Tony Robbins: Don’t Give Up ( Tony Robbins Depression )

My mom wanted me be a truck driver
because that would mean I’d make $24,000 a year if I went to truck masters and
I’ll be twice what my father made and she popped that what happened but
something inside of me said I wanted to have a truck something else that matters
more to me and I decided I was not going to go for money instead of passion and
the rewards been pretty amazingly better than being drugged I was not bad being a
truck driver is just not what I was after and I I look back and one of the
things that helped me was my original teacher Jim Rohn whose personal vault
mystique I went to here when I was 17 he said some of the first time I heard him
and he said you know it’s really simple if you want life to change you got to
change if you want life to be better you’ve got to get better the only way it
happens and luckily up up four people and to
leave them but if you’re constantly improving who you are and what you give
game over and I remember just thinking you know this is a beautiful thing you
know why does this make any cry and your wife’s great but why am I so emotional
about this and I got it I realized that moment
that’s the worst day of my life my father leaving
– action – the best mo because if I ah to have that experience I would be here
today and now because of that I’m get to live this life I have the desire and the
drive of the want to get it described as I’ve really realized that the worst day
was best day that was God’s gift the gift wouldn’t have been there to estate
there’s an old country song that says thank God for unanswered prayers story
about his band was his prayer finds out later on it wasn’t fulfilled so far Talia I tell you the story couple
reasons one is you want to change your life figure out how your worst day was
your best bet you’ll change everything it is if you look for it did you find
the deeper meaning it is you know there’s something in you that wouldn’t
be there without it the second reason is cuz I want to recruit your soul not for
your money or business I want to recruit you in this action of
going to make a difference I want to recruit you for you because I know if
you go do a few these things you’ll get hooked and you’ll make it a ritual and
change your life you know whatever things you do in your life this is what
it’s really about and you know it won’t be long before they’ll be Thanksgiving
here and we still do this you know I start out the first year I’ve got two
families my next year I’ve said for double it next year I did eight which
was a lot of work and I didn’t tell anybody I was doing because I wasn’t
doing it for acknowledgement as doing this is right but after a while I
thought you smelled so I got my friends together so you know what’s the physical
and have in Turkey let’s give thanks let’s go build baskets with food great
stuff let’s deliver it to people who will come and have a big dinner we’ll
talk about what a grateful for and have our dinner and so we did it and became a
rich one and grew and then I built some companies how my employees got involved
and then 14 15 years ago I started my foundation last year we fed over a
million people now in nine countries around the world
now our Christmas Thanksgiving you know 30 days in experience thank you thank you so I thank you for
your applause I wasn’t telling you for that reason I want to recruit you and
you give your money but I much prefer if you would just go deliver the food
because I’ll tell you what’s great you will be changed by that it’s easy to
give money but we enter environment to give you don’t give it the giver you go
with a delivery person but you’re really the one that made it it will absolutely
change your life see if you can find some ways to multiply your value to the
market and he said your income will immediately start to change up until
then I was hoping that the economy would change I was hoping that my company
would change I was hoping that my paychecks with change I was hoping that
circumstances outside would change then here’s what I found out it isn’t going
to change so then my question was if it isn’t going to change how will my life
ever change and here’s what my teacher taught me when you change when you
change everything will change for you when you get better everything will get
better for you and that’s where I picked up that phrase for things to change
you’ve got to change you don’t have to change the marketplace you don’t have to
change the marketing plan you don’t have to change the economy you don’t have to
change countries you don’t have to change circumstances out there all
you’ve got to do is look within and see if you can change yourself for the
better and as you change things will start to change for you
let me give you the day that turned your life around
as quickly as I can I got four parts to the day that turns your life around and
then we’re finished for the day number one disgust disguise disgust is a
negative emotion but it can have a very positive powerful effect disgust says
I’ve had it what an important day that could be I’ve had it I met a beautiful powerful accomplished
executive lady in New York company invited me to come in this lady was a
vice president extraordinary lady I got to know her and I found out her story I
said how did you get here big income and she never went too high never went to
college never let university how did you get
here negative powerful income she said well let me tell you part of
the scenario said when I was a young mother a few years ago she said one day
I asked my husband for $10 and he said what for keep it
before that day was over I decided I was never she said I started studying opportunity
found it took the classes put myself through the school did the scenario now
in vice president I make a lot of money and she said I kept my promise I’ve
never ever had to ask again it’s called a life-changing day the day you say
enough now if you can add an act to your disgust at health man takes a shotgun to his car
blows out every window destroys every tire put the hundred rounds in it and
says I’ve driven this embarrassing thing for the last time and then he saved it
he saved it and later when somebody says how did you become rich and powerful he
says let me show you this car one day I’ve had it up to here I blew it to
smithereens here’s the last three next is decision decision making is a
life-changing day if you went home today and in the next few days cleaned up a
list of decisions it could furnish enough inspiration for the next five
years ten years what an inspiring day you can bring yourself to decide and
here’s the third one desire wanting too bad enough who knows the mystery of that
we don’t know but here’s something I do know sometimes desire wait for a trigger
wait for something to happen who knows what the happening maybe a song the
lyrics the movie the dialogue a seminar a servant a book an experienced
confrontation with an enemy a conversation with a friend who finally
levels with whatever the experience it is so valuable and here’s my fifth
advice welcome all experience you never know which one is going to
turn everything on don’t put up the wall the same wall that
keeps out disappointment keeps out take down the wall go for the experience let
it teach you and here the last resolved resolved as I
will two of the most powerful words in the language Benjamin Disraeli said
nothing can resist a human will that will stake its existence on its purpose
shortly put I’ll do it for God best definition of resolve I got from a
little junior high girdle Foster City California I’m going through some words
one day I got to this one I asked the kids who can tell me what resolve means
some didn’t know if some dried interesting the last one was the best
little girl about three rows back she said I think I know mr. Owen I said what
he said I think resolve means promising yourself you will never give up I said
that’s the best I’ve ever seen she’s probably giving seminars today
right that’s best my bird I asked the kids how long should a baby try to learn
how to walk how long would you give your average baby before you say hey enough
enough no any mother in the world would say
you’re crazy my baby is going to keep trying what until what a magic word I
want you to write it down until promised yourself you’ll read the books until
your skills change you’ll go to seminars until you get a handle on it you’ll
listen to it until it makes sense you’ll go for it until you understand it you’ll
practice it until you develop the skill never give up until however long that is
step by step piece by piece book by book word by word Apple by Apple walk around
the block walk around the block go for adult myth chance to grow and resolved
if you’ll pay the price until you learn change grow become then you’ll discover
some of life’s best treasures when you take see if you go through life holding back
and most of us do most of us if we ask ourselves have we done all we can do
most of us will have to answer no we haven’t we’ve been holding back we have
ideas that we don’t act on things we want to do we afraid to take chances we
go through life trying to seek security and not coming outside of our comfort
zone and we take most of our stuff with us to the grave and I’m saying that the
fact that you’re still here that you’re still breathing you’ve got some more
work and you owe it to yourself you owe it to yourself so when you get up in the
morning that you can look yourself in the face and say hey I’m living my life
on my terms that’s important not to give up on your
dream not to give up on yourself now are there going to be some moments when you
want to give up yes will there be some moments when it’s going to seem like
it’s impossible the pain that you’re experiencing the disappointment that
you’re experiencing that you’re going to say it’s not worth it yes that’s that’s
going to be right there for you it’s going to be in your face telling you to
go back for 30 days you must take control of your mind it will think only
about what you’ve permitted to think each day for this 30 day test do more
than you have to do in addition to maintaining a cheerful positive outlook
give of yourself more than you’ve ever done before do this knowing that your
returns in life must be in direct proportion to what you give the moment
you decide on the goal to work toward you’re immediately a successful person
you’re then in that rare and successful category of people who know where
they’re going out of every hundred people you belong to the top five don’t
concern yourself too much with it how you’re going to achieve your goal leave
that completely to a Power greater than yourself all you have to do is know
where you’re going the answers will come to you of their own accord remember
these words from the Sermon on the Mount and remember them well keep them
constantly before you this month of your test
ask and it shall be given you seek and ye shall find knock and it shall be
opened unto you for every one that asketh receiveth and he that seeketh
findeth and to him that knocketh it shall be opened it’s as marvelous and as
simple as that in fact it’s so simple that in our
seemingly complicated world it’s difficult for an adult to understand
that all he needs is a purpose and faith for 30 days do your best if you’re a
Salesman go at it as you’ve never done before not in hectic fashion but with
the calm cheerful assurance that time well spent we’ll give you the abundance
and return you deserve and want if you’re a homemaker devote your 30 day
test to complete giving of yourself without thinking about receiving
anything in return and you’ll be amazed at the difference it makes in your life
no matter what your job do it as you’ve never done it before for 30 days and if
you’ve kept your goal before you every day you wonder and marvel at this new
life you found Dorothea brand outstanding editor and writer discovered
it for herself and tells about it in her fine book wake up and live her entire
philosophy is reduced to the words act as though it were impossible to fail she
made her own test with sincerity and faith and her entire life was changed
one of overwhelming success now you make your test for 30 full days don’t start
your test until you’ve made up your mind to stick with it you see by being
persistent you’re demonstrating faith persistence is simply another word for
faith if you didn’t have faith you would never persist if you should fail during
your first 30 days by that I mean suddenly find yourself overwhelmed by
negative thoughts you’ve got to start over again from that point and go 30
more days gradually your new habit will form until
you find yourself one of that wonderful minority to whom virtually nothing is
impossible don’t forget the card it’s vitally
important as you begin this new way of living on one side of the card write
your goal whatever it may be on the other side write the words we’ve quoted
from the Sermon on the Mount ask and it shall be given you seek and ye shall
find knock and it shall be opened unto you in your spare time during your test
period read books that will help you inspirational books like the Bible
Dorothea Bram’s wake up and live the magic of believing by clogged Bristol
think & Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill and other books that instruct and inspire
nothing great was ever accomplished without inspiration see that during
these crucial first 30 days your own inspiration is kept at a peak above all
don’t worry worry brings fear and fear is crippling the only thing that can
cause you to worry during your test is trying to do it all yourself know that
all you have to do is hold your goal before you everything else will take
care of itself

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  1. I love it when his mentor, Jim Rohn starts talking about "disgust" as a powerful emotion that could change ur life forever. Another, "welcome all experiences. You never know which one is gonna turn everything on" ❤

  2. when you change, everything will change for you.
    when you get better, everything will get better for you.

  3. Fuck this goddam alien. This fucknuts success is a perfect example of how stupid people can be. It's no wonder this world is fucking doomed. Bunch of blind fucking sheep giving money to whatever goofball easily shoves horseshit down everyone's throat.

  4. I always liked tony robbins , in a gay way….well maybe not? but thought he was nice even if I thought guys like him are always full of it, he's likeable.

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