Balthazar Bux. BASTIAN: Thank you, Empress. But it really was Barktroll who saved the day with his potion. BARKTROLL: Powerful potion! URGL: All right, Troll! BARKTROLL: ( gasps ) URGL: I’ll teach you for messing up my potions! BARKTROLL: But, But I didn’t mean to! URGL: Come back here, Troll! I’ve got some Beetlebun Cookies for you! ( all laughing ) BASTIAN: The funny little creatures became known is the shlamoose. And so ended another chapter in The Neverending Story. [and that’s the end] [Credit goes to Cinevox Filmproduktion GmbH, Ellipse Animation and Nelvana Limited.]

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