The Science of Being Transgender ft. Gigi Gorgeous

There’s a lot of misinformation out there about what it means to be a transgender but recently, Scientists have begun to look more closely into the Neurology, Physiology, and Psychology behind it. So today, we’re gonna break down what Science does knows in a respectful and educational way. Hey guys! I’m Gigi Gorgeous And today, I’m here with ASAPScience to break down ‘The Science of Being a Transgender’ Before we get to deep into it, we have to look at your genetic sex. Or the chromosomes you have. These were determined right after fertilization. When the sperm cell from your father which carries an ‘X’ or a ‘Y’ chromosome fuse with the egg from your mother, which carries an ‘X’ chromosome. But until 6 or 7 weeks after fertilization, both ‘XY’ and ‘XX’ embryos have identical gonads. Around 7 weeks the male sex organs start to develop because of a gene on ‘Y’ chromosome called ‘SRY’ It causes cells to become more specialized and these cells creates ‘Testosterone’ which in turns trigger the development of the structure like the penis and scrotum. While other cells block female development by the degenerating the female ducts However, in female development because there is no ‘Y’ chromosome with the ‘SRY’ gene. These ducts stay intact and become the uterus cervix, upper vagina, and the oviduct with the help of Estrogen, and chemicals secreted by the early kidney. But it’s not always that simple. There are some times even when RARE COMBINATIONS like ‘XXY’, ‘XXX’ ‘XXYY’ etc. And even people with ‘XX” Chromosomes that develop male genitals and characteristics Due to a piece of the ‘Y’ chromosome breaking off, and switching places to an ‘X’ chromosome. But SEXUAL DIFFERENTIATION in a brain, actually happens much later than Gonadal Differentiation. And yes, although controversial Male and Female brains have structural and functional diffrences between each other. Studies have found that males generally have a larger cerebrum cerebellum. and hippo campus. While females have higher density left frontal lobe, and larger volumes in the right frontal lobe. So what exactly do we see when we look in the brain of a transgender person? Several studies have shown that transgender brains are both structural and functionally more similar to their experienced gender identity than their biological sex. One study found that transwomen who despite being assigned male at birth had a smaller female size structure in the hypothalamus. MRI scans also show the brain structures of trans people to be more similar in thickness into their experienced gender and not their sex. Finally the pheromone Androstadienone causes different hypothalamic responses in male & female brains And when the individuals with ‘Gender Dysphoria’ were exposed to it, the hypothalamic response match their Perceived gender rather than their sex. These studies help to highlight masculinisations or feminisations of the Gonads is not always the same as the brain and that there’s a difference between your sex or your anatomy and your gender or how you perceived your own body. There also seems to be a genetic component to transgender identity. Looking at family histories, gender identity in congruence seems to run in the family, meaning they maybe inherited The ‘CYP17’ gene which controls the body’s level of sex hormones has a changed allele that is expressed frequently in trans man. Although more research could be done, scientists are currently at looking at over 3 Million DNA Markers for transgender identity to investigate any genetic link for being trans. Even though scientific studies validate the experience of transgender people there’s still suffering from more depression and anxiety than the general public. The risk of suicide is more prominent in transgender people who have been rejected by their family discriminated in their workplace, or in health care. Sucide risks seems to decreased after gender transitioning. Suggesting that gender dysphoria can cause an extreme amount of emotional pain even to the point of suicide. If you, a family member, or a friend is suffering from gender dysphoria , there are few links in the description for more information. Thank you so much Gigi for being part of this video, it means so much and we’re happy that you were here to do this with us. GIGI: Ah, thank you guys for using your channel, your platform validating transgender experiences with science which is brings closer to equality. Mitch: Absolutely If you guys wanna check out Gigi’s Channel we’ll put links in the description or in the screen somewhere. Otherwise, you can subscribe for more Science here every week, and we’ll see you next time. PEACE!

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  1. From a person who disagrees from the general public. This is why I disagree and cause anxiety to trans people. Come at me if you will.

  2. A few things:

    1) The 'science' that backs up the claim that 'transgenderism' exists is considered specious by the wide majority of actual scientists.

    Let's take the 'different brain' theory as an example. Neurologists have determined that on average, the actual differences between they way male and female human brains operate are so minute, they're basically insignificant.

    Which means . . . that if the brain of a person who claims to be 'transgender' is in fact different in terms of being gender non-conforming (and the proof of that is scant), any 'differences' in question would be so minute, they would be . . . wait for it . . .

    … insignificant. That is, not significant enough to support the claim that there are any differences that matter.

    2) Gender Dysphoria

    Statisticians are having a field day with this one. Essentially, they're saying that it's impossible for so many young people with 'gender dysphoria' to suddenly appear out of nowhere. The lgbtqxyz claim that there were always this many young people with gender dysphoria – and that it's safe for them to 'come out' now – in largely unsupportable when one extrapolates from past data on the amount of people recorded as having gender dysphoria. They're saying that this is even the case when one is extremely generous with such data, in an actuarial sense.

    Basically, on a statistical level, there simply can't be as many young people with 'gender dysphoria' today as is being claimed and/or diagnosed. So it has to be something else.

    It's largely social contagion.

    'Parent reports of adolescents and young adults perceived to show signs of a rapid onset of gender dysphoria'

  3. A random YouTuber twisting biology to make you feel comfortable doesn’t validate transgender ideology. There are 2 genders and they are based on your genitals. Full stop.

  4. The links are nothing but bullshit..

    Show a published study from a known scientist and not some bullshit articles witten by paedos..

  5. This somewhat distorts the science, when it categorically states that the brains of transgender people are closer to the opposite gender from their body gender; actually, the scientific literature is more mixed than this portrays. For example, it identifies 5 statistical differences, all being spectrums rather than binary distinctions. Think of 5 slider knobs. A biological cis male will likely have all of those knobs (eg: volume of right frontal lobe) more or less on one side, and a biological cis female will likely have all of those knobs generally on the other side – altho not at the far ends of the spectrum (knob at end of its travel). Transgender folk may have one or more of these knobs more towards the middle or towards the other side; but they may at the same time have another knob still more towards their body gender. So in regard to one knob (one brain metric), they might be more like the opposite gender, but in regard to another they might be more like their body gender. To suggest that every trans person has all of these metrics ("knobs" in the analogy) strongly matching the cis gender brains of the opposite gender would not be an accurate reading of the science. These metrics/knobs do not always move in lockstep with each other.

    There are clusters tho. Some researchers find that from scans they can identify brains as cismale, cisfemale, ftm, or mtf – four categories, not two.

    It would be more accurate to say that people whose brains differ substantially in any or all of these metrics from their body gender often (but not always) suffer gender dysphoria (or some milder condition similar to GD but without significant distress) and thus come to identify as trans. This is a real thing, just like body intersex, and it deserves compassionate and humane responses from individuals and society, but it's more complex than this video portrays it; it doesn't come down to toggling a binary brain type between two alternatives.

    The simple characterization "more like the brain of the opposite body gender" is not a fair summary, unless you add "in some ways".

    This comment is about honest, non-political scientific accuracy. In no way does the science support hostility or oppression; everybody must be well treated, regardless of such brain metrics. We can't empathize this enough – no hate or bigotry is OK. But this positive attitude is and must be compatible with honest science and the objective universe.

  6. Trans: science supports us
    Me: so why do you need estrogen medication? If you're a woman why can't you naturally reproduce? As a woman why dont you naturally have a period?

  7. Even for a year+ old video, it is nice that some people still believe in scientific fact.
    I think the issue most cis people, like me have, is the demand by trans people to be identified as something you are not.
    I am all for every person living the way they feel they should, but you cannot force the people around you to share your wish, or belief that you have about yourself as fact.
    The video is accurate about a zygote being created as a female in all mammals.
    What it leaves out, is that if a Y chromosome is attached to the dna strand, in any fractured, or whole form, it technically, and biologically becomes a male.
    This is not opinion, it is fact.
    Hermaphrodites have existed for millennia, and it was when we decoded the human genome, we discovered that they were in fact males, with female genes not cancelled out by the production of testosterone.
    Its not necessarily a bad thing, just a birth defect, like the other thousands of birth defects humans are prone to.
    Nobody made these things up to deny how anybody feels, it is what nature, evolution, and biology created to propagate the species.
    If that upsets you, get angry at mother nature, not me.
    I have two people, fairly close to me that are FtM, and they are both very nice, pleasant people, but i cannot address them as being male, because they are not.
    Because they are not delusiona, millennial types, they dont call me a Nazi, for believing in biological fact(i am learning that younger people believe only the Nazis believe in science).
    There are plenty of bigots, racists, and haters to go around, so why do lgbtq activists try to put honest, truth minded people in this group?
    It only creates alienation for a group of people who really have no issue with how you want to live your life.

  8. They should and always have to be honest whenever they approach or get approached trough sexual interest, whether its the same gender as them or not they should always come clean about their transition. But Is there really a need for transition? Transition can be risky for they health!

  9. ​ @Robert Platt "Gender is a way for us to categorize ourselves and others by action and reaction. This is driven by psychology which is derived from both biology and experience – thus the near infinite diversity."

    Also known as "personality". You don't have to call it a different gender every time someone differs in how they think, feel, and behave.

    "I know I have a woman's mind because no matter how anyone has taught, explained, hypnotically suggested or commanded, I cannot think differently than I do."

    So certain things about your personality cannot be changed. Doesn't mean you have "a woman's mind". Again, how do you even know what having a woman's mind vs. having a man's mind feels like? For all you know, they feel the exact same, and the only way men and women ever feel differently is through biological causes.

    "My thoughts and emotions cause distress because they don't fit this body"

    Again, gender roles. You are not obligated to think or feel particular ways just because you're a man. Tons of men out there "think like a woman" or "have emotions like a woman" (and I put these in quotations because I still find the idea sexist to begin with) and yet "identify" as men because they understand that the distinction is the realm of biology.

    "A few examples include: I have always wanted soft, smooth curves and to be a mother."

    So you are unhappy with your gender. That's unfortunate. But it doesn't change or affect reality, and I think the sooner you acknowledge that the better your changes of accepting that gender so you can move on to asking the better questions:

    Why do you want to be a mother? What do mothers do? How do they contribute to their children/society? Isn't it entirely possible to fulfill those needs (which are indeed important) as a man?

    "I'm highly empathetic toward others. I don't understand the intrigue with sports or porn."

    Same here x3. But I know that doesn't make me any less of a man. Also, plenty of women (who "identify" as women) lack empathy, love sports and watch pornography.

    "I am isolated from most men because I am so different psychologically and isolated from most women because I am so different biologically. Etc."

    Story of my life! And I'm not just saying that. My friend, I don't even know how to change a tire. I know pretty much none of the things men are expected to know, and the only stereotypically "guy thing" I'm into are video games.

    "To make my thoughts and emotions fit my body requires barbaric "brainwashing" techniques that are only marginally successful and produce a multitude of equally nasty side effects like PTSD.

    You need to let go of this notion of thoughts and feelings "fitting bodies", and so does anyone who gives you shit over not being "enough of a man". Your body is male, and I presume that you're an adult, therefore you're a man. Your thoughts and feelings only make you you. The odds were that biology would greatly influence your personality, but you beat those odds and broke free from gender norms. If anything, this is something to celebrate, not run or hide from.

    "Lastly, identifying as something measurable (age, race, social status) is provably true or false."

    Exactly. And being a man or woman is measurable through biology. If you have zero biological evidence that you're a woman, yet you want people to treat you as one, there's nothing stopping me from applying this principle to pressure others into treating me as a different age, race, and financial status.

    "In any case the most obvious difference between these identifications and gender dysphoria is that they don't cause distress."

    To your knowledge. But I'm quite sure that if you give it time, people will be popping up with their stories of how "always knowing they were black" (when they're white) and having to be misraced, etc. caused them great pain and suffering. Because again, what's stopping them? Even if you say they're just faking it all, how can you prove that? You can't.

    "If someone does suffer then it's up to the individual to do something about it – just as it is with gender dysphoria."

    Yeah, like coming to grips with the objective truth, and then asking why they identify as something they're not.

    "And if there's sufficient determination, a poor person may earn their way to a higher social class,"

    No no no. Don't be a bigot. These people are already rich, and you have to treat them as such. And that will have all sorts of interesting applications when they happen to stroll into the nearest bank, wouldn't you say?

    "an old person may act and think as a younger person."

    Right, like a 40-year old man who identifies as a 15-year old boy can date your daughter. What could you say against that? You don't want to be a hateful bigot, keep that in mind.

    "Society accepts and encourages these people. Ever see an old man on a skateboard doing tricks and having a blast?"

    That's just it, though. He can do these things because he's able to, not because he identifies as someone younger. Similarly, you can fulfill the same needs as any mother, without being a woman. And that would be OK but competing in sports against biological women is not. Just as the old man can ride skateboards in the park, but cannot date a teenage girl.

    "But few will correct them if they say they feel young or rich or whatever. Yet many will correct me for saying I feel like a woman."

    Partly because (so far), there isn't a movement of old people claiming they are in fact young or poor people claiming they are in fact rich. So the guard can be lowered there. Also partly because "feeling young" refers to differences in young people that most wouldn't dispute. It's almost inevitable that a young person (who is healthy) will have more energy. It is not almost inevitable that a woman will think, feel, and behave the way you are.

    "So if I require a female-shaped body to function (regardless of my DNA), is it correct to deny it?"

    You don't require that at all. The issue is in the mind, so that's where you should fix it.

    "Living authentic is more important."

    Indeed. So if you are a man who thinks, feels, and behaves in a very different way from most men, that's what you say. That's what you know about yourself, and so that's what you should tell others.

  10. Tbh, as interesting as it is to point out the similarities between trans women and women, I feel as though this video only pointed out arguments that strictly supported the resemblance and not all the defining characteristics including differences. That'd make it a fair video in whole to be understood.

  11. Its a mental dissease, but you wont admit it so instead of beeing mad I just hope that you will find your cure and most of all your peace within your selfe!

  12. My mom is a very accepting person, but im to afraid to come out because of my older brother, hes a homophobic transapobic person. We go to church and believe in God, but most of my family is very open minded except him.

  13. I could use science to bring a case for long term gradual human depopulation I could also use science to bring a case for long term gradual human population increase. This video is bull shit

  14. Yes. Transitioning is incredibly confused sexuality that can frustrate an individual to perhaps commit suicide. I've opted instead for harder drugs, downtown squats for shelter, and community support of my sexuality. Talk t9 me!

  15. My best friend, let's call her A, came out to me 6 years ago, around the age of 8-9. She knew she was trans from a very young age and she decided to tell me first cuz we were best friends. A few years had passed and we went to different high skls and, sadly, we lost contact. In Jan, 2018, I found out I was trans and I tried several months to try contact her again… but when I asked around for her number, I eventually found her sisters. She told me that A was a victim for bullying which then lead to her suicide on the 7th of March, 2017.
    I haven't spoken to anyone about her, acc this is my first time voicing it. She had no one to support her cuz no one understood her.
    So if any of u feel the need to blatantly state ur opinion, which may emotionally (or physically) affect someone, what's the point of speaking at all?

  16. I guess this video can trigger both the real bigots who claim it's not biological but a lifestyle and the leftists who claim that a diagnosis with gender dysphoria is not needed to be a Trans person. As well as the fact that male and female brains are different..

  17. yo there isnt any difference between a “male and female” brain 🙄 gender incongruity is the only thing that makes someone transgender

  18. Thank you so much for this video! I was on the verge of becoming transphobic, and I needed something to tell me that being trans isn't being delusional. Thank you so much, ASAP Science!

  19. HERE IS THE PROBLEM IN WHAT SHE SAID. "If An Anonymous Transgender Send Their BUCCAL Or BLOOD For a DNA Test To Find Their Gender. The result can only says if is MALE Or FEMALE Based On the Chromosome Their First Cell was Formed.

  20. Yet people are still arrogant about, they still think transgender people are only weirdos trying to go to the other bathroom.

  21. There are also studies that show somewhere between 60%-95% of kids with gender dysphoria, with proper counseling, grow out of it in adulthood. But other than that, great video.

  22. How to roast transphobic people:

    📕this book is the LGBT

    😡these are the homophobic people

    What did the homophobic people do?

    They judged.

    Also this word exists.

    “Never judge a book by it’s cover”

  23. So if the rate of suicide is so high for this mental illness, why are people promoting it? Wouldn’t it make more sense to try and find a cure?

  24. transgenderis a clinical disease!!!!!!transgender is a sickness in the mind!!!!if you think you're a girl then give birth to a child!!!!

  25. Wait if they're born this way…how are they transgender? Wouldn't they just be cis in disguise??? And if gender is a made up construct, then aren't they making it up? So many questions…

  26. I hate to beak ot everyone here but this video doesnt mean what you think it does. When they say things like most the brains they looked at, that means not all of them match how they feel. That means they still dont know. Why do some match but some dont? There is something happening to make this happen and nobody knows what that is yet. So everyone talking about the science being on their side is full of shit. The science isnt on anyones side because science still doesnt know. It will take alot of time and a large sample size before it can be settled. Also, they stated that suicide is high for people whos family didnt accept them and a couple other things, but its missleading. The suicide rate is 40% and it doesnt change if your family and friends support it. It doesnt even change if your loaded and have access to all the healthcare you need.

    Its obviously a horrible thing to experience and i wish everyone the best of luck with their situation, but i cant help but feel we are going about dealing with it wrong. These new people calling themself transabled are seeking the same thing that trans people did, but i see this getting crazy really fast. Curious how trans people feel about that and what they think is the best road to take.

  27. Hmmm so we are using fake science to stroke their false egos right. This same thing can be said for pedophiles. Think about that.

  28. To anybody that thinks that this is "science". All its saying is that you have a chemical inbalance. Which is the same thing people with mental health disorders have. Meaning. You have a mental disorder. And instead of getting offended you should get help the same way i do. Im not saying this because i hate trans people. Im saying this because i love yall and you guys need the same help that we all need. I need help as well. But you need to realize that these people who tell you this fake science are not for you. They just want to make profit out of trans surgery and to profit from their new marketing strategy. Know who the real enemy is.

  29. This litteraly just prooved that transgenders litteraly just have a mental health disorder and switched all the words to make it sound like their feelings are backed up by science when its not.

  30. #1 Fanboy wrote me and said "I mean we aren’t exactly congratulated or supported whole heartedly. And a lot of trans individuals are killed but I guess were the twisted ones."
    My reply is this :
    "YES, you are!! Please don't try the 'pity' or 'victim' game with me.
    Every nutcase claims oppression when their crazy ideas are not accepted, but until a few years ago this 'trans' thing was as remote in our society as those who support it are from real intelligence. Now it's everywhere. Why? Because its a social fad, that's all.
    People get killed every day, many for being in the wrong place at the wrong time. If, in the case of a so-called 'trans' person, that reason is because you wish to go into a woman's washroom claiming to be a female while being a man, I'd just shrug and say 'stupid is as stupid does' much the same way I would if some idiot was playing with matches while bathing in gasoline.
    Look if you want to put on a wig and pull a Flip Wilson and call yourself Geraldine for laughs, I'd be the first to laugh with you. IF you want to "play girl" in the privacy of your own home, go for it; that's your space and you can do whatever you want in it, and I'd defend that right. But you can't compete as women when you're biologically male (that's not right), nor can you subjectively claim to be a woman when you are not either. And when/if you try and force your way into a public bathroom with my bride and young girls, claiming to be a woman when you are not and never will be, and someone objects, then you either better get out fast or live the dream of becoming a martyr to stupidity.
    That said I do not believe people who claim to be 'trans' should be killed or hurt; live and let live. Indeed if I had my way, people who think they are this 'trans' nonsense should be TREATED and HELPED as FULLY as possible! But if your goal is to pervert the truth, confuse children and abuse them or their minds, then you get no sympathy from me."
    I hope we are clear on the concept. Cheers.

  31. MORE FAKE NEWS about gender dysphoria …some studys?? what scientist did these studys? when citing a study you need to cite the source or it is just hear say , this is no more science than a facebook rumour , my search for true science on transgender not being a mental illness continues ….. any info is more than welcome thanks for any help in my search any real info v v welcome thanks in advance

  32. Being trans is NOT a mental illness. Simply wanting to dress and act like a a woman when you are a man is normal.

    What isn't normal is wanting to literally mutilate your body. Gender dysphoria is a mental illness, but it doesn't mean that you shouldn't be who you are, it means that you should get help if you really need it.

  33. How's your prostate and adam's apple doing… Female don't have those as well as wide hips to allow for birth canal to work the way it is supposed to! So, transgerder are only: wemen. BTW, your wanna be science results are manipulated to adopt the leftist rethorics and support mentally ill people and was/is not true science. You are spreading lies…


  35. I’m still trying to learn my best on the subject so please no hate..
    but it seems to me it would be more appropriate to create an actual third gender to represent these people with this brain/body style? Because it seems they are special in their own way just like a man or a women is? Like wouldn’t it make more sense to classify them as what they are than put them in the two already-existing categories? Why not expand the categories to 3?

  36. Does anyone have a source for the claims in the video? So I can read up on it myself? They put like 50 links and Idk which one it is

  37. Help! Leftists, I am a rich man trapped in a poor man's body. Write me a check and set me free! I know my rights! Send money now, or I will virtue-shame you into silence.

  38. This comment section is absolutely terrible. Fact this, fact that.

    If you have XX chromosomes you're a girl and if you have XY chromosomes you're a guy, that's a fact that is scientifically backed (Also a fact you can't deny that fucks the entire trans ideology). I feel like this entire transgender thing has derailed immensely, going from self identity to being a transphobe if you don't accept their PERSONAL views of their self. The sad truth is, nobody cares what you are or what you want to be, just be yourself, but the second you start pushing it onto others and calling them transphobic for sticking with actual scientific evidence, is the second you lose this petty little movement.

    P.S: Don't get too angry snowflakes, you'll melt.

  39. The term "transgender" has been redefined to include everyone who is gender nonconforming, but who don't experience gender dysphoria. This really confuses things. Now you need to specify "trans-man & Trans -woman" to avoid confusion.

  40. I find it sad how there will always be ignorant people who will say Transgenders purposelly transitioned to Go against "God's Will" and "Spitting on God's Image" for having a biological Condition they are born with.

  41. Swyer syndrome is Xy chromosome (man with gonadal dysgenesis), the Y gene has no active androgen receptors so it forms a uterus but cannot ovulate, can give birth by donating oocytes and also breastfeeding by therapy. Klinefelter syndrome XxY male patient with low male sexual development requires testosterone to be fertil. syndrome 48 is a variant of klinefelter with XxY chromosomes and male patient with facial dysmorphia, hypogenitalism,

      There were skeletal abnormalities and severe mental retardation, testosterone required for fertility. there is only estrogen and testosterone , cancer is a wise judge….. nobody is born transgender

  42. Just how conceited does one have to be to NAME themselves "gorgeous"? Its almost a bad as "Sexy Vegan" from dr Phil.

    Great vid tho. I like it's politically-unbiased-ness.

  43. nobody denies they exist. What we are tired of is being forced to participate in the fantasy that these people are no different than biological women. It's a Continental disease, not a civil rights issue.

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