The Surprising Secret Weapon for Fighting Disabling Chronic Migraines

HI I’m Dr. Ira Turner I’m from Island Neurological Associates of Long Island and I’m here with Laurie Jennings from Good Housekeeping Magazine. Hi there. We are here today talking about chronic migraines. I think the best thing to do is start with you, Dr. Turner. Tell us, what is chronic migraine? Thanks, Laurie. Chronic. Migraine is an extremely disabling disorder.It occurs in patients who start out having episodic migraines which means a throbbing headache with nausea and light and noise sensitivity that can ruin your day literally. In time this transforms to near daily headaches or at least more days with headaches than without. It requires extremely aggressive therapy. We are here today from Good Housekeeping and we teamed up with Dr. Turner because so many of our readers express issues of suffering from symptoms and signs of chronic migraines but maybe they aren’t aware of what they’re suffering from. And we’ve learned that three times as many women as men suffer from chronic migraines. So for us with our readers being mostly women this is so key, especially when people don’t have to suffer in silence, they can actually stand up to a condition like chronic migraine and Dr. Turner, what is one of the best treatment options or prevention options? Well the most important thing is first getting an accurate diagnosis. Once that’s been done, the only treatment that the FDA has specifically approved for chronic migraine is injecting Botox every 12 weeks according to an injection paradigm that we discovered during the clinical trials. And it’s now been available since the FDA approved it in 2010. It has the highest efficacy of any treatment we’ve ever had for treating people with these near-daily headaches, and in addition to that it allows for better treatment for the residual headaches that still will occur periodically. So for us at Good Houskeeping, education is so key, and that’s why Dr. Turner is here telling us that there are treatment options available. It’s very important to educate yourself. One of the best places to start if you have any questions whether you suffer from headaches, migraines, or someone in your family does check out the website This is a great resource with tons of information around signs, symptoms, and you can find a doctor in your area because getting an accurate diagnosis is the first step to not dealing with this disabling condition anymore. And again that is the most important thing. Don’t be afraid to discuss this with your physician or other healthcare provider and if necessary see a neurologist or other headache specialist with specific training in chronic migraines. Once again that website is

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