The Truth About Allergies and Food Sensitivity Tests

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  1. Your video quality bumped drastically fid you changed the camera or its just because of background or is it just the dimension of the video

  2. I can eat almost all things. However, Lamb I cannot eat. I love lamb, but almost 30 mins after eating lamb (Or high concentrations) I have tummy issues. In Iceland, I had lamb chops, and boy I was not feeling well after within an hour and the remaining evening. I read that some people don't have the enzymes to process the proteins in Lamb/Mutton. So I tried again months later, and same issue, where I had straight up lamb, no go. So sadly I just stay away from pure lamb. It its mixed with Beef like gyro, I am mostly OK. I ate Icelandic Hot dogs which is Lamb/Pork or Lamb/Beef and was fine.

  3. Everybody in rhis comment section is allergic to like one thing,.. an then there's me with lactose intolerance, sorbitole intolerance and fructose intolerance lol

  4. my fave is when i tell ppl about my allergies and they immediatley ask if i get diarrhea like 1st of all no 2nd why would u ask that

  5. It's really irritating when people don't believe in food allergies and act in a manner that may be unsafe to others. For example, I had a friend who didn't believe that I was allergic to oranges. She decided to test this by giving me some cookies secretly laced with orange juice. Spent the night in the ER, we were no longer friends, and I no longer trust any food that I haven't cooked myself. Cookies tasted great though…

  6. Me: I have celiac, I can’t eat gluten. Gluten is found in wheat. Is this gluten free?
    Server: sorry, it contains milk
    me: *facepalm

  7. Important question is eating a spoon of baking soda good for sports or do u mix with water?let me know im trying cuz i have a competition of 5km i need everything i can get to win but safely lemme know all about baking soda

  8. Odd question, but could you possibly explain the difference between allergic reaction and adverse reaction? And how to bring up adverse reactions with your doctor?

    In my family we've been though many medical issues. Most new paitent forms ask about allergies only so weve listed adverse reactions as such. Some doctors are cool with it others will treat us like we are idiots because its not an allergy. Some of our reactions are quite severe such as one medication made my very athletic sister stop sweating completely.

  9. What do you do if a patient comes in with physical Hives? Whenever a person's body temperature increases they break out?

  10. Whenever someone brings in pages and pages of their food sensitivity tests… I'm like… Here we go… Let me guess… You're sensitive to freaking everything?! Lol Every. Time. And it's so expensive

  11. Love this video SO MUCH ! 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏 Thanks for bringing this specialist on to explain the truth about food sensitivities and testing- so many people think/say they’re allergic to certain things and they don’t understand what an allergy even is- in most cases they have a mild intolerance at most- remember, correlation does not automatically equal causation. Very well explained video with lots of vital information 👍

  12. I've been having some kind of food sensitivity for as long as I can think. Everytime I eat some kinds of sauces (especially BBQ-labeled), my intestine starts cramping like 4-7 hours after eating and I'm having a lot of stomach pain and diarrhea. The doctor said, it's probably some sensitivity, but there is no way I could find out what exactly it is, so I would have to contact the food producers and ask for information on ingredients. After watching carefully what I eat for years now, I've realized it seems to be some kind of stuff that is only used in industry stuff and the more "cheaply"-produced food. Especially sauces and things like chips – as soon as it is organic food, I can eat it without problems. I still haven't found out what exactly triggers my body to react. So this cluelessness makes my really desperate, but on the other hand, it makes me eat healthier and be more aware of my food.

  13. Allergy test take hours and not a couple minutes. There's 2 different test you have to do to take to find out true allergies. I had to see an allergist, and have many allergies food and environmental. Corn is one of my worst which is hardest which is hard to cut out of diet. I do have Peanut allergy, potato allergy, egg yolk, bird, cat, dog, grasses, trees, molds.. & bees. I have to carry an EpiPen because of my bee and peanut allergy.

  14. My mom can’t have ANY gluten and it’s also gotten worst as she’s gotten older. There was one case where my dad made a sandwich and didn’t wash his hands before grabbing a handful of mom’s cashews. She had a migraine that lasted for days from that tiny transfer.
    She never even saw him make the sandwich, just eating the cashews.

  15. While I get that the tests are bull***t, this video makes it seem like anyone who says they have food sensitivities is making it up and not to be taken seriously. As someone with IBS-D, this is NOT TRUE. I have certain foods, that if I eat, I know that I'll be stuck on the toilet for much of the next 24 hours. My sensitivity may not be life threatening, but I'll still need to miss work, won't get any sleep, etc. It shouldn't be ignored or dismissed as irrelevant.

  16. I know I'm allergic to bread because it gives me scalp and face rashes. I was weirdly allergic to eggs for a year after an infection. My face would swell up. Bodies are weird.

  17. When I was younger, when I would drink Coca Cola my lips would swell up. Now if I drink soda that doesn't happen, so I assumed multiple exposures got rid of that response, but my throat gets irritated at times and I feel like I'm getting a flu or sickness. However, whenever I eat certain fruits, especially stone/juicy fruits (peaches, plums, sometime strawberries, pineapples) as well as nuts (almonds, cashews, walnuts the worst), my throat swells up to where it's extremely uncomfortable. Lemon's the worst — if I drink a cup of lemonade, forget about it, throat and sinuses get itchy and swell. I'm not sure if they're true allergies or I'm just deficient in vitamins causing these reactions. If it's the latter then it's definitely a vicious cycle because of my reaction to fruits/nuts anyway. What do you guys think, cuz I love strawberries and pineapples but hate the swollen throat

  18. I'm allergic to milk protein, soy, fish, shellfish, eggs, nuts, peanuts, gluten (intolerance), peas, lentils, quinoa, celery etc. And also cats, dogs, horses, mold etc etc.

    I have had most of my allergies since birth and it ruins my life. I 100% HATE it. 🙁

  19. So I am "allergic" to oranges and kiwis. According to my mom, who has the same thing, it's not actually an allergy, but a sensitivity to an enzyme that is in these foods. Does that mean that I actually have an intolerance? lmao

    It's actually a serious question, I'm just laughing because I went from allergy to sensitivity to intolerance all in the same thought.

  20. I get unbelievably itchy and sometimes get a rash when I eat/Handel pineapples, peppers, and pumpkins. I’m also photophobic. My family likes to joke I’m allergic to the letter P. It does make it easier to remember though.

  21. Hello Doctor,
    I am a 16 year old living in one of the most polluted cities of the world. (New Delhi). Being a student, I have to travel a lot through the public transport (school<>coaching<>home). I kind of feel uneasy when the AQI gets over 300-400 but now have almost got habituated to it. I can't wear a mask every time, because whenever I wear it , I get pimples on my face.
    So can you suggest something which we can do here to reduce its long term effects, like eating some particular foods, or some excercise which cleanses the lungs ?

  22. Hey doctor Mike i can eat cake but once I ate a pound cake a cake with 12 eggs and that made me break out get a lot of button and my brother vomited. But again strangely I can ear things like cake and other foods where eggs aren't a major part of it. Also I seem to have lost other allergies is this because of age or is it because I had a lot of blood transfusions as I have a theory that those are swapping around what my allergies are since I could eat eggs in the past, I didn't like them at all tho.

  23. You had me until you started to talk about alternative medicine. I unfortunately was showing signs of low thyroid (my mom has thyroid cancer) I would go and get tested every year and they said it came back normal until I started seeking out other types of medicine (a doctor who took me seriously) now I have color, energy, and I feel great!

  24. Like pineapple sensitivity, means your tongue becomes raw and swells a little when eating more than a piece or two. Did I get this right?

  25. I'm an adult and pediatric Allergist/Immunologist in NYC. Thank you for making this video–I think the misconception and confusion here affects a lot of my patients and it's important to counsel them so they understand the difference.

  26. Hi Dr. Mike! I’d love it if you can talk about the Devacurl drama as it’s causing people to have as far as health issues

  27. I sent a picture of your dog to my husband because he’s been wanting to get a Newfoundland too and apparently he watches your videos too and neither of us knew it 😂😂

  28. Привет доктор Михаил, у меня несколько вопросов. Ты смотришь интерны? Любимое животное?

  29. I agree with info on the sensitivity tests for sure, but allergy tests also only test igE. I had 1 done which showed allergies. But no food allergies. However, within 6 months of this test (and the reason I was tested), I started experiencing hives, and by hives I mean large severe, all over body hives. It was wheat, never picked up at an allergist, bit definitely with oral food challenge after exclusion for several weeks. Watching the hives spread is spectacular and I had a positive result on a skin biopsy of the hives. So with allergy testing only outdoor etc positive, oral testing. Wheat and dairy, if I ingest either of those, visible hives, asthma, diarrhea. But no not an anaphylactic, you all can eat it.

  30. I’m allergic to sunflower oil (anaphylaxis), chia seeds, and coconut. I’m also lactose intolerant and I can’t eat gluten. Basically…I can’t eat anything😂 I also have a cold allergy where I get hives and I’m super itchy after being in the cold for too long

  31. Fruit and nuts make my face throat and ears really itchy and it’s getting worse. I’m going to try to eat a piece a day and try that desensitization. I’m excited, I hope it works

  32. I wanted to ask
    If we are having any syrup or suspension so are we allowed to drink water after that bcz the syrups tastes bitter?? Can uh tell me doctor @doctormike

  33. So glad you did this video! I’m a parent of two FPIES kids and I’ve seen these tests lead other FPIES parents astray.

  34. I went to an allergist. She asked what I was allergic to. I replied “pretty much everything”. She then tests me with 100+ pin pricks across my entire back, and 12 sub-q injections down my arm. My back swells up with 90 large bumps, and my arm looks like it was stung by 9 bees. “Oh my, you really are allergic to almost everything! Patients usually say that but really only have an allergy to a few things!”

    The treatment plan is to get 3 shots, twice a week for 42 weeks. (I hate needles!) They would be injecting me with small amounts of all the things I’m allergic to and slowly increase the concentration. They expect I would have a reaction at some point, so I’d need to stay in the office for 30-60 minutes after the shots were given for observation. An epi-pen was also immediately prescribed.

    I haven’t started the shots yet. I have doubts they will help. I already get exposure to stuff daily bc you can’t avoid all the things I am allergic to!

    I don’t carry an epi-pen. It’s just not practical. Guys don’t have purses to throw stuff in. Everything I carry has to fit in my pants pockets – wallet, keys, and phone. I already have gone minimalistic on wallet content and even the wallet design itself, and limit the keychain to house key, car key, and a lego minifig keychain. My phone is the smaller version of the iphone. There’s no room to carry an epi-pen. And leaving it in the car would have it exposed to extreme temperatures. Not a good plan.

    I have had these extreme allergies for 25 years now. I mostly avoid eating outside of my own house. It’s “funny” when I go to a restaurant with people and I can only order a water and watch others eat – only to then have a reaction of my throat and lips swelling up bc they put a few drops of fresh lemon in the water! So now I can’t even sip a water. (I bring my own.)

    Irony: the grape flavor additive to benedryl I am allergic to! When I take benedryl my symptoms get worse before they start to get better.

  35. I work in a grocery store, and the /unlabelled/ allergen that seems to come up the most is garlic. Because garlic is rarely listed separately, usually just lumped in with "spices", and that means no one can know if there's garlic in a food unless they've tasted it. Or, it's Filipino, because then you can just assume that it's there. Even Italian food doesn't have as much garlic as Filipino. So if there's any change needed in labeling, I think garlic needs to be listed.

  36. I don't know if I had allergy or not but in 2013 because of itchiness I used to rubbed my eye alot that my eyes become puffy and swallowen that I can't even open my eyes to see light in my room now I have big dark circles and dark black scars around eyes

  37. I have coeliac disease and it's so annoying that people that are always saying that they're gluten intolerant because it's not the same thing

  38. anyone else on the fodmap elimination diet? trying to explain that to people is A DELIGHT, especially waiters in restaurants.
    "Hello, here is a handy printout of the 1000 foods I have to avoid or risk ruining my intestines for the next 48 hours, enjoy questioning the very busy chefs about every little ingredient in the 3 'maybe' dishes I picked, totally get it if you both want to spit in my food by the end of it as long as you haven't been chewing gum because sweeteners are high fodmap."

  39. I have a questions about allergy vs. hypersensitivity.

    I lived in an apartment with a very leaky roof and was exposed to black/white, and unknown strains of mold and mold spores for 3 years. I felt S&S of respiratory issues, changes in my menstruation-stopped altogether, joint and bone pain and other issues. This is not always recognized by the medical community, doctors did not believe me. I would love to get both your opinions of the diagnosis of Mixed Mold Toxicosis, “ sick building syndrome” and the effect of that kind of exposure to toxic mold spores can have with the body.

    Love and respect to you both.

  40. Hi Dr Mike!! Pls cover the topic of biopolar disorder and schizophrenia and what is the difference between these two..

  41. Sooo… I know that this is a random question, but is it dangerous being addicted to hand sanitizers. I'm asking you this because I'm currently addicted to it 😳

  42. Is it normal to think about death, dying or even killing yourself daily? Not actively WANTING to. But my whole life I have thought about the reality of death, and at times I think "I could just jump/cut/shoot/etc and be done".
    I have never tried anything and dont want to. But i have these thoughts daily and dont know why.

  43. have you ever read david goggins can't hurt me.

  44. I've been allergic to what feels like eeeeveryythiiing my whole life, and I do feel like this thing with allergies is getting a bit blown out of proportions. All you have to do is to not be moron. Take your meds, don't eat what you're allergic to(Have a bestie close by when there are kiwi cocktails, so that she can protect you from certain doom), and don't be an idiot. The whole "omg no you can't eat this within 10 kilometers of my precious baby or else they will die!" is just rubbish. I am allergic enough to some fruits that the smell of them makes my throat tingle. It wont kill me just because I can feel it. It just is what it is, it's not a big deal. No one is allergic enough to anything that the smell of common foods will kill them. If they eat it, it's their own problem, but the mild discomfort of tingling is just bullshit. Live with it, and stop whining.
    If anything people should be more respectful to people with asthma instead. Which I have, too, incidentally. My genes sucks. But smokers. Can't we just throw all smokers off a cliff?

  45. I found this video interesting and informative, especially as an allergy sufferer.
    I was 17 when I realised I had problems whenever I ate peppers and chillies. Almost immediately after ingesting I developed chronic stomach ache, colic, my skin was pale and clammy, I felt feverish, and I had vomiting and diarrhoea.. and this would last at least 12 hours, and takes another day or two to fully recover. My body reacts like I have food poisoning.
    Since then I've had the same reactions to other foods (mainly nuts and seeds) and standard pain meds; aspirin, codeine etc. I've never been formally tested but my GP (I'm in the UK) diagnosed allergies based on my symptoms.

    I'm curious to know if the body's immune response can become less severe following avoidance?
    I've noticed over the years that when I've religiously avoided peppers, for example, for a few years, if I accidentally eat something that has paprika in it I don't react as severely as I used to. I've never tried to deliberately eat more to see if my body still violently rejects it though.

    Edit: I take a low dose antihistamine every day, prescribed by my GP, so that might also explain why I don't react as severely.

  46. I would like to know what is your opinion on bras, someone says they can be harmfull because the compress the linfatic canals and are not helpful when it comes to prevent boobs to get soggier and go down, meanwhile someone else says they are usefulli helping boobs not to get soggier and they are not harming things like the linfatic sistem. I would also like a video about autopalpation and the right tecnique to do it. Thank you, wish you a good day!

  47. As someone who has severe allergies and food intolerances I think this is very condescending and dangerous. While some people may not have allergies as bad as others if someone has nuts in the same room as me I go into anaphylactic reactions and can die. I love doctor mike but this is so fucked up. If someone watched this and took what they said it could really kill me or someone else with serve allergies. Very disappointing.

  48. I had a test and have found it very helpful in controlling inflammation. I have kept a food journal and tried some of my favorite foods to see if I can eat it again but the inflammation returned; test missed some things also. No IgE reactions but lots of IgG

  49. I had allergy testing and had the test done on my back. It started burning like my back was on fire and then I was having trouble breathing…Inhaler and trip to the ER.

  50. Me: anaphalaxis to nuts

    Others: "How do you live?!!! You can't move that sealed PB jar!! Oh no! I ate some nuts hours ago!!!" 😂

  51. As someone with a peanut/tree nut allergy this was super informative and helpful. I've always struggled with paranoia and anxiety when it comes to my allergies

  52. So I literally have acne all over my body. Face, back, breast and even upper arms… Especially large infections under the skin. Also my skin and hair gets extremely oily super fast. Could it be food allergies?

  53. @Doctor Mike, I got into a slight debate with my dad over bottled water and reusing a plastic bottle. I came to the best source I know to ask about it. (If you already made a video on that, sorry, I just couldn't find it)

  54. I always found it odd that so many people are so so so restricting on foods with no reasons or medical advice. I know far to many people who say "sensitivity too…." before a food but they have never been to a doctor about any symptom they have.

  55. Speaking of test, what is your take on health predisposition tests (i.e. 23 & Me)? Should people do such tests to see what their genes hold in terms of future disease/illness? Why isn't it regulated/suggested by healthcare (in Canada various companies, separate from our healthcare system, do it). Is it safe? Are companies really just collecting our genetic data?

  56. I’m 12 years old. When i was six i got an egg allergy. So i can’t eat basically any pastery. It’s quite sad lol. I’m allergic to pollen as well so from age 10 i have started developing more allergies and I’m at a point now where i can’t eat any fruits that arent citrus fruits. (oranges, mandarines, lemons). I can’t eat any groceries except cucumbers and such, i can eat blueberries, raspberries and strawberries though.

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