The TRUTH About Video Game Addiction and Depression (Symptoms and Disorder Explained)

the World Health Organization just
officially declared that gaming addiction is a mental disorder but is it
really let’s talk about it right now what is up everybody this is Chris from
the rewired soul where we talk about the problem but focus on the solution and
welcome back to another video where we’re taking a deep dive into the topic
of depression but I’m also going to blend in some addiction as well and I
wanted to talk about gaming this morning a buddy of mine he’s like dude have you
seen all this stuff about gaming and mental illness and we were talking about
depression I’m like you know what I’m gonna make a video on that tonight so do
me a favor if you are a gamer watching this video or you just don’t really
think that video games are that big of an issue do me a favor and share this
video share with the people out there or unaware about how video games might
actually be able to help you out with your mental health let’s talk about that
real quick first and foremost I want to share a little bit about about my story
when it comes to gaming so and we’ll talk about depression first and we’ll
get to addiction later all right so those of you who are newly subscribed
and you haven’t met me yet I used to be in the professional eSports
kind of area animals for the game counter-strike this was many years ago I
have a video that I’ll link up here about how my addiction kind of destroyed
that but anyways like during high school I was really into video games I’ve been
playing since I got my first Nintendo like way back in the 80s when I was like
four or five years old and like in high school I was struggling with so much
just mental health issues right so many mental health issues like for my
depression to my anxiety to my anger issues I was a son of an alcoholic mom
and like I was constantly socially anxious it was so difficult for me to
just have conversations with people it was hard for me to open up to people and
I would isolate a lot I had maybe one or two really good friends I had a bunch of
like acquaintances in school like man I was talking to my friend about this this
morning like if it wasn’t for gaming like we would have been way more
depressed like gaming was so beneficial to my child
am i growing up like we used to have this thing here in Las Vegas it was
called L VGA all right Las Vegas gamers Association and it was a bunch of people
from Las Vegas it was a website with a forum and we’d all play counter-strike
together and like man like I started making these like strong connections and
these strong bonds with people like my friend who I was talking to this morning
me and him have known each other for like 16 or 17 years now all through
video games he’s one of my best friends he’s been my roommate and all that kind
of stuff but I met so many people through gaming like when people talk
about how like gaming can like fuel like mental illness and depression like it
doesn’t always like this was how I got my social connection I met some of my
best friends on there not only that but I was able to pursue a career in it I
was able to travel to different countries I went to Sweden I went to
Spain I went to France all expenses paid for gaming like I was able to make a
name for myself in the gaming industry so like it really
bums me out when like the media out there or people who don’t really
understand gaming and how it helps people like it bums me out like here’s
what you got to think about like whenever I hear this argument I think
about the kid who has a disability maybe he’s in a wheelchair
you know every day he goes to school he can’t participate in like PE or play
sports like other kids do but you know what he can do he can hop on the video
game controller he can you know hop on a PC and game there he can do that and be
very skilled at it like that’s a beautiful thing about gaming is that
it’s it’s so diverse like anybody can do it regardless of your your physical
attributes like think about it if you want it to be a professional football
player basketball player hockey player baseball player you you’ve got to be
born with some good genetics I surely believe that gaming has opened up so
many opportunities to to so many people who didn’t have that physical those
physical attributes and we’re blessed with good genetics you know what I’m
saying so like can gaming cause depression yes
but I’ll talk about that again at the end of this video now as far as
addiction as I mentioned World Health Organization they classified it as an
shit okay like this legitimate disorder and here’s the three symptoms that they
listed one impaired control over gaining frequency intensity duration to
increased priority given to gaming three continuation or escalation of gaming
despite negative consequences so yes like gaming can be addictive I always
tell people one of my first addictions before I even got into drugs and alcohol
was video games I would ditch class to play video games my grades were slipping
because of video games I would play all night long I took it to another level
my brain was obsessing on video games but that’s me now let’s talk about the
fact that I’m also a drug addict an alcoholic like I was genetically
predisposed to addiction so whatever I get into I can get addicted to it so
like with drugs and alcohol other people can do those things just fine me I would
get obsessed with them you know what I’m saying
so like I’ve seen people or you and say oh gaming can’t be an addiction game II
can’t be an addiction it absolutely can just not everybody is gonna become
addicted to it you got to realize this is what we call a process addiction so
it can be as addictive as something like gambling something as sex something as
spending money something like eating you know these are all other addictions as
well but the things that people can do without an issue so like is everybody
who games going to be an addict no I was watching Philip DeFranco today and
something I don’t know the exact source cuz I’m not like some sources down below
but they were saying like if you game for 20 hours a week like really 20 hours
a week come on now like that is not a good criteria so here’s the way I was
thinking about it before I made this video so like there’s escalations of
drug addiction you know first there’s like substance use
then there’s substance abuse then there’s addiction so there might be
people who casually play games there might be people who play a little bit
too much and then there’s people who are addicted yeah it absolutely is an
addiction like any other one I was talking to another buddy I’m actually
gonna link his channel and give him a shout out his name is Trenton Marshall
who has a couple channels if you’re in the drone stuff or you’re into like tech
stuff I’m gonna link his stuff down below great guy I love that man anyways
we were talking this morning and I was saying
yeah it can be addictive I remember when World of Warcraft was out there were
stories where people were in land centers in China and they were playing
so much like some people died because they were so into the game that they
became malnourished fatigued and stuff like that and they just died right I had
a ton of friends a ton of friends who flunked out of
college because of world of warcraft so it definitely can be addictive but now
let’s talk about depression and addiction when it comes to video games
one of my meditations said this ok he said you know and this can be used for
any type of technology it’s like a knife okay now a knife in the hands of a very
skilled chef it can make amazing things happen but the knife in the hand of
somebody who’s not paying attention they can cut their finger off it’s coming the
same with video games and technology and things like that like if you are
developing unhealthy habits with it yes it can feel depression yes it can fuel
addiction but if you’re using it for things that I mentioned like you know
building friendships with people and things like that right this can be very
helpful it’s a great way to escape I’ve been playing a bunch of Fortnight lately
because I’ve been really really stressed and I have so much fun just playing with
my friends you know what I mean but there’s there’s always just there’s just
been this narrative about like games games games it’s just it’s not true the
news is always looking for something to sensationalize and stuff like that
it’s like nobody’s ever gonna take you know mainstream media seriously until
they just start being completely unbiased and not trying to blow things
out of proportion all right yesterday when I made the video about depression
and things not to do like don’t watch the news because they look for things to
blow up be like oh my god it’s so crazy like no it’s not calm down
the last thing I’ll say when it comes to gaming and when it comes to depression
when it comes to addiction a lot of it comes down to the parents a lot of it
comes down to parenting monitoring it how much are you playing what are you
doing online especially with young kids and things like that so much of it
involves the parents like the beautiful thing about gaming for me too is that
it’s something that my son and I can do and bond over my son is a big gamer we
play a ton of fortnight together when new video games come out sometimes we’d
go out to like the midnight release over at Gamestop and we just play like it’s
something that we get to connect over and my I loved it so much and like so I
try to teach him about the mental health aspects of it too because sometimes he’s
just like oh I just want to play by myself I don’t like having a team and
stuff but I tell him I said listen Dylan like we’re gonna be playing games like
you should be playing with your friends or maybe meet new people and don’t worry
I taught him how not to be you know the victim of a predator okay so calm down
but like if he’s going to be gaming I want to make sure that it’s kind of in a
social environment because I don’t want him to isolate and play games by himself
so I’m trying to help him improve his mental health while he’s doing something
that he likes doing alright but anyways I would love to know your thoughts on
this subject so go ahead and leave your comments down below and don’t forget to
check in the description I’m getting links of channels and some resources
alright and again please please please if you know some people out there who
don’t understand mental health or gaming share this video with them alright but
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right there alright Thanks so so much for watching make sure your educate
about gaming and I’ll see you next time

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  1. What're your thoughts on video games, depression and addiction?
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  2. Games can be a form of escapism which can help when trying to quit substances. The downside is that they can cause isolationism and depersonalisation. Good to see you Chris! Stay blessed. ✌️😁

  3. My dad has introduced me to video games when I was really young. I would watch him play (for example: infamous, god of war, COD) ; I also played games such as Modern Warfare (my very first first-person shooter game) He also told me that a friend he plays with has kids who aren’t allowed to be introduced to violence and etc. I think it’s all in perspective. He obviously taught me that it’s fake and it isn’t real. As I grew up, I played a lot of Call of Duty. It’s summer, so at times I probably exceeded the 20 hours per week but it doesn’t mean I’m addicted lol. I agree that the criteria of these news channels or others may not be entirely accurate. I’m going to finish this off by saying that I enjoy your videos and now I’m going to watch your father’s day vid.

  4. I find video games can be a coping strategy for underlying mental illness, and the whole correlation vs. causation is pretty problematic to me in this situation. I’m a very, very casual gamer (most of the games I love are the weird/cute Japanese games like Katamari Damashii) but even I think 20 hours a week isn’t bad at all. For 7 1/2 years I dated a gamer who ended up in the industry. Their gaming really affected our relationship, but it wasn’t the main cause of us breaking up. It was a part, but not the main part. But I think the WHO should’ve been more specific about the diagnostic criteria.

  5. I mean a behavioral addiction can be anything. I saw a lady who was addicted to eating commit. IMO gaming should only be considered an addiction if you waste so much time/money on it that you're life is impaired.

  6. Once I've felt off of a motorcycle and recovered fully playing games with my legs upwards, 1200+ hours of gaming that made me not force my recovery in any way… Got already drug problems where gaming helped me a lot once I could not go out with the usual friends as I couldn't do the same stuff they were doing in their lifes anymore, gaming was there for me.. it's almost my support to get off of all other addictive and negative behaviour I once got..

  7. I met more people online playing PS4 that helped me with my anxiety and depression. It’s also kept me and my real life best friend connected when he had to move 1100 miles away. And the way I see it and my parents see it, I’m not out doing anything getting myself in trouble, doing drugs, etc. I’ve been playing rainbow six and have progressed to be one of the top 1% of players on PS4. And I have major back issues I can’t go out and do sports, or do backpacking, high adventure camping, etc. gaming for me Is something I can do with that issue and im good at it. I easily game 5+ hours a day. And it Dosen’t get in the way of my job, school, family, etc. I would say I play too much maybe but not addicted. I agree with everything you say.

  8. I think that anything can be an addiction, because addiction doesn't discriminate.
    You watch Phillip DeFranco? He gives a well thought out take on issues without bias. I think that's important. Especially nowadays – everyone is so angry/mean/offended, it's impossible to just get facts. Thanks for using using your platform for good.

  9. My favourite game character is Alice from American McGee's Alice and Alice: Madness Returns. She suffers from multiple mental illnesses and she empowers me. The Wonderland in the games symbolizes her mind and her fighting against monsters is her overcoming her struggles in real life.

  10. Depression truly made my entire life so unhappy before for three years. I felt very fragile and insecure – I didn’t feel like a true man. By after utilizing this depression remedy “fetching kafon press” (Google it) my life once again is so vibrant which made me a better person, do exercise and drop 44lbs..

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