The symptoms of depression

depressive disorder is different from just any sadness that comes from disappointment or sorrow. The word disorder means an abnormal physical or mental condition. Patients suffering from depressive disorder or depression are in a longer state of sadness than normal to the point that it disrupts normal daily activities because of symptoms like insomnia, inability to focus,
lack of appetite and a complete loss of interest. Everything just seems terrible. Depression can come from many different causes like genetics and chemical imbalances in the brain but it’s most often triggered by a traumatic event like the loss of a loved one or personal failure. just because someone is suffering from depression it doesn’t mean that they are weak give up easily or are unwilling to tackle a problem, but due to the illness that has occurred to their mental state it means that they are not ready to face the issue it’s like being in a pitch dark room and no matter where they turn they just can’t see the exit. But with proper help and support of peers it’s like there’s a helping hand turning on the light which guides them to solving their problem on their own and returning to their regular lives. Many of you are probably wondering if perhaps you fall into this category too. Let’s see if within the last two weeks you have experienced any of the following symptoms. 1. Feelings of discouragement, sadness or despair 2. Complete loss of interest in activities or hobbies 3. Loss of appetite or extreme overeating. 4. Insomnia or excessive sleeping 5. Feelings of anxiousness, restlessness or complete lack of motivation 6. Fatigue or easily decreased energy. 7. Feelings of worthlessness and disappointment in oneself. 8. Lack of concentration, focus, memory retention and inability to make decisions. 9. Suicidal thoughts. If you have experienced more than five of these symptoms almost every day within the past two weeks it could mean that you are at risk of having depressive disorder. But before diagnosing yourself with depression you should consult a psychiatrist who can offer you their professional opinion after conducting a detailed analysis. Seeing a psychiatrist or psychologist isn’t an unusual or something to be ashamed of. It’s an incorrect assumption that those who seek mental health professionals are insane. In reality those that are suffering from stress or complex issues with no one to confide in can also consult a psychiatrist or psychologist. Mental disorders are exactly like physical disorders that require specific consultation. It’s the same as if your teeth hurt that you see a dentist or your knee hurts that you see an orthopedist.

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  1. The eating one sucks cause after u eat u still feel empty and then u also starting calling urself fat and may even end up with an eating disorder because of it.

  2. I got most of the symptoms but I eat a lot, like seriously after just an hour from eating i get hungry again

  3. I have all the 9 symptoms… i wish i get hit by a car but i don't want to kill myself because i don't want others to suffer because of me

  4. The thing is, I don’t see the point of anything in life but I will never kill my self either because there’s no point to that

    So I just carry on and put on a fake smile, and everyone believes ir

  5. I knew I had depression I have all of the symptoms and all of this happen because of moving out of states

  6. I want to visit a pyschiatrist, because im feeling a bit deppressive, but i don't know the best way to tell my parents, because they're are overprotective, and i dont know how they would react. On the list of symtoms, i have 6 of them, and i started thinking, " would everything be the same if i disappeared?" I need help in telling my parents.. can anyone help me?

  7. Hi I just noticed about this video and I decided to check it out because I've been lately feeling well negatively about myself. I did have a trauma when I was in 3rd grade that my bully was about to kill me by drowning me anywhere that had water in it. I have also figured out that I have 7 over the symptoms of depression that has happened to me over a year.. I do want to get help but mom wouldn't believe me (since I'm only 13) and I just want someone to talk to about this and other of my past time's…

  8. after telling my parents that i felt depressed and suicidal, they said i was being dramatic but they took me to a consult anyway.
    it's hard.
    life is hard.

  9. Wait so my friends say that I don’t and I am overreacting but I feel like I might have……

  10. 2 weeks….. I am suffering for almost half a year now that all those feelings are already torturing me. I have no one to talk to. I tried but no one is truly concerned. Until i decided to keep all of it inside me. I am already dying inside because of it. I thought it will just fly away. I am hoping it will just go away.

  11. I have depression but i never show it… sometimes i cant help but cry out of no where because i feel Like Im Nothing

  12. Lol I am depressed….AND THAT GAVE A SENSE OF HUMOR in the comments I like to joke even know I'm literally crying RN XD…….. : I kinda like being sad………………..HOPE YOU HAD A NICE DAY FELLOW DEPRESSED FRIEND

  13. me: have experienced all the 9 symptoms in the last 2 weeks bruh..

    it's not like I have suicidal thoughts, but whenever my brain got the chance it starts creating different ways to die in that place

  14. I sometimes laugh and have fun with friends, but sometimes I always have these thoughts were I say that I’m not good enough.
    Today I got my math test result and I actually thought I did really good, but when I got it handed I got not achieved, I was so mad and sad and the same time
    I didn’t know what to do, sometimes I feel like I just want to die I always say I’m not good enough and I always lose concentration on my work.
    And this all started when I first went to college so I don’t know what to do and I’m scared, I always eat I always lose apatite because I always lie that I have already eaten and I’m always tired although I have fun a lot I don’t have fun at home

  15. I took a depression test the other day I got 17 out of 27 so I have depression but it's cause of stress? Idk anymore oof

  16. I have ‘1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9’ I really wanna die its just not only for two weeks but two years and ı realised ı have depression jest now…

  17. I am depressed because of my mum she called me a lot of names like fat stupid idiot so that's why I now live with my dad

  18. My heart longs for you O child
    My heart aches for you
    My heart reaches out to you
    My heart is hungry for you
    My heart is waiting for you
    My heart is patient for you
    My heart is crying out….
    I know your pain
    I too have felt pain
    I have been through agony
    I know your depression
    I know your despair
    I have lived it
    I have been rejected and hated
    I know how much it hurts
    I know the love you need
    I want to give you that love
    Open the door my child
    And let Me come in
    Receive Me
    And let Me love you
    I will love you like no other
    -The Lord Jesus Christ

  19. if i see another person who thinks they are depressed just because they have what the video says, i’m done. please, just go to a professional and let them decide, it’s stupid to self diagnose..

  20. One of my friend’s always says, “I wanna kill myself.” Whenever there is an inconvenience of some sort. I reply, “Same.” But she thinks I’m joking.

  21. Lol all 9 but ha I’ve been diagnosed ….. kinda I have been they say I have it but there’s some other factors that are going in so they think I might have something like it but worse but that has the same symptoms, or I have it and I just have another thing that’s messing with the results, anyway fun:3

  22. The tym I told my parents that I'm suffering and nothin ryt is goin on in my life and that I feel sick mentally and cry myself to sleep
    They didn't believe me and started laughing like my whole life is a joke…

  23. I think the next video they should make is about Facticious Disorder. Many people in this comment section seem to have it.

  24. my freind is suffering from depression, I have a Anxiety disorder, we are very alike and help eachother

  25. idc if I die tho, but if someone drove over me witha car and I died I would thank them

  26. What if you tell you parents and they don't understand stand and they think that you are making it up I got all the 9/9 of the symptoms and I just want to shout out for the top of my lungs that I'm sad and stressed everyday and I don't know what to do!!!!!!

  27. Hello i am 30 years old because of masturbation habit i lost everyy chance of life now my condition is no job no qualification no gf no money only lonelyness now depression attact hit me everyday 3-4

  28. I have all these symptoms and I've been advocating for support but my parents don't believe in mental issues

  29. I dont know how to tell my mom. I did try to tell my friends, they didnt really care, i dont even know if they took it seriously. And i cant tell my mom, i cant be sad with people around me. It makes me embarrassed and i simply cant so im stuck.

  30. Who else thinks it would be better if you consult a psychiatrist but cannot. Just because of other factor?????.

  31. I think I have 6 of those symptoms 1 I do think sadness almost everyday ,5 I feel anxious and completed lack of motivation ,6 I sometimes really get tired and feel so weak that I don’t really move a lot ,7 I feel worthless ,hopeless and useless like all the time I have very low self esteem,8 I can’t really focus and my memory seems to be getting worse and I can never make a decision ,9 …I just don’t see why I even deserve to live I just nothing I’m a mistake I was never meant to be born I should die I think I do have depression the thoughts are just going inside my head all the time about hurting myself because of what of a mistake I am …..I hate myself

  32. Me: watching vid *.

    Depression:watches vid and see the end the part when it is talking about how to get rid of depression*

    Depression: nope you never gonna get rid of me 😈😌

  33. I have all of these symptoms. I have been taking medication to help my depression but it’s not working.

  34. i must cry from dis… i am down and i don't want to go to school, or i don't want that someone matter of dis. I want to be alone and cry, no more in my life… my feelings says to me that the only two persons they understood me are Billie Eilish and @gedichtenxx…

  35. I only suffer from two symptoms ….

    Excessive sleep
    Am very happy with my life …. Then why am I watching this

  36. I have seen that theres people that really wants help and once I really thought that I needed it but then I just told my self that it was a stupid thought. The thing is that theres a person on high school that is suppose to help us with our emotionals problems but when he talked to me I felt so bad because I thought I didn't needed it and I feel bad because theres people that want to help me and I dont really accept it

  37. I have depression and all my friends agree that I am by far (mentally) the strongest person they know

  38. I don't know if I'm just sad or depressed. Can someone help?
    1. I feel the discouragement, sadness and despair, but I can't help but think that I'm just overthinking stuff.
    2. I have completely lost interest in doing any activity and forgotten all of my hobbies, but maybe I'm just lazy and procrastinating.
    3. My eating habits are really bad, a lot of sweet stuff. But maybe I eat out of boredom.
    4. I've been dealing with insomnia for a long time, really sad thoughts come to my mind right when I go to bed, I cry to let everything out.
    5. I feel anxious becouse of thoughts that I should get up and do something with my life. But I don't have the motivation to do it.
    6. When I go out with my friends I feel happy and full of energy, but as soon as I'm alone I feel super tired. Maybe I'm just a very extroverted person.
    7. Worthlessness is a hard word, I just beat myself mentally becouse of not doing anything.
    8. I don't have good concentration in class. I'm really bored of technology and hate what it is doing to me, but it's addicting. My memory is really bad. But I can make desicions.
    9. It's the other way around for me. I'm really scared of dying and the fear is one of the things that keep me up at night.

  39. How come i try to stay happy and find my friend and laugh but then i stop an go back to darkness

  40. I have felt 8 of these symptoms for the passed years, I’m only a little girl and I don’t want to die because of suicide. I can’t reach out for help because i know I’ll look crazy talking to my parents about it, I’m trapped in the dark room forever.

  41. this can help people out there. this has helpful informations, so seek out and talk out the weight you've been carrying, you can do it. 💕

  42. 1 i dont feel discouragement 2 i have loss interest in activities because im not interested 3 I always eat a lot and 4 i always excessively sleep all the time thats my everyday life.

  43. Im watching this and im tearing up i want to see a therapist but it will be embarrassing if she says I just wang attention

  44. I know somethings that some people will not understand and if I do some people will think I’m crazy or say “that’s fake she’s lying” or “you can’t do that” and it’s not typical like abuse but I have suffered through that and if you want to know it’s fine and I will message you privately but you just know that I am not offending anyone saying that they don’t know what I’ve been through but rather that they probably haven’t seen what I’ve seen and if you think so well let’s say I have almost been raped by my own cousin when I was 5 but luckily I knew what to do

  45. I have all the symptoms and have had depression for about 2 or 3 months but my parents probably won't believe me I put them to the test but they failed

  46. I just came here to give some info.
    A lot of people think that depression is sadness, it's not. You can be depressed af without being sad at all.
    That'll be all

  47. 2 weeks? 5 years… Kids, don't neglect your mental health. Depression won'tgo away by itself,you must treat it and know its manifestations, so that when you have a relapse, you will notice it early and treat it.

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