Tony Robbins: Feeling Lost? How to Find Yourself Again ( Tony Robbins Passion )

You and I want to know what it takes to
be happy we have to understand what is our current blueprint of how our life’s
supposed to be now what do I mean by blueprint well we have a story in our
head of how life’s supposed to be some people’s story is you work hard in
school you become really great you’re a nice person you’re a good person and
then you grow up and you take care of yourself and you find the ideal man and
you fall in love you have a white picket fence and you have three perfect
children and you live happily ever after somebody else’s story the old story was
you work really hard in school you excel in college you’re going to work for a
big corporation and you move up through the ranks until you’re the President or
chairman of the company and you become successful respected throughout life
these are some old stories obviously the stories that we hear today of what
people’s lives are supposed to be like are completely diverse we no longer have
these little archetypes but when our type still seems to remain that
archetype is in order for you to really feel like you’re enough many people
believe they have to achieve an enormous amount they may do it in different ways
they may do it by building a company and taking a public when they’re 27 or 25
years old or you know they find and create a new technology or they become a
very special doctor but we live in a culture in the West that teaches people
that you’re not enough unless you do something really special and unique and
we define special and unique and interesting ways a schoolteacher is not
special and unique a mother who stays home with her children day and night
sculpting their minds their bodies their souls and their future is not special we
live in a world today where we treat teachers like they’re nobody and pay
them accordingly we wonder why our children seem to have challenges of
learning and growing or being engaged in school we spend thousands of dollars on
some item like a computer but what we look at overall we invest in for the
teacher and for that person is the personal connection with them is so
small we live in a society where many women look down and say well you’re just
a housewife you’re just a mother see some of the pain we have in our society
is not because there’s one right or one wrong approach but because we try
to make everybody fit into some particular approach to life here’s
what’s gonna make you happy or make you unhappy in life it’s real simple let’s
do a quick test if you’re in a situation right now where you look at your life I
know there’s an area of your life that you’d probably feel pretty darn good
about even if you’re not happy with your finances I bet you feel damn good close
to your kids or if you’re not close to your kids maybe you don’t have any kids
maybe you feel really good about your career if you’re doing not so good in
your career maybe you got a really great body that you’ve trimmed down or
strengthened up or you know you really shaped yourself the way you want
muscularly or in the way you look or if that’s not happening made me feel really
special connection with God we’re really close to your mother or father your
family whatever almost everybody has an area of their life if you’re really good
about it they’re honest if they’re fair to themselves
what’s any of your life you really feel happy about I want you think about it
for a moment truthfully what’s an area in your life today that if you wanted to
be happy about it you really could feel proud about it you could feel like so no
you’re doing darn well in and if you’re really hard on yourself there’s still an
area what’s an area I want you to think of it right now so once you think of
that area whether it’s your body or your finances or your career or your intimate
relationship or your relationship with your kids your relationship with your
Creator whatever it is I want you to think about why are you happy with that
air of your life right now today why are you happy with that area of your life
right now today I really think about if you’re in a seminar with Matt have you
write this down if you can you can put me on hold here for a second because I’d
like to reveal to you what the formula is for happiness and if I say there’s a
formula for happiness and here’s what it is you’re gonna go yeah yeah sure that’s
what he says but if you put down the answer and we can see the formulas real
without me telling you what it is you get to look at your own life and say it
matches you’re gonna know this is right so you could stop this right now if you
want put me on hold and just write down what’s an area of your life you’re
really really happy about you’re really pleased with or you could be if you
wanted to focus on it and why are you happy with that part of your life right
now even if you’re not happy with everything
what’s the year you’re happy with and why put me on hold right now or you’re
not gonna do that just think for a moment why specific
be real why now when I asked this if you turned me back on now if I ask this of
an audience I’ll have people write this down for a few minutes and I’ll call in
people I’ll say share with a person next to you first what do you have you’re not
why are you happy in that area and be specific I have to be share how people
stand up I’ll call in a variety of people and I say hey I’m telling me what
are you happy about she’ll say well honestly I’m really happy with my body
she does I never thought I’d say that but I used to be so unhappy with it and
you know I finally I did some things I push myself through and now I exercise
regularly I mean I’m not perfect but I feel fit I feel strong I feel energetic
and that’s really I don’t know it just feels good to me
now I say everybody I’m now gonna show you what the form in the fraud business
is and it’s real simple I want to reveal it to you so you don’t ever forget it
whenever you’re happy with the area of your life it’s because right now your
current life experience I call it your LC your life conditions the conditions
of your life your life conditions in that area match or equal to your
blueprint your story your belief about how life should be in that area so this
woman says to me I’m really happily my body because it’s not perfect her
blueprint is I don’t need to be perfect but it’s so much better than it was
I’m fit and I’m strong and I have this energy her mental blueprint says I
should be fit strong and have energy I don’t need to be perfect but I should be
that way well in my life my body matches how I
think it should be I feel good about my life well that’s somebody else I’ll say
you know tell me there you’re happy with someone else to say well I’m really
happy with my career and why well I’m doing better than I even thought I would
be I mean I’m ahead of the schedule of where I hoped I’d be at this stage I’m
working at this level in this company and I have these skills and this ability
and it’s even better than I thought well once again listen this person is happy
with this area of their life because their current life conditions in the
area called their career are even better than they expected they would be better
than their blueprint better than their belief about how it should be he what’s
really better you tend to be over the moon but one woman would say you know I
kind of tell you I said I’m the happy he’s ever been in my whole life how come
she goes because I have this man in my life and I’m in love
with him and he loves me and I can be myself with him and he we have this
incredible intimacy and this passion and we want to be with each other all the
time and I never get bored with him well what’s her blueprint you want to be with
somebody that you could have total intimacy with somebody who you love and
loves you those are part of her rules her beliefs of how it should be she said
you know it needs to be I never want to be with anybody else I want to be with
him every moment her blueprint about how life should be and the way she lives her
relationships even better than she hoped when it’s better than you hope you’re
gonna be totally excited so think about this then what’s an area you’re not
happy with let’s see if we can find the formula for unhappiness if the formula
for happiness is to be able to meet your expectations or exceed them that we
really make sure excited but to be happy at least Mita doesn’t have to be perfect
but if you generally are meeting what you expect you want from your life in
that area feel good right conditions match blueprint feel good so what makes
you feel bad or creates pain stress frustration little easy way to figure it
out answer this question what’s an area of life you’re not happy with let me be
honest with yourself and even if your life is great all kinds of ways I’m sure
there’s an area you’d like to improve anybody who’s honest if they’re doing
great in their career very often don’t take care of their bodies so much if
they’re really focused on their body you know very often they find themselves in
a position where they’re not spending enough time with their kids or if
they’re spending time with their kids their intimate relationships not doing
so well because it’s the nature of human beings to focus on areas they feel
comfortable with and strong in and give those time and the areas they don’t feel
so strong and they go I don’t have time for it what do you really say guys I
don’t feel very competent that area so what’s an area of your life that you are
not as happy with I mean it’s healthy honestly to look at
areas and say I don’t like it I want more this whole concept of a
breakthrough is about how do I close the gap between where I am right now and
that’s what we’re here to do is like here’s what I want to be here’s where I
am it’s healthy to see there’s a gap that makes me have this hunger this
drive to grow to feel alive to expand as a human being so what’s an area you’re
not pleased with is it your body is it your finances is
it your career is it your spiritual life or lack thereof in terms of feeling
connected in that area is it your kids like what’s the area what’s the area
that’s not where you want it to be and then answer for a moment why aren’t you
happy with that area of your life right now why specifically today are you not
happy with that area of your life at this stage of your time of your life
again you can stop this and write it down
might be useful for you or if you gonna keep it running stop it and you’ll turn
it right back on I’ll kick into it do that now or if you kept it running then
just I’ll give you what happens I have people write this down and they don’t
like this exercise so much oh I don’t like my body or I don’t like my finances
I don’t like my career I don’t like the person I’m in a relationship with I
don’t like myself the way I’m in relationships why they write it all down
how people share back and forth I call on people and the lessons pretty clear I
tell people in advance here’s the formula for unhappiness
I’ll show you before you do anything else when your life conditions when your
life conditions the way you’re living your life today does not match it
doesn’t equal your blueprint your story of how it’s supposed to be then you’re
gonna have disappointment frustration or pain if your life is way different than
the way you think it’s supposed to be you can have enormous pain if it’s a
little different you might feel stressed make sense so people stand up and I said
tell me you know what CEO you’re not happy with and the person says well you
know I’m really not happy with my finances and I go why and they say
because I’m doing worse now than I was five years ago I made mistakes in the
market and at this stage of my life I should have this much money and I don’t
have it and I don’t know how to change it and it’s making me crazy and why are
they crazy you say well because they don’t have their economic needs met no
you cannot have your economic needs met and you could still be okay but when you
have an idea this is what my need is and I did the wrong thing my life doesn’t
match how I’m supposed to be that’s when people get a little crazy
so you think about it if you grew up taking care of folding your own clothes
making your own meals going to this doing the grocery shopping cleaning the
bedroom cleaning the house vacuuming taking out the trash and you did that
your whole life then if you have to do that later on you don’t feel like you
have economic pain because you don’t have a maid but if you grew up an
environment where everything was done for you you never have to work and now
suddenly you have to work incredibly hard to just pay enough money to pay
your bills and all of a sudden food is building up and the house is dirty and
your clothes aren’t folded and nothing matches you might find yourself really
angry and frustrated because you have a different story about how life’s
supposed to be than how it is someone else will say well I’ll tell you why
because I’m in a situation now where you know I’m 30 pounds everything I should
be should be the key word there are people there are people in all cultures
who love being big there are people that’ll walk around and someone else
might think they’re massively overweight but they’re gone I own this honey and
they really truly they match their blueprint big is beautiful cuz their
ideas big is beautiful I’m big that’s beautiful matches my blueprint
rock and roll I’m happy as can be somebody else can look like a twig and
be stressed out saying I hate my body because their blueprint says I should be
the skinniest thing on earth and I’m not skinny enough am I making sense when
your life conditions don’t match your blueprint you’re gonna have pain but
here’s when you suffer well ask people who here has been through the dark night
of the soul who’s been here in a situation where you feel like like like
life life isn’t worth living or we feel like a pain that just will never go away
and I’ll people write down those experiences like Joaquin so you’ll begin
to understand what the issue is I’m talking about here while Keane if you
recall was in a situation where this man felt like there was no reason to live he
couldn’t work he couldn’t do anything his life was worthless why did he think
that because he had a blueprint and his blueprint said I need be an NBA
basketball player or at least a professional basketball player I need to
be able to make money and have this great lifestyle because that’s what
makes me worthwhile as a human being that’s what makes my family respect me
my my my uncle’s my aunts I am the
successful one in the family and I make the money I support everybody he’s a
good man he didn’t come just to be successful he
took care of his mother his family’s he tried to be an inspiration for people
walking orchids as a man I was always going out on his free time and training
kids and showing them the pathway to freedom how they could play basketball
and get free like he did and get out of the inner city so this man is not a
selfish man but he knew this is the way to be worthwhile this is the way to be
able to give to people this is the way to take care of your family and all of a
sudden one night what happened that way was taken from him he has a stroke and
another night his life conditions make it impossible to be who he has to be or
he feels like he’s worthless to get it we have an identity we have a story of
how we’re supposed to be and if life somehow gets in the way of that story we
feel pain but if we feel we have no control that’s when we go into suffering
see it’s one thing to say my life doesn’t match my blueprint I got to lose
weight that might stress you out or my life doesn’t match my blueprint I’m not
in a relationship I got to get in one that might motivate you even you might
not like it but you’re gonna find a way to get on with or my career doesn’t
matter I should be you could change it but when you start believing that your
life doesn’t match your blueprint and you have no control to change it you’re
helpless that’s when people suffer and so this week for your breakthrough it’s
a chance for you to start to take a look at your blueprint anywhere you’re really
having pain yeah look if you’re doing great in some area of your life
celebrate of course and I’m sure there are many areas you are but life is
really a series of growth spurts I mean two things in life make you feel alive
growing and giving and what’s really wonderful about this man Joaquin is he
was constantly growing trying to get better trying to be a better team made a
better basketball player think about it when he didn’t make the team’s and even
make the NBA he didn’t give up he worked even harder the guy was always striving
striving to become something and he became it and he
keep dit and then life took it from him isn’t that the common denominator with
so many of the people and the stories of this six-part series that you saw these
six specials I mean Frank and Kristen had a blueprint of what life was
supposed to be about we’re supposed to get married and have children and we’re
gonna have our own business and all of a sudden life doesn’t match the blueprint
and suddenly there’s depression because in their case they said there’s nothing
we could do but they were wrong they are wrong because they discovered that Frank
discovered I can make a difference in my wife the chair even though I didn’t
create this and then ask for this chair does not define me I can become more
than I was before I can have the impact on my wife I can have children we had to
change his blueprint because we couldn’t change all the conditions of his life
does that make sense I couldn’t get him to physically walk again maybe someday
he will but we can’t count on that well we gotta count on is that he can be
fulfilled by seeing he isn’t helpless that I did that to a series of
experiences that violated what he thought he couldn’t do the same thing
was true with almost every one of the people we worked with at some level and
in Joaquin’s example it was also true our Keane said well I I can’t ever have
this quality of life again because I’m not a professional basketball player and
he was locked into that mindset and all of us get locked at times but to his
credit to a system of steps we were able to break him out of that where we get
him to see that he isn’t helpless because here’s your choice watch this
now if you’re suffering if you’re in pain your life doesn’t match how you
think it should be and you think you’re helpless to change it now you have only
three choices choice one blame something and that’s what Joaquin did if you
recall he blamed his coach he blamed what happened to him and of course these
things were outside his control but he blamed his coach and a big part of the
healing if you watch this session was bringing his coach in and getting him to
see hey you know what all that anger all that resentment inside of you Joaquin a
it’s not based on the truth and be like Nelson Mandela said you know having
resentment in your soul is like drinking poison and hoping the
your enemy will die it doesn’t work that way but when Joaquin was able to break
out his breakthrough was a change in perception to realize this coach wasn’t
stopping me I just felt like I lost everything and so I don’t know how to
change it so I’m looking for something to be mad about someone to blame so so I
don’t have to blame myself or I don’t have to feel so helpless because when
you’re angry you don’t feel so helpless you feel strong for the moment even
though it’s a fake strength when he was able to make that breakthrough he could
stop blaming because these are three choices when life doesn’t match how you
think it should be blame something an event someone else or yourself as we
talked about earlier in the series blame games just destroy you there’s no
progress when you plan for the moment you feel okay but nothing changes what
are your real choices you only have two choices in life if life doesn’t match
your blueprint you either have to change your life that is you kind of say you
know what my body isn’t there I’m gonna go work out my relationship isn’t there
I’m gonna change it you know I’m not making one I gotta make I’m gonna retool
I’m gonna get a new skill I’m gonna go back to school I’m gonna start a
business I’m gonna do something you have to do something to change your life or
in order for you to be happy if you can’t change your life you’re gonna have
to change your blueprint usually a life that requires a little bit of each does
that make sense and if you’ve changed your take change your life and change
your blueprint you can have an extraordinary life and what you
witnessed this man do was once he let go of his anger and his denial once he
started to look at things he began to find by spending time with his family
that he was worthwhile being loved while he played basketball or not of course
he’d love to play basketball but professional basketball is no longer
part of it and we had to get Joaquin to shift that and Joaquin is a metaphor for
all of us because all of us are gonna have times in our life when what we want
or think life should be like isn’t gonna match how life really is those moments
if we blame our life goes into pain if we change we can change our life and
match our blueprint but we have to also know when it’s not within our control
and that’s how we’re able to make a shift to change what our story is for
our life what our expectations are not by low
but by changing what that model really is helping us make sense to you I’ll
give you a great example years ago I do a lot of work with
business people celebrities people of all kinds the walks of life and I was
dealing with a group of people and they knew a very very powerful celebrity and
without to give that person privacy I won’t tell you too many details who
can’t figure out exactly who it is but it would be a person who was very
successful as a woman who was extremely attracted by cultural standards a woman
who’s had a lot of dear friends a lot of deep respect so great skill great
ability extremely talented quite attractive quite wealthy in financial
terms and lots of great friends this would be for most people’s idea the
ultimate blueprint if your life matches that description you must have an
incredible life but ironically this particular individuals famous as they
were was depressed all the time they had seemingly everything and yet
the person was depressed how do you get depressed when you’re smart and you’re
strong and you’re beautiful and you got great friends and you’re rich and you’re
famous well it’s real simple people said I don’t know what it is everyone’s try
to help her she’s been on the through counselling she’s got all these
different drugs nothing’s working she’s thinking antidepressants and she’s still
depressed which is not uncommon by the way because if you change the way you
feel physically but you still see your life doesn’t match how you think it
should be at some level and you feel like you’re helpless to change it you’re
gonna be depressed so I said bring her to me I said I can help her I know that
sounds like hyperbole but I absolutely can help her well how do you know that
Tony because I already know what the problem is I know if someone’s depressed
it’s because they feel helpless because their life doesn’t match how they think
it should be I just don’t know what her blueprint is but we’ll find out what it
is and we’ll either help her change her life or help her change a blueprint or
both long story short and very quickly I’ll tell you the core of it which came
to me and she spent maybe the first half an hour telling me apologizing saying I
know I should be happier I know it’s silly for me to be depressed I don’t
know why I’m so depressed I I know I should be grateful for what I have and I
am grateful it was all these reasons why she knows she
should feel good but still didn’t I try to finally explain to her Lissa I don’t
care about that I care about you the fact that you’re not happy has nothing
to do with what you have or don’t have the fact that you’re not happy is that
your life doesn’t match the way you think it should be and you have some
idea of how you think it should be and worse if you’re this the press that for
all this time you feel like you can’t do anything you
have no power to change it you feel helpless and she looked at me in a
certain way and I said so what is that what did you want your life to be like
she goes well it sounds stupid I said like I sound stupid to me she said well
I don’t know I just always since I was a little girl dreamed that I would be
married and I would have three basically perfect children and they would love me
totally and I love my husband he loved me and I said okay so how’s that working
for you so far and she said well I think you know cuz pretty famous person she
said I’m divorced twice I have no children and now ex age and to give you
a clue that age would be an age where having a child your own natural child at
least barring a medical miracle is not going to happen so I said to her well
why don’t you just adopt just no no no no no that’s not it and so what I had to
dig under is whenever we talked and one of the earlier sessions about there’s
the surface problem and then there’s the deeper desire or need so I said to her I
said well what if you couldn’t have the husband but you could have the kids and
she smiled she said I’d take that I said well why not adopt a kid she goes now it
has to be my own blood children so I kept digging to find out what was behind
her blueprint because your blueprint is just a projection of what you think you
need to be happy but as human beings when I’m in Tori ously ineffective at
knowing that’s gonna make us happy so much what we think we’re gonna make us
happy we get there we go is this all there is so many things that we think
are gonna make us miserable and we can never deal with we go through it we can
handle it we’re not good at projecting these things all kinds of studies will
show this so I said to her well what what are you hoping to get from these
three children why do they have to be your blood children and she finally said
well if my blood children I know they’ll always
love me they’ll never leave me what was she looking for unconditional love she
had this big blueprint that said white house picket fence three children
perfect husband you know all these different things but what was behind
that was a need and need to feel like she could have love that would be
certain and wouldn’t go away so I can help her meet that need so I said to her
I said well maybe one reason you don’t have a husband is because every time you
look at one you’re trying to figure out if he’s gonna get you those three kids
in time and how that’s gonna happen and maybe he feels a little stressed when
he’s low you’re looking at in this way because he can feel what’s going on
behind your bed even if he doesn’t know what the words are and she started
laughs because I guess I’ve probably been that way a good portion of my life
and she goes people wonder you know why I’m so uptight
I say you’re uptight because you were felt like you’re running out of time
trying to meet some picture but I said all you really want is love I said don’t
have a lotta lovin new life tell me about your friends and gradually I got
her to start seeing this love that she was trying to get was already here it
didn’t match the picture maybe maybe we could paint a new picture of what life
could really be like and make sure that picture met her deepest needs that’s
basically we did Joaquin Joaquin wanted to be professional basketball player
because he loved basketball yes but also because he wanted to be that man who was
a leader he wanted to be a man who was the good man he want to be the one who
brought energy to people he want to be the man people would look up to he want
to be the man who could take care of his family and style all of us Amelie not
just his daughters and his wife but other people as well underneath it all
he wanted to know that he mattered and through the process that you saw in this
show he began to find out that he didn’t need to be angry at the world that yes
his blueprint was taken from him but his soul and his ability to be a special
human being and I could touch other people was not taken from him that may
be his real gift was his ability to inspire young kids his ability to get
himself to do whatever it took how did he become a professional basketball
player unbelievable discipline unbelievable Drive he started bringing
that to picking up trash and the game started to change he started out fun
Mary could come home and take care of his kids and pay his bills that doesn’t
solve everything but it gives a way to suddenly regain himself when he
sat around with all of his family you saw part of those scenes and if you
watch little areas of browsing this week you’ll see some more scenes from his
family where you see him beginning to realize they love me whether I’m rich or
poor they love me when a professional basketball player or
not they love me that’s what he was really after and he got that it allowed
him to let go and say I can do other things that doesn’t mean he won’t have
challenges we’re all gonna have challenges in our life he admit it
doesn’t mean that at times he won’t was she’s doing more but he’s no longer
stuck he’s broken through because he now knows I have control I can change my
life or I can change my blueprint and what I
do I can fulfill it I can start to fail that aliveness now here’s the trap what
do you think happens once you fulfill your blueprint regularly once you figure
out how to do what you always dreamed of you always dream to live a certain way
and now you’re living that way live in that way live in that way every day well
the human nervous system human spirit needs to grow so pretty soon you’ll get
bored with that and you’ll come up with a new blueprint that’s part of the part
of life that’s exciting see if you and I are from this day forward our gonna be
happy just remember we’ve said it takes two things grow and give a meaningful
life comes from growing that sense of progress and it comes from having life
not just be about me but about we doing something that makes me feel connected
to other people besides myself that growth that sense of contribution fills
a deep spiritual need that we all have if you are unhappy in your life you got
three choices really to blame that’s not a choice it’s not gonna work don’t blame
someone else don’t blame you that don’t blame yourself just figure out what
you’re gonna do to change your life that’s my specialty if you like my
coaching or my team’s coaching come visit with us come to an event come get
a coach come to a program or we’ll guide you through it more than just a few
minutes like this and we’ll do it directly an environment that will shift
you or change your blueprint you’re gonna have to rewire what’s going on
inside and that’s what we focus on as well so I hope this journey has been an
interesting one for you I hope that’s opened up your eyes to what it takes to
go from where you are to where you want to be it takes changing your emotional
pattern to change bringing presents to your life it takes realizing you have
problems compared to somebody else in putting your life in perspective it
takes the ability to deal with those extreme stresses that happen in your
life by questioning your limiting beliefs and again if we’d love to coach
you and show you how to change those in a permanent way where it happens
automatically just like lifting weights so often till the muscle is always there
and you find yourself able to follow through it takes for you to be able to
figure out how to deal with crisis and how to turn it around
it takes facing your fear it takes pushing yourself through what used to
stop you it takes putting yourself in a position
where you connect to what’s more important than just yourself what you
value than just yourself and it takes I think in this case also the ability to
realize that no matter what happens to you you’re more than that moment you’re
more than the story you think you’re supposed to be and that even when you’re
not matching what you think you need to be maybe there’s a reason for that maybe
you’re having to find a different part of yourself that’s gonna fulfill you in
a much deeper level sometimes failing to get your goal gives you your destiny I
can’t tell you how many people I’ve known over the years and had an idea of
what they thought their life was supposed to be like and they didn’t
achieve it they got miserable and upset and frustrated and one day an opening
happened and they went oh my god thank God that didn’t happen
I think it’s Garth Brooks had a great song and it’s a song about when he was
in high school and he was in love with this girl infatuated with her and she
didn’t even know that he existed and he prayed to God every day that she would
notice him that she would fall in love with him and then sure enough she never
did he was so disappointed his blueprint didn’t match his life didn’t match it
because she didn’t even know he existed and he felt this suffering he could do
nothing to turn it around well 15 years later he became a guy named Garth Brooks
somebody everybody knew and he could rock you know stadiums with his energy
and his song and his music and he goes back to being this high school reunion
it was his 15 year even if I remember correctly I don’t member the exact year
but all I remember is he said he saw that woman that he was so obsessed by I
was looking forward to seeing her and now he was Garth Brooks and he met her
and after he met her and spent some time with her he wrote a song called thank
God for unanswered prayers sometimes not getting your blueprints
the best thing that ever happen because the disappointment drives you to find
something more important inside of you or not getting it makes you look for
another aspect of your life a spiritual aspect of a family aspect a physical
aspect if you can just trust that life doesn’t happen to you it happens for you
then you can find in any situation a benefit that can take your life to the
next level I don’t care if you’re Frank and Kristen I don’t care if you’re you
know Mandy and Scott I don’t care if you’re Joaquin and Kim every one of us
in our life is gonna feed faced situations where it feels like we have
total trauma something that’s been taken from us the real question is what are
you gonna do with it some people just live in the story of
what they don’t have and they have the right to do that
if Frank and Chris them lived in pain and felt bad we’d all say they have the
right to do it it’s a different thing what you have the right to do and what
you deserve to give yourself and others we have the ability to transcend
whatever happens to us there’s something called post-traumatic growth very few
people know about it two people go through the same stress one’s destroyed
the other grows what’s the difference the people that grow will not give up
they don’t have any excuses they find the way to break through whatever it
takes and when they do three things happen number one they realize who they
really are and what they’re capable of they realize there’s so much stronger
than they thought they were and number two they deepen all their relationships
you want to know who really cares about you who you love and who loves you go
through some tragedy go through some hard times all your Facebook friends go
away your real friends your real family shows up for you and you show up for
them and it deepens your relationships and the third thing happens if you can
push yourself through and break through whatever challenges life gives you is
each time you have a breakthrough you get stronger and it almost like builds a
psychological immunity in you where suddenly all of a sudden it’s like stuff
happens you know stuffs gonna happen and you’re not scared of it anymore
cuz after you’ve been through a stroke after you’ve been through you know
losing the use of some of your body or senses after you lose a family member
and you break through to that you get to the other side it’s like give me your
best shot life it’s almost like there’s this psychological immunity that says
I’m ready for whatever life will give me I don’t want challenges but if they’re
here I know I can handle them that’s strength of spirit is what
creates a sense of freedom and joy in life and that strength of spirit
basically comes from living a life where you are constantly a neverending feeling
a way to improve yourself and to help others that’s my mission and if we can
serve you again in the future I hope you’ll check us out there’s three
ways you can continue to participate with us you can come to an event come
have an experience with us live in a weekend at our unleash the power within
or our date with destinies I think you’ll find it’s very different than
just sitting here talking to you quietly sitting in front of your computer screen
it’s a rock’n’roll environment it’s like going to the ballpark and having one
person sitting there talking to you versus being in the ball park or the
rock and roll concert you know with 50,000 there’s an energy and a power
that comes from it second is there’s immersion here we talked for an hour
there’s distractions and emails there it’s total focus and we go for immersion
where literally what we did here over six weeks few little conversations all
that happens over and over again multiple times a day and you get that
shift so come to an event or call up and get a coach we have people that you can
work with and have a free coaching session and make sure it’s really
valuable for you but these are people that can check in with you to help make
sure you break through you make the changes you want to make and your career
your finances your body or your emotions or whatever area matters to you and
finally lastly and probably most importantly every day you got to feed
your mind because every day most of us are turning on you know some form of
news it shows up in our pocket and our blackberries or I you know iPods or
iPhones I should say it shows up you know on your computer constantly it
chases us and it rarely does a good idea interrupt you really what you have to do
is pursue the ideas pursue the experiences they’re gonna change your
life and we have a way to do it call that
time no extra time a way where you can keep feeding your mind the stuff that
really matters with some products or services so if you’re interested in any
of those things be sure to click on your interest of an event or interest in
having a free coaching session or maybe try one of our audio programs because
the challenge here is with video got to sit here potentially and watch me but
with audio you can do it while you’re working out you can do it while you’re
cleaning the house you can do it while you’re driving in the car or you’re
getting to work we’d love to continue serving you in any way we can I know
I’ve gone long in this session but I really want you to think about how can I
get my life the way I want it to be the way I do it is I figure out what my
blueprint is and I update it for what life is I changed my life
match my blueprint and suddenly my life feels full and a lot thank you for the
time that we spent together here I’ve really enjoyed our time and I hope that
this breakthrough series reminds you to never settle for less than you can be
never settle for less than you can give or you can share live strong live with
passion and god bless

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