The Untold Truth Of The I Am Jazz Star

Jazz Jennings, the star of the TLC show I
Am Jazz, is a truly inspirational young woman. Assigned male at birth, Jennings always knew
she was a girl and, at five years old, became one of the youngest people to ever be diagnosed
with gender dysphoria. Her family supported the kindergartener and
helped her transition. Jennings grew out her hair, started wearing
dresses, and had her ears pierced. Today, Jennings is using her platform to raise
awareness about transgender issues. Here are some things you may not know about
the vibrant young star. More than one thing Through I Am Jazz, Jennings embraces her identity
and is happy to share her journey with the world. But as she told Dazed magazine, being transgender
is not what defines her. In addition to being an athlete and an artist,
Jennings has served as a class office representative and has been involved with her school’s Gay-Straight
Alliance, as well as the Jewish Student Connection. She explained, “Being transgender is just one percent of
who I actually am. I think that’s important that transgender
individuals are just like everyone else. […] And people have to understand that.” First transgender doll The work Jenning does to raise awareness about
the transgender community is groundbreaking. In 2017, the very first transgender doll hit
the market, and it was modeled after Jennings. She wrote in an Instagram post, “I hope that it can place transgender people
in a positive light by showing that we are just like all other people.” Since transgender people have often been negatively
or stereotypically portrayed in the media, the decision to create a doll in her honor
is a huge step towards better representation. Tonner Doll Company founder Robert Tonner
said in a statement, “Jazz stands for everything I respect from
a human nature point of view. She’s incredibly brave, intelligent, warm-hearted,
and creative.” “If there’s a kid out there that’s struggling
with this and can go ‘Well it can’t be so bad that they make a doll of the transgender
person,’ that’s pretty cool.” Behind the camera Jennings’ talents go far beyond appearing
on screen. The teen has started learning about photography
and even branched out into making short films. She told Dazed, “I think in the future I might want to go
into the directing or movie-making business because I love coming up with stories.” Jennings especially loves science fiction
and fantasy films. If she ever becomes a director or screenwriter,
she says, “I would definitely want to do smart sci-fi,
puzzle movies where people have to think and connect the dots but then come up with their
own idea at the end.” Dealing with haters If Jennings has proven one thing to the world
through I Am Jazz and beyond, it’s that she’s a fierce individual who doesn’t have time
for haters. She told Teen Vogue, “On every single picture on my Instagram page,
you’ll find a negative comment.” “When it comes to bullying, overall it just
makes me feel a little bit upset that people could be so hateful.” “I’m not gonna let some online bullying affect
me.” Jennings does her best to tune out the negativity,
and claims that it’s not even worth it to read the comments section of her social media
accounts. She added, “I’m not going to tolerate it. In fact, it motivates me, because it shows
me that there is still more education that needs to happen. I will continue advocating for my community
until it’s resolved, and the hate is gone.” Accomplished author Jennings has already accomplished more than
most teenagers and she’s extended her reach to a wider audience through her writing. She told Yahoo that she hopes her memoir,
Being Jazz: My Life as a (Transgender) Teen will help other transgender teens. She explained, “I think being a teenager is a difficult journey
in and of itself, but being transgender makes it that much harder. I’m there to help them realize you just have
to love who you are no matter what and just stay authentic.” The memoir isn’t her first foray into writing,
either. In 2014, she co-wrote I Am Jazz, a picture
book geared towards children. Changing the world Jennings is taking her I Am Jazz fame in stride
and already thinking about the impact her work will have after she’s gone. She’s not worried about making her mark on
the world, as long as she leaves it in better shape. She told HuffPost, “It’s not about me or my ‘legacy,’ but rather
the message and how it will live on. […] [My family] just want[s] the world to
be a better place for our community.” Jennings isn’t 100% sure what she wants to
do in the future, but says that the most important thing to her is: “To continue helping other people no matter

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  1. She’s not transitioned yet. She still has his tiny dick lol (not my own words, it actually said on the show that his member is so small that surgery might be hard)

  2. Ok so I support anyone who is LGBTQ+ but I just found it weird that they let her transition as young as 5 years old. Like, she may have just been exploring different things or going through a small phase, SHE WAS 5. And if she regretted that/regrets that, she probably feels too much pressure to transition back because of the amount of hate her and her family would get. I’m not trying to hate, I just always thought it was kind of weird. I think it might have been forced with her. Her mother seems so manipulative

  3. U almost look feminine in the thumbnail angle. What the hell is this genital mental disorder? Another way to justify your shit.

  4. Hmmm if they were happy with themselves why did they "change gender?" It's just stupid I am not gonna refer to trans as them or they if they are a boy then it's a him if they a girl it's a her and if they look like a girl then wtf u want me to say I'm not going to give them power by them making me their bitch

  5. Trans gender doll? Lol Its interesting how people chose to go to hell. what do you think its like, Open booty when you walk in? And all of you that support it are sick !

  6. He was not "assigned" male, he IS male. And that doll? The vanity and triviality of the First World reaches a new high. One only needs to stop and think what a starving person in the Third World would think of that, to grasp just how deep the corruption of our humanity runs.

  7. I like how they use the Silence of the Lambs transgender guy which was a psycho so what does that say no wonder the suicide rate is 40% or more

  8. The List The title reads "The untold Truth…". Exactly what truth that has never been told are you referring to.

  9. I don't think this narrator knows what she/he means. Jazz is a male, not a female. Just look at his shoulders.

  10. jazz so eternally grateful to have such an inspiration like u in my life u help me so much god bless u and ur family

  11. this video alone has help me so much there r so many trolling wanking no life haters that can't except that the world isn't tailor made purely for them and they have to except other ppl diversity whether they agree or disagree especially wen those ppl do them no harm to them

  12. I'm happy that jazz has found a way to live her life in a way that makes her feel fulfilled but don't constantly be saying that anyone with a slightly differing opinion is full of hate, just mature a little and understand that the world is filled with differing opinions, my opinion doesn't make me wrong any more than it makes you right, it just makes us us !!

  13. I'm not a hater but why not let things stay the way its suppose to be , you can't change the way its suppose to be , too confusing for kids

  14. Its good 2 know people still have common sense & know the difference between a real boy & girl. I feel there is still hope for man kind…atleast when it comes to this lol

  15. Does her truth affect any of you?? No, it doesn't. It isn't for anyone else to determine what another persons truth is.

  16. so here's the thing what I don't get about this gender changing it, they wanted to be open with the world and wanted to be "accepted" but then used a fake last name on a show…ookay…hypocrite much?

  17. How do you make a transgender doll? Every doll I've seen just has an androgynous bump down there. Did they actually put a penis on it or something? LOL

  18. @1:30 total called HER a "HE" yo forreal anyone else notice this? the damn text reads ( she's incredibly brave, etc etc etc ) wow :/

  19. My take on this is simple and very questionable, but let me make myself very clear “I’m no hater” got kid, you can’t keep calling people haters when they have the right to their opinions, YOU Jazz put it out there so think about it! Question for you Jazz..your DNA is male born a male, then you chose to become female, in one the the video’s you were hoping to have a boyfriend then in another video YOU hope to become friends with a female and asked her out, with the ideal it could become a relationship, talk about mixed up don’t you see your problem? The “so called transgender doll” are they on the market let’s see how this works because when the but Pregnant Barbie and it did come with baby in the basket oh but a lot of people was upset with that because Barbie wasn’t married to Ken!!!! WOW HOW MUCH MORE CRAZY IS CRAZY! This is my opinion just has you have many so don’t be hater Jazz you are a beautiful girl and you were a cute little boy. Not judging

  20. Heheehhehehehehehehehwhwwhwhhwhwwhhehehhehehee…..

    This is funny cause I see people arguing about "no it's a girl stop hating!"
    And people with common sense saying "ITS A MALE"
    It is a male sorry to break it to you supporters but hes still a male until surgery. Which idk if he had it yet but… "she" was born A DUDE.

  21. Lucifer that old Serpant using the same Stratedies!He won't give up He will use His talents on us to the Very End.He claims to save the world yet does not have the Power to do what he really wants which is to destroy it The Angels are still holding the 4 Corners until the Servants of God Are sealed.He the one who causes death and sicknesses saves us here to honor him Yet he won't be able to save us when Jesus rises on Judgment day Against those who despised his warnings and Exchanged his Glories for temporal Satisfactions.God have mercy on us all before Satan claims us as his on Judgement Day👏

  22. They scream there happy wit who they are but change their outside parts and rename their gender cause getting boobs and ass doesn't make you a female or getting a vagina doesn't make you a female getting your boobs but of and getting a dick doesn't make you a male

  23. It disgusts me to see all the transphobic people in the comments. “Once a boy always a boy”. Jesus it’s not hard to be respectful assholes

  24. Talking about child abuse…..Jazz's parents & TV media need to be brought to justice for undermining children's minds……children know no better….. A boy should be raised a boy until he's reach 18 yrs old, otherwise is child abuse…….All this stupid media like TLC & ABC need to be brought to Justice…..

  25. Fair warning I'm going to make a few assumptions. They will be logical assumptions but assumptions nonetheless.

    So right from the jump I think we all can agree that the story of her asking her mom when the "gender fairy was gonna turn her penis into a vagina" at age 2 is just hilariously BS and simply a "story"(which she likes telling and wants to be in film). You don't even know the difference between sexes at that age and when start to notice the differences you still wouldn't equate the differences as penis and vagina itd be boy or girl and thats it. These parents seem like they groomed these thoughts and encouraged them for what reason IDK but they allowed her to make a life changing decision at age 7 wtf!!! I mean at age 7 I told my parents I would never kiss girls bc they had cooties and they just laughed and that was it, she tells her parents she wants to be a girl and they call Barbara Walters and announce to world "Hey he is now she bc she 7yrs old and just started kindergarten we are sure this wont change at any point" The fact that they would announce something like that to anybody else at that age makes me believe they groomed her. Normal parents, even the most accepting, wouldn't have taken these comment seriously bc you know the kid is F-ing 7yrs old what did you want to be at 7? I was still absolutely convinced Santa Claus was real and slept by the fireplace to try and catch him so I could more toys. And choosing to bring my pillow and cover to the couch and sleep was the biggest decision I had made at that point. Her parents should've been investigated and possibly has Child services step in bc they clearly didn't care about their child enough that they allowed decisions to be made at 7yrs old knowing the suicide rate for transgenders in 40% according to the Anderson School of UCLA. That suicide rate indicates there being some mental illness its not due to hate or else gay people would have a similar rate. They led their child into a life that has a 40% chance of ending in suicide and encouraged it bc they didn't care about her. PEople who recommend mental health specialists are called transphobic but the truth is they are worried for you bc they care about you. The people who "hate" you are the ones who let these decisions happen without any type of intervention, even if its just to mae sure there isn't a chemical imbalance, those people are "tolerant". Meaning they tolerate the suicides and don't care about them enough to try to help them get the help they me need. I write this with no hate for transgenders, I do on the other hand hate these so called parents. I hope this doesn't have a tragic ending, remember people sometimes being a friend is having difficult conversations with them and not just telling them what they want to hear like a "yes man"

  26. There are gonna be some SERIOUS lawsuits around 10+ years from now when these kids grow up, change their mind and realize they can't have kids and can't undo their surgery. Billion in lawsuits. BILLIONS. This will financially ruin many people advocating this shit and surgeries will end as soon as they started.

  27. How is someone brave for denying their penis or masculinity? HORSESHIT! If I meet and take interest in someone like this, who present themselves as female, then get the "surprise" of captain winky back at the crib, they're gonna have to be a man at that point. Because i'm about to throw them a beating! You are what God made you! PERIOD! Deal with it! Denial will only spell trouble down the road. 😁

  28. I think she should live her life as she wants, and i would never criticize or look down on her in any way for being a transgender. However, i think that her parents did something terrible when they started treating her so soon, at an age at which you dont even know or think about what are the differences between being a man or a woman (unless someone wants you to know, of course)

  29. That’s a fucking boy. He will always be a boy. I hate that people’s minds are so fucked up they think this is okay. Disappointed and disgusted. No person who does this is brave but a freak.

  30. Remember Rachel Dolezal, the white woman who was “transracial” and identified as African American? We laughed at her because we all know that it’s biologically impossible to change races. How is this any different? Why is one “trans” identity valid while another is not? Who makes the rules? This isn’t coming from a place of “hate” and it’s not my intention to bully anyone, but seriously??? I have no doubt that Jazz Jennings is a lovely human being with a big heart, but biologically speaking, XY cannot be changed. It just can’t. It’s not “hateful” to refuse to pander to a delusion. If your brother insisted he was a lion, would you throw raw meat at him and say “Nice kitty” as you slowly backed out of his cage? No, you’d get him evaluated by a mental health professional ASAP. Anyone can use cosmetics and surgery to change their appearance. Anyone can alter their behavior in an attempt to emulate a different gender, a different ethnicity, or even a different species, but the bottom line is that a trans person cannot change their biology. I’m a heterosexual female who is a bit of a tomboy. Jazz is more feminine than I will ever be and I could definitely stand to learn some of his hair and makeup techniques, but he’s still not a female. I’ll always be down with the LGB and the Q, but the T is in an entirely different realm. Regardless on my non-PC opinion, I still wish Jazz a happy and healthy life.

  31. Jazz honey, girl you just keep doing you, people love you, they love you being you, strong, unafraid, courageous, brave, intelligent, and beautiful and you just shine!! ❤❤💖

  32. I truly love Jazz. Shut the fuck up. Stupid spoil brat needs a reality check. Look at me I am entitled immature little boy.

  33. i dont care how your wrap it…… inside "its" still a boy!!!. hence will never have children or have a true womans instinct or protective nature as a mother

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