Tip 4 | Test Anxiety & Depression – And what to do about it!

School can be really hard. Tests and exams don’t make it easier, as they
can be the cause for massive amount of anxiety and stress. When these things go on for extended periods
of time and are not resolved, they can lead to other things as well, including depression. The Anxiety and Depression Association of
America provides several signs to look for when you are feeling especially anxious, stressed,
or depressed: Fear of failure. While the pressure to perform can act as a
motivator, it can also be devastating to individuals who tie their self-worth to the outcome of
a test. Lack of preparation. Waiting until the last minute or not studying
at all can leave individuals feeling anxious and overwhelmed. Poor test history. Previous problems or bad experiences with
test-taking can lead to a negative mindset and influence performance on future tests. These can all be signals that you have severe
test anxiety or even depression, so what solutions or treatments exist? 1st and foremost, if you believe you may be
suffering from severe anxiety or depression, immediately seek the help of a professional
counselor. Most schools and universities have counselors
for this very purpose. Dr. Daniel K. Hall-Flavin of Mayo Hospital
suggests: Talk therapy (psychotherapy) with a psychologist
or other mental health provider can help you work through feelings, thoughts and behaviors
that cause or worsen anxiety. Ask if your school has counseling services
or ask if your employer offers counseling through an employee assistance program. Einstein school of medicine suggests paying
attention to how you treat yourself when you are stressed. Many times we can be extra hard on ourselves
when we are tired, frustrated, and anxious. Self-hate can quickly lead to even more stress
and lower self esteem. Change your self-talk
Change: I can’t do it to I can do it! (by preparing for the exam better, you’re more
likely to belief this!) Change: I ‘m stupid to I’m smart. (using study guides or learning strategies
can make this a reality) Change: I don’t know to I do know. (being confident can help change your emotional
AND mental state) Just remember, depression and severe anxiety
are not to be messed with, if you think you are struggling with one or both of these,
don’t ignore it, treat it. For more info on test anxiety, subscribe to
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