The ONE Stretch Every Walker & Runner Should Do Daily + GIVEAWAY!

♪ Bob and Brad ♪ ♪ The two most famous
physical therapists ♪ ♪ On the internet ♪ – Hi folks, I’m Bob
Schrupp, physical therapist. – Brad Heineck, physical therapist. – We are the most famous
physical therapists on the internet. – In our opinion, of course, Bob. – Today we’re gonna go
over the one stretch that every walker and
runner should do daily. Plus, Brad, we’re doing a giveaway! – Oh, that’s a surprise to me, Bob. – Yeah we’re actually gonna do the ProStretch Plus, I should probably say that right, try to say that fast. – No, I’m not goin’ there. – ProStretch Plus, we’re gonna give away three of these, actually the company is gonna give away three of these, thank you very much. And you’re gonna find out today why this is gonna come in handy. – They are real nice stretches
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people, aren’t we Brad? – Or we find someone else who is for us. – Yeah that’s right, (laughs)
that’s usually the case. – Alright. – So, it’s been interesting, Brad, lately, over the last
week, I’ve had three nurses that have approached me, three people in the health profession, let’s say, one was a dietician– – Does your wife know about this? – Yeah. (laughs) – Just kidding.
– Why do you head in that direction lately a lot. So, that have plantar fasciitis– – Oh, okay. – And, you know, very common
with walkers and runners, but the other thing that people get, anything along the
chain here, we can say– – You gotta chain in your leg? – Yeah, I’ve got a chain,
well, you’re gonna show, right, because you’ve
got the tape on there? – Oh yeah, you bet, we’re gonna show the chain, if you will, posterior chain. – So we got, you know, two muscles here, the gastroc, soleus, that
form the muscles of the calf, and then it goes down
into the Achilles tendon, goes down into the calcaneus, and then right through here is a fascia, a type of fibrous material,
tough fibrous material that goes down into the toes, so this all kinda connects together, and if you look on me,
here, I’m showing more of the fascia, and a lot of times that plantar fasciitis
hurts right in here– – Yeah, pretty typical. – But I wanna show how it does extend up into the toes so it’s really important to stretch the toes
also, besides stretching this muscle and the bottom of the foot, it’s also important to
stretch the toes into extension, right? – (laughs) – Well, toes always screw me up, It seems to me like this is flexion– – It’s very understandable, Bob, yeah. – But this is extension. – Yeah, extension. – So, what’s nice about
it, you can do this a number of ways. One, you can go ahead, we’ll show you after we show you this, we’ll show you some other ways you can do it. This does it all in one,
the ProStretch Plus, so that’s why we like it. We found out it probably
works a little better to use it with your shoes on. – Right, I think so, well you’ll see, put your foot in there,
and you go like that, and it’s getting my toe right now, that extension of the toe is
automatically being done there, and it actually stays on there,
so it makes it kinda nice. – So yeah you can sit
while you’re doing it– – I like to do it
standing, but the sitting is a good way to approach
it to start with. – Yeah, this little device here, so, what’s nice about it
too is this all adjusts, I mean you can adjust this side and you can adjust this side,
easily adjustable, and– – You got a pretty big
foot, don’t you Bob? – I do got a pretty big foot that I put in my mouth a lot of times. – (laughs) You know, he fits in there, I got a size 9 and a half or 10, and we can certainly adjust it down quite a bit smaller, so
it’ll fit most people unless you’re, got a size 15 or 16– – If you’re Shaq, maybe, it’s not gonna, so you could do this while you’re sitting, and I’m actually having
the nurses that I know stretch their feet while they’re sitting at their desk–
– Oh, sure, right. – If you’ve got something like this, you can actually work
while you’re stretching it. So my wife actually, we
got a couple slant boards– – Right, the incline boards? – Yeah the incline boards, and we both have standing desks, so we
have them sitting there, so that we can just stand in there, and give a stretch
during the day, you know. – We have an incline
board in our entry way. – Oh, you do? – Yeah, so when you live
to go for a walk, a run, it’s convenient, it’s right there. – We have interesting houses, I bet. – And it looks good too. – We have wall anchors
on our bedroom wall, we have Booyah Stiks around– – I’m gonna get a pull-up
bar right now, no I’ll wait. – Anyway, this is a great way to stretch the entire complex here, ’cause you also like to stretch the calf muscle both with the knee straight and also with the knee bent, ’cause that gets the
posterior tibialis then too, so, you know there’s all sorts of things that crop up when you’re not
stretching these muscles, one, you can tear the calf muscle itself, you can get a calf strain, you can get Achilles tendonitis, you
can get ankle strains, you can get plantar fasciitis, you can get shin splints. So all these stretches– – You’re painting a pretty
picture, Bob. (laughs) – Right, all these things can be prevented by doing this stretch. You wanna show a stretch
against the wall, Brad, that you could do if you didn’t want to buy a device like this. – Right, did you want to show
them the incline board too? – Yeah, sure, do you know where it is? – It’s right there Liz,
if you just wanna reach around the corner, now you’re gonna have to do this one with shoes on. I could do it this way, it works, but I think doing shoes on works even better, because your feet kinda grip more, but if your toes are like this, it’s not gonna be effective, you gotta get your toes like this, and here my knee is straight,
so we get that gastroc mucle, and then I’m gonna do
it with the knee bent, and then I’m gonna get that soleus and the posterior tib
in there a little bit, and again, there’s two schools of thought as far as stretching, you can do the hold up to 30 seconds, I’ve
been listening to a podcast about some sporty people doing it and they’re emphasizing that, I like to do it on-off, and I think I’ve got success with that. I sure could use a Booyah Stik right now. – (laughs) There’s one
right over there, Brad. – Oh, there it is,
something to balance with, or a wall, but you know in this case, so again, this I find
much better than that, and that actually adds the component of getting the toes so you get a complete stretch for the whole chain. – Right, and the other thing you can do, you can just, while you’re in your chair, you can grab your foot like this, and grab the big toe, and this is one you’d maybe do with your shoe off, maybe your stockings still on, but see, I’m stretching the toe, I’m actually pulling the
foot into dorsiflexion too at the same time, so I’m
at least stretching this, I’m probably not stretching
the calf too much– – [Brad] It is a little small. – [Bob] A bit maybe, again,
this gives the complete stretch but you certainly can do
these stretches on your own. I have people stretch like this if they have plantar
fasciitis, in their chair, also before they get out
of bed in the morning. – Oh, yeah. A bunch of stretches like this, because you gotta get
that thing stretched out, other wise, that’s why when you step out in the morning you get that ouch, ouch because it breaks open– – Yeah, it wakes you up. (laughs) – Alright so, remember, Brad and I can fix just about anything– – Except for– – A broken heart. – Well, we’re gonna
continue to work on it Bob, it’s been slow progress
over the last few years. – I’m starting to wonder
if you’re really working on it, Brad, because I
don’t see any progress. – Bob, don’t worry, it’s
just a slow thing, you know, once it hits– – I think we’re slow, so– – It’s gonna come on hard and we’re gonna win this one. – Alright, thanks for watching.

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  1. I really need these for stretching my feet before I walk my bulldog Chewy. He is very strong and pulls me so much I need to be loose and fully stretched out.

  2. I have a suggestion possibly for a topic. I went to Bob & Brad website but it only has contact email for business inquiries so wasn't sure how to submit it. Anyway, I'm not sure how this can be addressed in a clear & concise way but here's the question regarding biomechanics: Dealing with knee pain, I needed to start working on improving my CRF so I did 1% incline on treadmill at about 3.0 mph for just a few minutes. Took the stairs after & it was painful. A few days later, I was on the treadmill doing 10-12% incline at about 2.6 mph, took the stairs after, and it WASN'T painful. Doesn't that sound backwards? I would think it would be MORE painful on a painful knee the HIGHER the incline but the opposite was true. I'm not sure how you spin that into a video topic but it was interesting to me. The older I get the more the human body confuses me. 😎

  3. Barefoot shoes, such as Xero shoes, will not cause these foot and leg issues because they allow the foot to flex and move while walking and running. I tossed all my Nike shoes and now only wear Xero.

  4. I made my own pull up bar (out of galvanized steel pipe) in the doorway entrance to kitchen and screwed into the header. My son use to do pull-ups, now my 8 yr old grandson is. I do well just to hang on it which is why I put it up to begin with. Aside from cost of heavy duty (J or eye) screw bolts it was almost free from scrap pipe.

  5. Wow that Budda quote, like a Chinese fortune cookie.😩
    Just do this stretch daily, and you to could be the owner of two, yes two fallen arches.πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  6. everytime that Brad has a perverted thought he starts laughing. it is funny because he has no control over his dirty mind, but that ain't a problem at all, because everyone has their own preferences the way things are interpreted and seen, so that it can satisfy the individual's worldview

  7. hi, do you have an idea, why my neck starts to hurt after 2-3 hours of walking, even if my shoes are good, and I feel I am straight? I know it's not a tv healing channel, but maybe any good recommendations? I've tried to walk wiht my fingers laced together behind my back.

  8. here in Australia we can't buy off Amazon US any longer. Would be nice if you guys could start shipping OS from your website.

  9. I just found you two. I immediately purchased the SleepOvation bed because my husband and I have a 7 year old foam mattress that isnt supporting us. I look forward to sharing this video with my neighbor who suffers from plantar fasciitis. She was my walking partner until she found out she suffers from pf.

  10. Love your videos. I definitely need this gadget for my painful heels. Just entered the free giveaway draw and keeping my fingers crossed. Thank you for all your informative and educational videos πŸ’•πŸ‘πŸ‘

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