The Secrets To Helping A Loved One Through Depression

does your loved one suffered with
depression and you don’t know what to do we’ll keep watching I have some ideas of
what you can do to help you welcome to my video today I’m so glad
you clicked on this video this is part 2 of a little series I’m working on if you
didn’t watch part 1 i really suggest you go check that out or thing to remember
is that being a compassionate listener is much more important than giving
advice the simple act of talking face-to-face with someone can be a huge
help when they’re suffering as depression encourage them to talk about
their feelings in what’s going on without judging them aware that a single
conversation will not be the end of it depressed people tend to withdraw from
others and isolate themselves you will need to express your concern and
willingness to listen over and over again be gentle yet persistent those
that suffer with depression get caught in a cycle of negative thought patterns
and they start to believe that they are alone in their suffering and that their
loved ones do not care for them or love them anymore
they start to feel like they are the problem that they are a heavy bothersome
burden and this is why they start to isolate themselves because they don’t
believe that anyone would actually want to help them I know it can be really
hard for you to talk to someone who’s depressed it’s hard for you to know what
to say it’s hard for you to know how you can
help and so I want to give you some conversation starters to kind of get the
ball rolling on the road to recovery I am so glad that you clicked on this
video in my last video I ended it with a list of things not to say as someone who
is suffering with depression on this video I would like to end it with things
that you can say this has been a huge topic in my life with my friends and
others who are suffering and we always struggle with what can people say
because people do want to help they do want to be supportive but what can you
say let’s jump on into those lists of things and these come straight from my
experience as well as others so this is something that has impacted
my personal life very very much as someone who has been depressed depressed
people get very indecisive because they feel like up to this point all of their
decisions have been wrong because they’ve led them up to this point so
they’re very scared of making any more wrong choices so in the very very
beginning of the road to recovery sometimes it can help them just to make
some simple choices for them like what to wear for the day or what to eat and
then as you progress it can help to be firm yet kind and letting them know that
their decision and opinions do matter that they can make whatever choice they
want and it will be a great choice thank you so much for clicking on this video I
hope you found it helpful if you did please give it a thumb up and if these
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would love to share more with you and in fact in my next video I will be talking
about what can you as someone’s suffering with depression what can you
do to get yourself out of the rut it’s yourself on to a better step of recovery
and thank you so much for clicking on this video and
next friends right

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