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meet term a smart pro the universal insulation solution for future-proof energy if you’re a professional working in heating cooling or ventilation you’ll find our broad range of flexible tubes sheets customized parts and installation tools the ideal all-in-one insulation solution termeh smart pro is a term Oh plastic elastomeric solution in this video we will outline some of the key benefits the materials closed cell structure minimizes energy loss and prevents vapor diffusion eliminating the risk of condensation and thus corrosion completely term a smart pro is the only Cradle to Cradle certified technical installation today as a non-toxic material with a high mechanical strength it is both safe and sustainable it is also fully recyclable we even take back all your cut-offs through our reclaim program our wide range of components makes for a quick and easy installation even in small or difficult spaces to ensure fast and hassle-free installation we offer all the right tools for the job in one handy toolbox our collection of knives make for quicker and accurate cutting with an easy-to-use miter box we offer the right selection of glues for easy connections including our term igloo eco adhesive as an environmentally friendly alternative next to our prefabricated tea and elbow pieces you can even prefab it yourself using our heat plate this makes for virtually unbreakable connections our insulation sheets are ideal for large surfaces such as chillers or air ducts as the rest of our components they exceed the highest green building standards our tube based solutions are perfectly suited for pre insulation or retrofit applications they are available in coil for easy transportation and with self-adhesive seam for effortless installation we offer installers the full package with energy saving calculation tools toolkits and training to ensure a foolproof and future-proof solution check out the full details at tell a flex com term a flex taking care of energy and the environment

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