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  1. They should be held responsible tho them doctors lol maybe its their intention. Suboxone programs are expensive and they should take some accountability

  2. I feel for addicts. At the point when your addicted you need someone to rescue you.
    Not to mention the amount of meds being given out.
    I guess another thing that bothers me is because of all these addicts… people who actually need help can't get it.

  3. 3:25 That's true. All my twenty-four surgeries went well, but then the twenty-fifth broke my elbow nerves. The doctor wrote Oxycontin and told: These must be taken more and more. Normally I would have thought 'Shut up, I won't,' but I was so sore. Even the shoulder blade 💪was 🔥on fire 😣.

  4. I'm not an addict or god willing I wont ever be,but I've lived & seen this pretty much through my childhood & teenage years,its so easy to fall into 😔

  5. This is also a result of making your child think he is only good for/at particular things, etc. Sports. What other positive things have they said about him? There is more to life.

  6. After my mom had brain surgery, I was determined to not let her get hooked because the doctors were not looking out for her. I heard and watched how addicts would say their opioid addiction started. It’s quite sad.

    You have to worry about your own self interest and not expect someone else to want the best for you.

  7. I’ve been diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder for about 6 years. I was also diagnosed with ADD and prescribed Adderall… I could go days without eating or sleeping…lost over 30 pounds in less than 2 months. My doctor kept upping my dose and I felt like it was working. I was staying so focused and I was feeling rested even without hardly any sleep. Months went by. I noticed how thin I was getting but still didn’t think much about it. I still felt okay. But over time I thought something was wrong with me. Like I had a personality disorder of some sort or something. One night, I was taking a shower. I noticed clumps of hair coming out. Like handfuls. I panicked and stopped taking the medication. I’ve been eating nonstop, I’ve been able to actually sleep, and my overall mood just seems to be more normal… Does Adderall worsen Bipolar episodes? Can it cause hair loss?

  8. I have two close friends that faked their way thru a doctors appt to get adderall and now I feel like they are dependent on it.. 🙁

  9. It seems this young man was never taught to value himself as anything other than a baseball player. Then drugs were added and he was off to the races.

  10. Yall forget about real chronic pain patients. This opiate "crisis" is totally one sided everywhere. Not everyone on opioids is an addict. Some people know how to control their medications.

  11. None of the docs I know will even prescribe narcs anymore or any schedule 2. You can’t even get tramadol. My mom couldn’t even get much after her surgery. They would only allow one a day. She was in awful pain. It’s ridiculous. And I see they gave this kid copious amounts. I think they’re harder on people who aren’t using drugs. Not that I’m not sympathetic to him. I lost two cousins to heroin. I know how dangerous it is.

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