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DDG: My first job was at Kroger’s. This grocery store in Michigan. I was making like $45 a week. They was slaving my ass. You know what I’m saying. I was making like $6 an hour. I couldn’t afford shit for real. You know what I mean. This YouTube shit popped off and it was like
“Wow, I’m really making money off this shit.” Trey: It’s just the connection that you
have with a person that you don’t have with anyone else. Like you really feel like you like this person Ar’mon: Forever Trey: And you just got o feeling like it can
last forever. Mxmtoon: When I wrote those two lines, I just
felt like there was something like deeply ironic about this article of clothing that
is representative of the greatest time that you’re ever going to have in high school,
and then to have somebody that’s like wearing it having one of the worst times of their
life. Conan Gray: The definition of crush culture
is all of the flurry that happens around love. People who are in love texting each other,
all these people flirting with you and all these people talking to you but then all of
these people ignoring your and not wanting to talk to you. It’s just like the whole mess of it. DDG: By all means, take care of your girl. You know what I’m saying, but you gotta
take care of yourself first. You can’t be spending your last dollar especially
if she lame. Me personally, I didn’t like taking girls
out because I used to be broke, super broke. If I can’t afford to take you to the movies,
I’m not going to take you to the movies. Domo Wilson: Man when I seen that her girlfriend
was on her YouTube channel. She always told me, “That’s disrespectful,
I would never put another girl on YouTube because you put me on to this. That’s a spit in your face.” And stuff like that. We even argued about her making her own channel. I was like “You’re just gonna get a channel
and leave.” And she was like, “No, no I’m not.” You know what I’m saying and that’s what
happened. Lele Pons: When you see the guy that is jealous,
you’re not going to be like go to them, you’re going to be like “Oh you’re looking
at me, let me shake it more.” Scarlxrd: When you see someone die they go
limp they hit the ground and that’s it. They don’t get back up. We burried them, we make a hole in the fucking
dirt, and that’s the inevitablility. Where your spirit goes after, okay that’s
a whole other conversation. But we’re not with the fucking spirits here
are we? I’m with other human beings and when someone
dies they fucking die. Joji: He’s still saying to himself that
“aw fuck, I only really call her when I need her anyway. Is this really worth it?” Classic male behavior. Dudes are only gonna hit a girl up when they
need to nut. Queen Naija: I guess a lot of women can relate
to it because, niggas just like to play around with people’s hearts for some reason. The signs you should look for when you know
somebody is like not in love with you anymore like: spending less time with you, on they
phone more, going out more, putting they phone down, like facedown when y’all at a restaurant. Everything that you do, even if you don’t
do anything like too big they get irritated at it. It could be smallest thing and it just be
like, “man, why is this why is that?” I’m like, “You just don’t like me anymore.” Gabbie Hanna: I think the imagery for this
song really because of where I was feeling at the time was like a very scared little
girl and like very vulnerable and small. And when you think about what is scary to
a small child, it’s a monster under your bed.

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