The Real Reason We Don’t Hear From Bam Margera Anymore

MTV’s Jackass and its three successful spinoff
movies made stars out of its cast of amateur stuntmen, but that fame was fleeting for some. Cast member Bam Margera lingered on in Viva
La Bam, where he relentlessly pranked and attacked his family, as well as Bam’s Unholy
Union, which documented part of an ill-fated marriage. The Margera era of MTV is long over, but what’s
the real reason we don’t hear from Bam Margera anymore? Indie film interest In 2003, Margera directed, co-wrote, and co-starred
in the low-budget Haggard, a comedy starring many members of the Jackass collective, which
was loosely based on Ryan Dunn’s real-life relationships. “Look what she’s doing to you.” “I wanna know what’ll make you feel better,
right now.” In 2007, Margera began filming the sequel,
Minghags. Combined, the two films cost just over $1
million and were released directly to DVD. Also straight to DVD in 2008: Margera’s holiday
comedy, Bam Margera Presents: Where the ♯$&% Is Santa? Even though the films earned mixed reviews,
they weren’t enough to secure Margera’s acting legacy. The Note Running a bar, restaurant, or concert venue
isn’t easy, but in 2008 Margera opened The Note in his hometown of West Chester, Pennsylvania. It took two years to open, during which time
Margera fought numerous community objections to the club, due in part to his reputation. The bar had to agree to plenty of concessions
just to open and was also forced to hire extra security personnel. “Basically I’ve spent about $40 grand a year
in just bar tabs at other people’s bars in Westchester, so I figure I’d probably save
money if I opened up my own place.” While Margera remained a partner and often
spent time there, a 2010 incident at the club caused him to distance himself from the location. A neighborhood resident named Elizabeth Ray
went to the club one night to complain about the noise. She claims Margera was not only dismissive
of her complaints, but made hostile, racist remarks. That’s when Ray went home, grabbed a baseball
bat, and returned to the club to beat Margera with it. Margera was treated overnight in a local hospital’s
intensive care unit for head injuries, had his head stapled closed, and Ray was arrested
on assault and reckless endangerment charges. It wasn’t the first time Ray had fought Margera,
reported TMZ. “She punched me in the face. Filed a police report. Then she threatened to kill me twice. Filed two police reports. She threatened to kill Missy, my wife, for
no reason. Then she threatened to burn the place down. And then she hit me over the head with a baseball
bat.” Eventually, club operations fell to co-owner
Don Moore, who closed it down in 2014 because he got tired of the long hours. Marriage Problems On Viva La Bam, Margera was often seen with
his fiancée, Jenn Rivell, but the couple split up in 2005 A year later, Margera filed
a restraining order against her after she allegedly broke into his house. In 2006, he proposed to his childhood friend,
Missy Rothstein. The events leading up to their wedding became
the subject of Bam’s Unholy Union, and while the couple did get married, it didn’t last. Despite counseling, Margera’s alcoholism ultimately
destroyed his marriage, and their divorce was finalized in 2012. Bam moved on, and in 2013 he married again,
this time to artist Nicole Boyd. Writing and hosting Margera made the leap to being an author,
of a sort, with 2009’s Serious as Dog Dirt, which is essentially a collection of his drawings,
personal photos, and random thoughts. Fans weren’t all impressed, unfortunately. As one disgruntled customer wrote, “It’s like when don vito talks, you can’t
really understand him, that is how Bam’s hand writing was.” (jibberish) In 2014, Margera returned to television to
host a TBS series called Bam’s Bad Ass Game Show, which invited contestants to complete
toned-down stunts similar to the ones on Jackass for the chance to win $100,000. It was was cancelled after just six episodes
due to poor ratings, and the misfortune of running against WWE shows and the NBA playoffs,
cutting significantly into Margera’s fanbase. Stop the music “You guys got the new Gnarkill CD? “They are the ultimate band. And if you say one more thing, I’ll pull your
f—ing face off.” “Oh yeah? Well I think they f—ing suck.” In 2002, Bam started a band called Gnarkill
with his brother, Jess Margera of cKy and Brandon DiCamillo of Jackass. Margera essentially created the band as an
outlet for, as he put it, “getting drunk and recording songs on [his] tape recorder.” They released two albums before splitting
up. His subsequent band, F—face Unstoppable,
also fell apart quickly, with guitarist Chad Ginsburg quitting the band because he had
a hard time watching Bam’s alcoholism grow worse following the loss of Jackass co-star
Ryan Dunn. In 2014, a F—face Unstoppable tour was canceled
after just three dates. Margera also hosted a weekly show titled Radio
Bam on Sirius Satellite Radio, but after nearly a decade on the dial, the show quietly disappeared
from the service’s lineup in early 2013. Knocked out cold In June 2015, Margera was booked to play the
Secret Solstice Festival in Reykjavik, Iceland. Afterward, Margera allegedly got drunk and
tried to force his way into the control room. Two female security guards tried to block
him from getting in, triggering a skirmish. Unfortunately for Bam, the Icelandic rap group
Glacier Mafia was nearby and noticed the scuffle; the rappers intervened and gave Margera such
a beatdown that he was knocked out. Family therapy In 2015, Margera and his mother April appeared
on VH1’s Family Therapy with Dr. Jenn. After the incident in Iceland, April Margera
realized something had to be done and she contacted the producers of Family Therapy
to stage an intervention, fearing that Bam was going to die. A far cry from the relationship depicted on
Viva La Bam, the show reportedly led to Bam sobering up, giving up booze cold turkey. Earth Rocker In 2015, Margera announced that he was transitioning
from reality TV to its brainier cousin, documentary filmmaking. He released a trailer for a film he claimed
to have been working on for three years called I Need Time to Stay Useless, about his journey
from poverty to Jackass fame and how he dealt with Dunn’s loss. Margera also planned to include dreamlike
scripted sequences about Dunn, to be portrayed by Mastodon guitarist Brent Hinds. As of 2016, the movie, retitled Earth Rocker,
has yet to be released outside of a handful of test screenings. “I don’t go out anymore, because I hate every
f—er and I don’t care what they’re up to. Four years I wasted, sipping on drinks at
the bar. Chitchatting with f—ing nobodies. Now I stay at home, like a f—ing hermit.” Hopefully it’ll come out before too long,
and we’ll all be saying “Viva la Bam” again soon… Thanks for watching! Subscribe to our YouTube channel to watch
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  1. I lost my only female cousin to chronic alcoholism, depression & spousal abuse. Twice we put my cousin into rehab, twice we took her to ER, she lived with us for about a week, she did the required social work, but she returned to her abusive husband, drank alcohol to black outs. We were out of town when we got the call that she had committed suicide. I miss her every day, say prayer for her every holiday. Clinical depression is diagnosed by doctor.

  2. Yes, Ryan Dunn certainly took its toll, but let's be real. These guys manage to squeeze almost a decade of fame out of 2 or 3 years worth of fame. No fruit has that much juice in it!

  3. Sitting at the bar and chit chatting to nobodies
    Wow. ‘Cause regular people aren’t interesting or worthwhile to talk with because they don’t have their own tv shows I guess…
    Get some humility, bro. Who do you think watches your show, the queen of England?

  4. Hey just not that smart or a guy… "I figured I spend 40k a year at other bars, I figured id save money by opening one" like dude…

  5. He didnt give up cold Turkey hes been on amphetamines through the whole thing they actually help alcoholics for some reason but hes still on them and says hes sober even on the dr phill show not to long ago he was on them he gets them prescribed to him

  6. Probably all the brain damage from his moronic stunts. The guy clearly doesn't make any wise decisions and people are scapegoating with the depression/drug addict labeling. Guy made poor decisions and mislead American youth for several years. Good riddance

  7. The real reason we don't hear from Bam Margera anymore is because Charlie Sheen gave him AIDS so naturally Bam Margera died.

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