Tony Robbins: How To Overcome Emotional Crisis (Tony Robbins Depression)

[Music] one woman just decided you know what you can’t take my dignity from me I can only give that up and I don’t choose to give it up and I will not go back the Stan sir is no Rosa Parks changed an entire society because that day she chose to focus on something else she gave it a different meaning this is not a command you do not have control over me and she decided to fight and she changed the direction of a country and of many other countries she started something we forget that you don’t have to be famous to have the ability to change at least your own personal history to change the direction we go in our life we have the power to choose even if you have it before you can finally say no law I won’t put up with that within myself or from anybody else and here’s what I’m going to do differently that’s where the breakthroughs really start to happen now the question is why do some people stand their ground and make something change versus other people just kind of accept things why do some people make bold decisions and other people make decisions that are based on trying to hang on to what they’ve got that’s a more complex question the answer that we might have in a few minutes in this one session but there’s one that I’ve spent my life studying because when you can change your decisions you can change your life when you can change the force that controls your decisions you can change anything in your life at some level we have certain beliefs and values but if I was going to make it simple I’d say there’s two things that determine your choices the first thing is the state of mind and emotion here and at that moment think about it have you ever snapped at somebody who had nothing to do with them it was just the state you’re in right you’re frustrated you’re pissed off about something and in that state of mind whatever they said got interpreted to that state and you made of a meaning like they’re an irritant or they’re interrupting you they weren’t probably feel bad afterwards when we get in the wrong state we make the wrong decisions when you get in a strong empowering state you’ll make a better decision learning how to direct your state is a big part of what my work is with people and it’s a big part of what I do on my seminars but the other thing that affects your decisions would be what I would call your story or your blueprint we all have kind of a story about how our life was supposed to be comes from a set of life experiences interpretations some people think life is all about getting theirs some people think life is about growing and contributing some people think life is about making judgments some people think life is about saving other people’s lives some people think life is about being successful some people think God is the basis of everything and the way to know God is to go through life in a very specific way with a set of rules and they follow it that’s what they believe whatever your story is whatever your blueprint your blueprint just another way of saying whatever you believe is how your life is supposed to be at some level we either follow that blueprint or we fight it if we follow it or we fight it we’re going to find that we’re going to bump into things in life where life isn’t always the same as we expect the debate or think it should be and that’s what we start to experience stress so in this session a breakthrough when you watch this story and you saw Melissa you saw the conflict between which he desired most and what you feared most I really believe life is the dance between what you desire most and fear most that’s where you find where we live our life the dance between what you want most of what you fear most that’s where all that energy is in life so what does she want she wants to be famous she wants to be able to sing and have everyone hear her voice and be able to touch everyone she wants to contribute she wants to share her gift and she definitely wants to be famous and successful she needs to be closer to her children but one of the big challenges in life is oftentimes what we want and what we needed two different things she has five boys for all extremely young as I’m sure you’ve saw and she has a husband and while they’re all supportive or going on this journey somewhere along the lines you’ve lost that connection to what was most important now she a bad person to make bad decisions no good people make bad decisions when they get in lousy states what our ego gets involved or when we start believing our story and here was the story she had being a mom is important but the bigger gift God gave me is my singing voice now once we get seduced into a particular story and we start to believe it it takes ahold of our life and it control all of our choices and then pretty sound bad choice on top of bad choice sometime a choice starts to affect our life can you write how many times you’ve made some choices that you wish like Callie would have made a different decision back then and or that no one ever knows the stupid decisions you made I know I can relate to that so what I want to talk to you about today for this brief little session is how to break through a crisis crises happen whatever type of crises you go through in your life and I know you’ve had many when we make some choices unconsciously can we get consequences and we make them unconsciously because we’re trying to get what we want we don’t really know what we value most we don’t know what we need can we find yourself waking up one day and going why is my life this way it’s kind of like life is always calling to us to constantly grow and improve you know if you’re going to look at what’s going to make life work it’s really simple what makes people happy is progress we’re happy more progressing if you’re overweight but you leave today you see you know what this breakthrough thing what I got today for me more anything else is I’ve been stuck waiting for some magical diets and magical exercise climbs some magical time in the future when they have more time there is more than one more time I don’t need a week wait for that I’m just going to make a decision today to get started I don’t need to go out there and go interview twenty trainers and get online I don’t need somebody give me a perfect plan I used to pick up my shoes and start walking I need to just get somebody behind me who just goes wrong I don’t need a way for perfection I’m gonna do something right now I choose to get that I choose the walk I just a run I choose to go join a club I’m doing it now a breakthrough happens the moment you make a new choice and you don’t have to wait you can just get yourself in a new state maybe this tape will get your doing or just have to have a new thought that says you know what I made choices in the past I’m overweight because I chose to eat this and this I’m not going to eat it anymore I’m changing now you can change your whole life real fast with just a few choices but if you don’t make the right choices eventually you’re going to face a crisis crisis is when you made so many poor choices that sooner or later life shows up and instead of asking gently for you to change and improve to grow to make progress to be happy life what if the crisis now demands change it isn’t asking anymore we borrowed money society and we overspent and we talked about changing and we knew we had to change and our crisis happens and guess what nobody other choice the game has changed and what crisis does is it melts us down it melts us down so that we can recast our life we can we mold ourselves and usually on the other side our life is greater because as we go through that crisis we have to growl nobody everybody wants change nobody wants to do it everybody I should say wants progress but nobody wants to change everybody wants their life better but nobody wants to do the push-ups the running have the economic or emotional discipline to make it happen but if you’re watching this right now and you’re still with me some part of you wants more and I’m saying to you choose it and the way you’re going to choose it is really simple if you’re in that crisis what keeps you in the crisis is probably because you’re being reinforced most people they over eat or they smoke or they drink or they yell at people they keep doing it because they’re rewarded whatever gets rewarded gets reinforced whatever habit or behaviors reinforced becomes a habit and pretty soon do it long enough it becomes part of your personality and pretty soon you think it’s who you are and you just keep living that way I mean it’s easy to see this in other people right it’s easy to see how messed up they are and how easy they could if they just make some new choices all you gotta do is turn on the television some news programs an entertainment program and you’ll hear detailed descriptions about some person who is very powerful celebrity who is doing some stupid thing why do we see all the stuff on television why do we hear about every person you can imagine for Lindsay Lohan – Britney Spears – only back to the old days it was Elvis or Michael Jackson or whoever it is that’s in the news today in this stage of life in your countries you’re watching this it’s because we want to see other people who make bad decisions so we can feel better about our own but the reason those people don’t change Lindsay Lohan she’s got other DUI she’s putting herself at risk she’s putting other people or she could guilt someone she goes to jail and supposed to be 90 days but here’s the consequence it goes to two weeks and before she even gets out of the jail she makes a deal for gets paid a million dollars when she gets out for the interview what do you think the chances of her changing when her bad behavior gets her a million dollars I don’t know if she even makes that for that much time of acting at this stage what do you think the chances are when people around her say it’s not your fault it’s not fair they treat you unfairly as long as we have the decision that we’re not responsible it’s not our fault we can’t change anything we have no power so I don’t know if I time you watch this if Lindsey will change but if she did it will because the enablers are gone she’s taking responsibility and she’s found something she values more than attention and money for bad behavior now it’s easy to look at that with her but what about you and I where are you hi addicted to our problems where are you hi reinforced so many people won’t have a big problem listen if things are going well you say how it’s going so great your friends go well that’s great after a while they go well easy for you but if you got a problem to go hey I understand and they connect with you where do we get addicted to our problems if you want to make a new choice if you want to make a new decision today if you want to have a breakthrough in summary your life you have to give up the story that it’s not your fault and you got to give up the attention and the love and the connection and the commiserating that comes with it with other human beings here’s how you change five simple quick steps and then I’m going to give you a little tool but if you want to you can go online and really make a change with if you’re going to change your life step one I don’t care if something that’s happened to you you know somebody spilled oil all over where you fish it’s horrific it’s disgusting how they dealt with it but it’s happened you got to deal with it something’s happened someone your family has been injured you’ve lost your job I don’t care what the problem is if you’re in a crisis step number one see it as it is but don’t see it worse than it is now what do I mean by that I don’t mean visa mr. Mis positive thinking right now if you’re spending time with me you know I’m not about that I’m not here to tell you go to that garden and chant there’s no weeds there’s no weeds or still weed doing affirmations not going to change your life you’ve got to go see what the weeds are opponent I point a simple you’ve got to see what the problem is but you can’t make it so horrific that you just give up today this is the first generation in almost a hundred years of Americans who now believe the majority of Americans now believe that the quality of life for themselves and their kids in the future is going to be worse than the past they have in other words nothing to look forward to 63% of the u.s. as of today Wow when you start thinking there is no future you go into what we call learned helplessness a place where you just kind of give up and if you get to that place of giving up then you have no power of your life that’s when people get depressed not some people do crazy stupid things that’s when people want to turn to drugs or alcohol or sometimes suicide or just total frustration and anger and their life starts to do the opposite of breakthrough it becomes completely stockin and pain or an ongoing suffering if you’re not going to break out of that we got to see it as it is we’re not here to be positive thinking people you got to see what’s really going on but if you’re overweight you can’t say to yourself well I’m big-boned that’s not what you’re overweight you’re overweight because you don’t work out you eat certain things you Cheetos all day long watching TV I don’t know what did you do but I know it’s not just cuz you’re big-boned you don’t want to make it so it’s outside your control you can’t change it so see it as it is but don’t see it worse than it is so that you have no reason to try does that make sense that’s the first step step to get to the real truth and deal with it don’t just see it as it is and not worse than it is don’t just like balance it but now get to the truth I mean listen yes the truth is you’ve been trying to get a job for two years and you truly have worked every day in a particular industry the number of jobs made industry has shrunk down and you really aren’t getting that job then you might have look at the truth the truth is you might have to retool you might have to say gosh you know the industry I’m in is gone I mean gross implica simplistic example but for years vinyl records were around for 85 years there was a gigantic industry and things came and went during the vinyl record time what happened well there were remember those 8-track tapes are you ain’t enough to remember those things and you know somebody remembers those things these big boxes you push it in and out yeah eight tracks came and went vinyl records are still here and then cassette tapes came right and cassette dates were small or a more compact and more convenient and more seemingly indestructible and they came over here and vinyl records were still selling like crazy they had a job and vinyl record you kept it but then a little thing came along called the CD when that happened almost overnight you saw an entire industry been around almost a century was gone if you were the guy that worked in the vinyl record factory and you everything about it it was the second generation didn’t matter it was over and when now we laugh about a CD right because everything in this digital world you can have instantly who wants to put on a CD pretty rare still available in vinyl records maybe there’s a small market of people that are collectors but it’s gone my point is if you’re in the battle record business you’ve got to tell yourself the truth you got to see it it is not worse than it is but you also got to get the truth and deal with it you got to deal with a card you’re dealt you’re going to have to retool you have to change something we might have to move if you live in the Gulf and I don’t support anything that’s happened there who could it’s unconscionable what’s happening with BP but if you live in the Gulf and you’re a third-generation fisherman and you’re now you fish for oysters and they’re dead you better get to the truth are they going to be dead for two years or 10 or 20 to the best of your ability and you might say but I can’t do anything else I can’t I’m a third generation this is all I know yes you can get to the truth and deal with it deal the card you dealt with you got to deal with it sure I’m sure illegally but in the meantime you got to take care of your family I’m not saying this off-the-cuff easy because I’ve been in those situations where it’s impossible it’s unjust it’s wrong but I still got to deal with it just like you and I make it sense it’s like you might say I have a little Maura you might have to move you might have to fish someplace else you might have to get I know you still got to deal with all the consequences but you got to take that control of your life they’re unjust things that happen but you got to take control easy for me to say I’m not sitting in your shoes I get that but who hasn’t experienced some form of injustice someplace who I’ve dealt with something unfair who’s not dealt with something it wasn’t meant to be unfair but it affected your entire life your career your finances whatever you got to tell yourself the truth and you got to get to those dealing with the reality right now the longer you wait the longer the crisis will be if you’re having an economic crisis got to deal with it got a downsize right sighs do whatever it takes I say okay Tony well so far you’re telling me don’t allow myself to make it so bad I know try see it as is but don’t make it worse than it is you’re telling me get to the truth and deal with it well that’s nice but you know how do I do that maybe the third step more than just getting the role model maybe to be more specific is get a vision first get a vision and get strong that’s why I think the third step should be you first tell you something true this see it as it is not worse than is Pro yourself the truth and deal with it but the way to deal with it is say what am I going to go for there’s got to be a compelling future I got to come up with a vision for my life or a vision for my relationship I’ve had terrible relationships nothing’s worked tell yourself the truth I’ve made poor choices or I told me some stories and gave myself excuses or I’ve not had the courage whatever it is get to the truth and then get yourself a vision for what you do want because you have to have something you’re going to move towards does that make it sense if without a vision people perish it says in a very good book called the good book and I know there many good books but that’s a good one to take a look at we need something to go for we can deal with any problem today as long as there’s something that we can look for in the future that we can strive for it’ll give us the emotional and psychological fuel the juice to keep moving forward so you got to come up with a vision and a way to do that we’ll call that step 4 get a role model you might get the vision from a role model you might get division just from coming up with a new idea but in order to figure out how to go from where you are to where you want to be to close the gap from where you are to where you want to be it’s best to learn by other people’s experience whenever you can so get a role model get their strategy and go to work get into action so I’ll give you an example um years ago when I was first starting to try to figure out how to build myself financially I grew up at a time when just because I was do well this big recession happen I remember I was like 29 30 years old I think maybe 31 and I was doing okay and then all of a sudden there were all these business challenges because we went through this severe recession back in those days and I remember the time everybody was downsizing and freaking out and I thought you know what I don’t want to just settle for this I want to find a way to do well who’s done well in really tough times and so I started doing my homework and those days you know he didn’t go out and use the internet the way you do today you couldn’t access all that information we actually went the libraries and did research in traditional ways I’m H enough to remember those days and I started hearing about this man named Sir John Templeton very famous man he’s a man who became a multi billionaire as an investor he started with nothing but that was interesting is when I started find out about his story because here’s a guy that when he’s a young man is called Sir John heppa Templeton now he was actually an American originally and he wasn’t served he came from a very poor family and he just decided that in his life he wanted not only do well financially he want to do so well he could help other people at any level that he wanted and today by the way he’s passed but before he did he created the Templeton fund and he also created a fund that now delivers money gives money each year at the Templeton Prize to people to do good spiritual works and it’s larger than the Nobel Prize and it continues to go on but the guy started with nothing and here’s how I did it listen to me now the reason I look from as a role model is because he made all his money and the worst of times he made all his money when people were going through the equivalent of the deepest recession or depression possible his whole belief was this is different than almost anybody else you see around me was pessimism was the secret to success that what he wanted to do was make money when people are most pessimistic because when people are optimistic they want you to pay for their house a huge sum of money but as they start getting more and more pessimistic or pretty soon they think they can never the house is the worst thing to have they’ll virtually give you the house they’ll virtually give you the business and so he metals money starting in World War two when the war broke out when Hitler invaded over in Europe he took all the money hat and borrow total money at $10,000 a total amount he bought with $10,000 every stock on the New York Stock Exchange that was one dollar or less that he thought might be useful including some companies that look like they’re going to be bankrupt but he did it when people were the most pessimistic because your call it look like Hitler was going to take over it didn’t look like we were all going to be the winners it look like Hitler was going to dominate more people are that scared they would give up anything they had just to get a little bit back and so he bought all the stock that eventually made him a multi billionaire became a billionaire because after things changed after the war just five years later and the economy started to surge everything changed for him where do you think he invested next after World War two what was the country that was pummeled that was down the factories were basically turned into mud Japan you could buy things for pennies in Japan that would have cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars before and he did when everyone is most pessimistic he went in did well and then he sold when the 80s surged and when everybody thought Japan was the greatest country on earth had the biggest businesses he sold made his maximum profit when people were overly optimistic he did the same thing down in South America when inflation went crazy this man spent his entire life basically having a strategy of how to succeed when everybody else was scared I tell you that because he’s a role model what he did how he did it it’s all in writing it’s crystal clear he could do the same but you won’t be able to do it when you’re telling yourself the sky is falling and it’s over when you see it worse than it is you’ll just give up you won’t do it if you don’t tell yourself the truth is you know what this system isn’t working I got to do something I got to change my findings I got to change my job I got to reach if you don’t tell yourself the truth and deal with the truth the real truth nothing’s going to happen you won’t ever even think about a guy like John Templeton if you don’t have a vision that says I don’t care how the environment is I’m going to find a way to do well and you won’t do well unless you get a strategy based on a role model whose really done it my whole thing is this if anybody has something you want they aren’t lucky they did something if you model them if you take similar steps you can produce a similar result make sense and finally the fifth step look if you’re in a situation where you see it as is but not worse than it is if you’ve told yourself the truth and you dealt the cards you’re dealt with and just decide you’re going to change it you’re willing to do what’s necessary if you put yourself in a place we got a new vision and you got yourself strong if you got a role model and you got some strategy and you’ve got yourself an action step five is give much more than you expect to receive simple as that sounds if you find a way to meet people’s needs in business in an intimate relationship leading your kids needs anybody’s needs the whole game changes what happened here when all of a sudden you know Melissa finds herself coming home and all of a sudden she finds out that while she’s gone her kids now don’t want to talk to her boys her husband is having an affair well none of that could change if she would have just said you know what my whole life is over I’m done and oh by the way I just lost my career too because while I’m busy trying to deal with my family I didn’t finish the record so I lose my record deal oh by the way we don’t have any financial stability now we’re losing our house if that family would have just said it’s over Melissa or Rick either just said it’s over it would have been over but they told themselves the truth we got severe problems here but they didn’t make it worse than it was they didn’t say we can’t turn it around and then they got to the truth the truth of the infidelity the truth of her addiction to going after fame instead of being a mom the truth that neither one of them have been really competent at parents and have not given the energy to the kids that they deserved the truth is the truth will set you free but first it’ll piss you off you know the truth though it doesn’t feel good not feeling that it sometimes will you get your drive to change things they start looking around said we don’t have the skill to even manage your house much less our finances we got to do something different we got to focus on our kids we got to focus on turning things around we got to turn our relationship around but that wouldn’t worked unless they got a vision of starting to see you know it could happen and that’s what I help them with I help them get to the truth I help them to stop over exaggerating I got them to a place where they got to see that this relationship could be back alive and passionate and these kids deserve both their parents and that she really could be a great mom and that maybe in the end she could even still have her singing career enjoy it to that you’d have to give it all up I’m really proud of her she did it because she found a role model she got a vision but she got a full role model and the man that she works with today as a man that’s old I think now five million or ten million records and most people outside the country business don’t know his name he’s her mentor now he’s made music with you know Willie Nelson with just about anybody you can imagine in the business and he’s done it for all these years but he’s never left the central part of Texas because that’s where his family is and Melissa’s had offers to go to Sony Sony red she walked away because they said you have to do these things without your family she found out what was most important and she made the decisions that may met her needs to be a great mom when you fight life and go I should be a singer and not a mom and you got five kids you got a problem when you fight life and say you know the economy should be different you’re going to be stressed deal with what is without exaggeration with total honesty dealing with the cards coming up with a vision finding a self a role model that shows your strategy work your tail off give give give keep changing your approach and you can get where you want to go make sense now that might sound like a lot so to get you started here’s a lot like you do for this session start out if you want by taking a big crisis or problem you have and going through these steps ain’t okay what’s really true and let me exaggerate let me spout the exaggeration let me not make it worse than it’s just let’s define what’s true let’s stop the story just here’s what it is we got this much financial challenge we got this physical challenge whatever it is and then go to step two all right let’s find out the truth let’s get the details let’s get the details and figure out what we’re going to do then here’s where we’re going to go this is where we’re going to be interesting into it might take us longer to get where we want to go but we’re going to get here who’s done it that we can model that we can follow the step set who can coach us and let’s just work our tail off and change everyday but to give you a quick jump sometimes when you’re in the middle of crisis or crises multiple crises lots of things going on simultaneously it feels been overwhelming so you might not know role model I have to tell you I don’t know who well not hard in the internet these days to find role models or come to an event I promise you we can show you plenty of role models what I do for a living but what you can do right away is you can model yourself think about it almost everyone alive has been through more than one tough tough time crisis or multi crises where you’re having a problem financially and you’re on top of your family and you’re having a health problem all simultaneously those the intense ones right but if you’re standing still today most of us have found a way to get through it and if you don’t you know someone who went through a tough time I grandmother and aunts and uncles somebody the greatest way to make that change happen when you break out of it you know break through you break out of a problem you break out of crisis is model yourself so we have five questions when you click on this link and you can do it by video so you can see yourself and you can share it with other people or you can type in the answer I’ll tell you advanced what they are and then when I’m done here I want you to do it right away if you would first question is let’s throw a lot of toughest times in your life what’s been one of the toughest times your life that you did get through maybe with a financial situation it was a career situation again maybe with an intimate relationship when you were crushed you thought you could never make it through all the pain you went through there you know maybe it was a physical challenge the health challenge maybe was a lack of confidence or ability I don’t know what it was but what was it just incredibly tough time that you did make it through you’re just going to jot it down or are you doing the video and just tell us because you’re not only going to get this answer but we’re going to create a community of people who will be Romans people that have been through hell and back saying here’s what I was here’s I got through here’s what shifted my life here’s what you can do our greatness community is our gift to you so that this isn’t just a discussion that’s one way we really I want to do a start a conversation with you where we can help each other so that first question is what what’s the crisis what’s a challenge what’s a tough situation you eventually made through but it really was difficult for you second question you go back and you think about that situation what told you through what pulls you through that situation what did you what did you learn what distinction or did you give a strategy or was it a belief or did you meet someone who helped you or was it just somehow you clicked into your faith and you kick yourself into gear what pulls you through those tough times was it a person was in a place with an idea was a distinction with a belief what was it share with us type it down or tell us from your heart what it really was third questions just real quick it’s just for contrast third question is what was your life like before the crisis like right before all hell broke loose usually you say all my life was so great but when you go back and look at it was it so great was it wonderful just out of curiosity right before all hell broke loose the question is what was your life like right before and then the fourth question what you do what did you do to go from where you were at where you are today what did you do to get over that situation what did you need to get through that situation what did you do to turn it around what action did you take who did you go learn from what skill did you go get what what did you physically do kind of give us the description of what you did because we all want to know because you can provide us a pathway you may have been through a crisis that someone else is going through right now and they can learn from you could they can learn the shortcut finally the fifth question maybe the most important one besides what pulls you through and if this one is how is your life actually better today because you went through this crisis whatever the crisis was how are you stronger or are you more compassionate because you felt that suffering you don’t want anybody else to feel it or are you more hopeful because you know you mean to do that so you can make it to other things or are you in a situation where you’ve got a skill today that you didn’t have and wouldn’t have had if it wasn’t for that situation that made you have to grow for you just happier today because you have a contrast of what life could be like and so now you appreciate the simple moments how will you better mentally emotionally physically financially or spiritually today because you went through the crisis even though you wouldn’t want to go through it again you know anybody else to go through it how did it actually serve you in the end I think if you answer these five questions you don’t need to remember them I said them the kind of trigger you’re thinking all you do is type in the answer or you take the instructions and click on the video and go okay toughest time my life there been so many but I’d say when I went through this divorce or I’d say when I was totally had this tumor all right say when they told me this company go bankrupt or whatever it was second question what pulled me through god I don’t know I guess combination of things one was disbelief that somehow everything in life happens for a reason and a purpose and you know I hate this something miss me called me to grow or I’ll tell you what it was it was a friend that sat me down and said man you’re going through hell but when you’re in the middle hell when you’re pushing through I’ll just keep pushing just keep going through it man I’ve been there and he gave me this plan or he gave me this strategy or he told me you know this problem won’t last forever trust me I know it feels like it’s the end of the world but 10 years from now you are we sitting here and you’ll be here with your children you’ll be here with your wife I will be talking about those tough days and we’ll actually smile and laugh about them and be so proud we made it through it together you might say what got me through was prayer well my faith in God or what company through it was just massive action you know what pulled you through just tell us we all want to hear we all need to know and there’s lots of ways to get through hell isn’t there there’s lots of way to get through a crisis there’s so many ways that’s what I want people to get so when you’re done with us in the website you will given something because the community’s legislation go get stuff right we should give and the more you know authentic you can be an honest from your heart the more other people will see and be touched you know what was it like before oh my god I was on top of the mountain and what did you do here’s what I did you know I told myself the truth I went got this new education I went started talking to people each day I whatever you did how’s your life better today there’s a phrase you know be humble or be humbled oh I have a different level of humility because I know you know that as good as I’d may think I may be that situation reminded me that life is not just about me it’s about we or gosh because of that I love my wife so much because we made it through that situation together or because of that man I’m so much stronger financially I’m on top of things I don’t let anybody spend whatever it is tell us our life’s better okay I don’t know how long the session was again there’s no script here baby I just want to work with you heart to heart say one thing if you want to break through you have to make new decisions new choices create a new life the only thing stopping you at some limiting belief some believe about how life should be different you should be different deal with life the way it is tell yourself the absolute truth don’t make it worse than it is tell yourself the truth deal with it get a vision get strong get a strategy get a role model with a strategy get an action and then put your focus on taking action every day giving giving giving change your approach you will get there go to the power of crisis right now click in give us your message of the answers to five and look at other people you’ll find people than to things you can’t imagine a woman talking about how one day she was home and man came in and to try and save her children from being hurt she had a letter him rape her right in front of her kids and when her father her husband found out lather he came home he was so upset he left her and then she developed cancer I mean you’ll see some stories here that’ll blow your mind and today she’s gonna pop the incredible woman and she’s helping other people who have cancer to get through it she’s healthy and strong her kids are strong we need those kinds of role models so whether your story is little or big there isn’t a little bit we all need a pathway of power and this will be a gift to yourself because it will activate your resources you know they get to other people as well

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  1. I was abadoned by my natural mother and father as a baby put into an orphanage at 4 months old. At the age of 3 5 7 and 9 years old and I was sexually abused by my foster family sons and I was raped at 16 by my god father.I tried to kill myself so many times to get away from the pain I got into drugs and alcohol addition and I lost my kids. Life was a living hell. Cycles can be repeated they say but mine is a lot different Let's just say I have been through the ringer. I was very blessed that I had faith in a higher power it is that power that pulled me through and hung with me through thick and thin. My higher power believed in me more than I believed in myself all I wanted to do was die. I am a walking miracle I should be dead but I am so alive. Today I have 10 years of sobriety I love myself more than I ever did and I help all kinds of people who suffer from this mental disease. Where there was sorrow and pain and anguish has been transformed into love and understanding for others and myself. I guess the real message I am trying to get across is To yourself be true and to love and accept yourself for all that you are. There is only one you so be kind to you….. Let love in and you can get through anything. It is alright to receive the love without any strings attached. Love and let yourself be loved for that is the greatest gift of all. Today I don't want to die I love life. Thank you, God.
    Tony, I have always been your greatest fan you are an awesome man keep doing what you are doing you have helped me through many things that you don't even know. Keep touching those spiritual beings with your truths and your love. You do save lives, you really do keep it up you are a true inspiration……. Love Francoise xoxoxo for you and your wife. she is so beautiful your wife. xoxoxo Hugs to both of you!

  2. When i was told that i was going to die. I was so frightened. To over come my fear i asked my friend to go with me the cemetery and i also went to a funeral home window shopping for my coffin . after viewing the coffin i wanted to buy for myself, i was filled with awe, with time i started frequenting the cemetery more often then for some unknown reason i was not afraid anymore , I was comfortable with dying then suddenly things change there was a medical break through, i made it, i was not going to die , then come anger. didn't how to start living. I have a lot to share but i will end here

  3. i choose to have faith in the goodness of humanity. just as people take the time to leave ugly blogs … we the light bearers will always cover that darkness with love. be blessed all that read this. you are loved. you are awesome. you are somebody special. 😉

  4. You had helped me thru, divorce at the young age of 20 years old. I was driving and had a panic attack, I had a premature child at the time and didn't know how to move forward with my life at the time. I stumbled across your tapes and listened to them in the car, at home everyday for a year. I started to slowly realize I was worthy of a lifemate who wouldn't leave me, or take the easy road. I went to my pastor, was counseled for this and , and forgave myself. Because up to this point, I blamed myself. I worked my tail off, two jobs and delved into my work and my child. Exercised more, and started to feel better and look better. Then, I met someone my now husband of 21 years now he came into my life unexpectedly, when I was strong, mature and handling things. I can't tell you how this man because a hero in a lot of ways ,he took on a young woman , and her child and raised out daughter, helped her learn to read,write , and swim and ride a bike, and walk. I learned how to be a better mother too from him, I came from a small family of , mother, father, and brother. He came from a very large family of cousins, aunts, and uncles and he had more patience than I did. Thank you, Tony. You started my avalanche of a better life! I now am at another cross roads , this daughter whom i think is the most precious thing to me, has moved away, got with the wrong crowd, and doing drugs, will not speak to me and I am at a loss to what to do now. How do I, move forward ?

  5. Damn, he is good. I wish I never made bad choices in the first place, I wish I could just go back and do what I knew was right. But eventually I've got to make the choices that will get me back to being successful.

  6. My wife is leaving me and IT"S MY FAULT… I know what a piece of shit I have been … ALCOHOLIC ASSHOLE … NOT CHEATING NONE OF THAT … I have RUINED MY LIFE … DIE…

  7. Hi Tony your the second Tony that I know ,with amazing power,HELP! my marriage is falling apart 37 years, has been in danger since year 28 ,only now it's almost over,has had D/V due to mental illness ,it has damaged my family,hit my beautiful daughter also.I have two lovely grandkids also.I have given up for sure,had broken heart syndrome 2 years ago, due to an argument, my body went into fight or flight. 5days in hospital and 2years of recovery. I went out got a job secretly,just go rented an apartment,with the help of my son,signed up for one year lease I have had many counslers for d/v,and just can't leave,because we still love each other.My husband has been through much help for the mental health on meds for 30 years,on off on off,we just watched the u tube you did addressed to the men,made sence to me as when I would try to talk to him he will always not give me eye contact,as I think he thought I was bossy ,and would not focus,I need to get out my feelings. I think we both got that one.I also changed my life,March 2009,started to loose 125lbs took me 18 mons,but I did it and kept it off so now I'm a 5 10 1/2 beautiful women,I'm proud.I think he worries sometimes,but I'm here,he does exercise,but has some very bad eating habits.Help Tony love u and your wife

  8. Oops got cut off there, please if your out there,could you give us some videos to watch, I'm scared to death,not sure how long I can go on,need some positive help.Others know my story ,but think I'm a nut,but I feel like I just can't let mental illness,end this love story,as there could never be anyone else.Im 56 now,not sure how long it will go on.God help me hope this does not go on into the afterlife.😳 I work with people with dementia,and spend my days,making sure the each and every one has a wonderful day,this is hoed I cope as I learn ,something new from them every day.I love the ones who have been together for many years ,I secretly question how they get through things.Its Wonderful to see,My parents have been together almost 60 years, I have confided in them for the last two years,it's been a hard one, my dad was 81 last week,and they came to my husband with much last week.He loves my family as he lost both of his parents in they have been there for him ever since. Wow the power of love.Yes it has been the tuffest time in our lives. Still hanging on .michelle in Calgary Canada,so glad I found u on u tube.Blessings 🙏🇬🇧🌺🌷🌸😇🇨🇦M

  9. There was a girl in my life that I loved with everything but I found out that she cheated on me. The way I got over it was by getting a vision and getting rid of negative thoughts that developed in my mind and replacing them with positive ones. This is what changed me and is giving me a happy and joyful and successful life.

  10. Wow the adverts constantly interjecting into this video really destroy the significance of the important message 🙁

  11. Hello Everyone, thank you sooo much for sharing! Mahalo from the bottom of my heart. One question, can you share the link that Tonny is Talking about at the minute 27? Thank you so much!

  12. Tony, you are one of my role models.I'd forgotten you for several months while I slid into a deeper depression. But I have so much good in my life now. My past crisis was being very sick and needing a transplant for more than 10 years. But I used several different ways to get through the illness, all the way to transplant – from a place I would never have guessed I'd go to. I can see I gave up a lot during that period of illness, and things have changed a lot. And finally I'm ready to take action and do what it takes to make the changes I WANT. My other role model is Jon Morrow (, an amazing human being. Thank you – you always bring me back from the edge!

  13. What is the toughest time in your life ?how did get through ? What did you learn? What was your life before the crisis ? What did u do to get through ? How is your life better today because you went through that crisis ?

  14. My crisis was adopting my youngest daughter and having CPS interfère and take her away from her birth parents at the hospital while we were all there. There was NO findings of abuse (obviously). Just before that I was a very successful entrepreneur running a large pallet manufacturing facility. We were fairly new and had just signed several multimillion dollar contracts. It took 21 days to get a court order to get her home with us and 18 months to finalize our adoption and kick the shit out of CPS. During that time I had to learn how CPS operates inside and out. I learned all of the laws in Florida that governed child welfare, all the rules pertaining to CPS and then I rammed it down their throat. I started meeting other parents caught up with CPS and was horrified by what I witnessed CPS doing to families. 126 home visits and 36 court hearings later, our family was forever changed. I could never forget what I now knew was happening everyday. I changed careers and became an advocate. I went back to school and majored in law. I am now one of the leading advocates in the USA for Parental Rights and the Director of Families Best Interest. Our children do have PTSD from the crisis.

  15. I have a list of issues from growing up and on its quite existential and I'm not having aby luck with it all, I do still have myself, mostly, and I'm usually positive and funny, I try to cheer others up that I'm near, and if I can sense there not quite right. Where will would be the best place to start I'm not in any way capable of paying atm jobs have been doing me wrongly and it's a right to work state so I'm free for now lol at least until they decide to have me get out, for lack of rent.

  16. hello i have a new business and need some insight please search Clean SL8 Shills on google please help me with feedback greatly appreciated

  17. at 25 i left a great job, a great community, many great friends, enough income to do all the fun things i couldve done, and near my family, to pursue a music career, similar to the story here. except i was just starting and aside from being able to play well, had no real way of turning it into income anytime soon. 5 years later, ive made mistake after mistake and am just left with pain, sadness and loss because each mistake leads to more stress, anxiety, and relationships being ruined and ending. a human can only take so much. its crazy how that one mistake snowballs into so many more and so much more pain.

  18. The toughest situation was cancer with 30 and 4 kids under 10 years.
    People helped me tremendously.
    I put my trust in God my Father.
    I made tiny steps of walking.
    I was practicing gratitude.
    I kept a journal and reflected so much.
    I learnt what really matters.
    See death before my eyes made me so grateful for each breath and day I lived and I saw how much God worked out for my favour.

  19. Tony you sound great on film, but I'm sorry I feel that your full of crap. I'll put any wager to prove you wrong. If your not scared of a real challenge please feel free to contact me @ [email protected]

  20. Your a fake! To get a one on one with you cost over $200,000 and to talk to your cults it cost around $2,000. I'm sorry Tony for me it sounds like your all about the money and not for the people.

  21. I was in a very bad relationship. He was very abusive and almost killed me 3 times. Why 3 times? Why didn't I leave after the first? He said he was going to kill my mom and family. I left because finally saw him for what he was, a coward. He wouldnt really hurt my family.

  22. Go in order of life‘s issues that have caused distress as for me it is my whole adult life break each one down acknowledging what it was that caused the problem learned a lesson from it and then keep going because it’s too hard if you have lifelong issues that cause you to be in the crisis your initially in when it’s all over and said and done thank you Tony I love this video and I love all of your motivational speaking I just hopefully one day can afford to come and see you in person I have watched your Netflix and enjoyed it very much God bless you

  23. Hey Mr Robbin's !!!!
    In response to your questions, I will say that I have been in hell some I was .born..
    Around ,3 years old I developed a pattern of thinking which still my .model. it consists to take the situation to reason or try to understand it , remain still and wait till gets .better, or till the next storm.
    Looking back, that has been my answer. I know it will be hard to make changes in my life .

  24. Separation of my children. Went back to college, people supporting me. Before,, it was bad, unhappy marriage. I had to better my children's lives, and had to go back to school to give them a better future. Graduated college and received my License to counsel. Closer to my grandchildren because I did not get that quality time with my children. Appreciate my life, made me stronger. I can get through anything.

  25. That is so true, when I was bullied about my appearance people treated me like a second class citizen. I try and try and just fail, Im going keep trying but I feel quite low after a few years of this. Recovering from anorexia losing all my strength and almost no one is behind me , it will be a long road

  26. I wanted to share a little of how I made it out of the grave. My mother abused me for 14 years of my life before deciding that she would no longer raise me. She moved away and left me to raise myself in NYC at the age of 14. She tried to marry me away, but the judge refused, so she left me with my boyfriend who was 18 years old. We rented a furnished room for $50.00 a week (1985). I went to school and worked in a shoe store. I remember my JHS days, I was the only kid making breakfast for a man while the other girls talked about the dresses they purchased for prom. By 18 I had two kids and I dropped out of school to work full time. At this point in my life I had suffered two ulcers in my stomach. First one I had was by the age of 7. By the time I was 32 years old, I had been married 2 times and was in my 3rd marriage. I gave birth to my only son in a marriage that was so abusive we spent almost 9 years in Criminal Court, while fighting for a Divorce. By the time my son was 2 years old I was told he had Autism. My oldest daughter turned 18 years old and joined the military. My second daughter 16 years old joined a street gang. By the time I was 39 My son was in crises in and out of mental institutions, my second daughter was 18 and had her first son in July 2009. She left me to care for her Newborn, so she could go fight her street wars. I was going crazy! Unable to continue working I left my job, so I could care for both children. The financial pressure was just too much to bare. The responsibility and stress broke me down. By the August 2009 I started to feel a pain in my back. By December 2009 that pain turned into stomach cancer. I had two weeks to pack all my things have them stored into a safe place. Surrendering my son and my grandson to family. I was not happy with letting my family handle my son, but with the urgency it was that or die. I never asked what stage of cancer I had or how bad it was because all I knew was that I had to beat this. My son needed me because he father only knew abuse and my family could care less. Only my lawyer new I had cancer and we kept it a secret from the judge because I was concern they would give custody to my Husband or my husband would kill me in my weak state. I was still fighting in criminal court for custody and my divorce. I was admitted into the hospital Jan 20, 2010. I did not know at the time, but I had Stage four Burkitt's Lymphoma of my stomach. I had cancer in my brain, bone marrow and throat. I was getting chemotherapy injections in my brain. I had aggressive therapy causing me to stay in the hospital for treatment and not come home for weeks. Eventually I vomited up the tumor that was in my stomach whole. With it I vomited all my blood. I received 12 blood transfusions, received 9 platelets because I was not clotting. I had a drain put into my gallbladder because it was poisoning my body. I was sent into ICU and my family was told I would die. My ability to survive all this trauma is dedicated to me never being a quitter. My ability to trusting in God is what saved my life because I know when to surrender what I cannot control. I had to except what looked like the impossible and decide to be more than what the reality was. Today I am 47 years old, I am living the second-best part of my life. My daughter still serves for this amazing country I am blessed to be a part of. My youngest daughter is now a medical assistant, abandoning the gang life to live her life with her 3 beautiful children. My son turned out to be a genius, who is in all honors in his second year of High School. No longer allowing life's problems to be a burden but understanding that in life we must endure the struggle and stepping up to the challenge. I am in Remission from cancer now 8 years now. I don’t worry about cancer I never did, I know I have a God who not only saved my life many times over but saved my kids as well. I am not religious but in life you must believe in something bigger then you, so you can stand strong. My life is a story book, I just wanted to share a little of my life to bless you and give you hope. Nothing is impossible if you just accept the challenge, say why not me and KICK IT’S BUTT!!! God blessing on all of you living life's challenges.

  27. Faith and belief got me through my hardest time. I knew that I was here to do something to help the world, so I stayed around. I appreciate life in general a lot more than I maybe would have.

  28. hallo dear lovely people, my crisis was beating from my father. Not much love, unfortunitly. I was able to stand up at age of 11. Aksking him very calm, Dad, what in havensake did I wrong to you, that makes you beating me up? And, if you think Dad, I deserved it then go on, if not, stop it forever now.
    The calm question surprised him so much, he stared crying and left me standing in the corridor.
    I use this skill more and more if I find muself in crisis. Now I am sweet 51, and had much tough times.
    So, love yourself and your lovedones enough to stand up for quality life😘. Best regards from Jeannette van Akelijen, The Netherlands.

  29. music got me through those tough times Tony and it will again. I need to let the music show me the way. I write my best songs in time of crisis yet only the small community of friends I know have heard my gift. This is the time I break through and figure out how to get my music to everyone. I have a gift that I've been afraid to push through and figure out a way to share it to the masses. I need to figure out how to make my dream a reality and I can't give up anymore. I have written these songs that have helped me through extreme pain and I believe they can help others. I need to make new choices and become the best person I can be and I believe my music can do that

  30. 5 Steps
    1. See it as it is, but don't see it worse than it is.
    2. Get to the real truth and deal with it. (decide to change it)
    3. Get a vision and get strong. (a compelling future, something to move toward)
    4. Get a role model (learn from their experience and strategy, get into action)
    5. Give much more than you expect to receive. (work your tail off)
    …change everyday.

  31. The biggest chrisis in my life was losing my baby, I was so happy when I found out I was pregnant, I called everyone to let them know that we were having a baby!! I saw my Gynecologist, and I was about 2 month's pregnant when I found out that there was no heartbeat, my heart absolutely sank!! They didn't do an emergency D&C on me until I started to miscarry, I started on a Sunday back in January of this past year, laying in a hotel room for 8 solid hour's just to find out through going to the E.R. that all I had passed was the outer lining of the sac, I pleaded with the doctor to do it there in Orlando, my Gynecologist was in Tallahassee, FL….The doctor told me that unless I was in severe pain and running a fever that they couldn't do the D&C….Doctor did give me some pain medications to help and advised me to go see my Gynecologist, so my fiance and I went the next day, and I was finally through physically….but mentally and emotionally tore me apart!! If it wasn't for my faith in God, I more than likely would've committed suicide and I sought help in my darkest and saddest hour's….It's been a year since I found out I was pregnant, and traumatized me to not get pregnant again….my sister has children, so I'm blessed in that way. ❤❤

  32. Tony Robbins
    The answers I've been searching for, for a very long time. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. God bless!

  33. I’m 21 and The guy I love cheated on me and I feel like trash now, but fuck If I survived child molestation from 6 to 11 I can go through anything.

  34. Listen to your vids everyday. Been a year now since my fiancee and i split, not being there 24/7 for my 3 yr old son is my crisis,the pain is unbearable. For many months i was lost,delving into drink to forget, every night when i finally managed to sleep it was just nightmares and every morning my first thought was "Where shall i hang myself?"…every morning. Lost my parents house,my "friends" were never there from the beginning…..but,now I'm coming out of it and starting to gain momentum going forward. Vids like this helped me so much, made me see things in context.Thank you so much

  35. My story :
    I was suicidal at the age of 15th and the only reason why i didn't kill myself was the thought that i was gonna hurt my best friend and my cousin. And i didn't want that. Now , i am 20 years old i finally start taking the mental health support that i was and i am needed , in order to get my life together. I was diagnosed with general myoclonic epilepsy and hasimoto at the age of 16th. My life before wasn't pretty i have been sexual harassment twise from two different people that i know and both of them last for a long time. I was also isolated , bullied , depressed .
    What i have learnt ? I am kinder to the people around me cause I don't wanna anybody else to feel the same pain , as I did… At the end , i am slowly learning how to love my self and my body again, with all their imperfections.

  36. When my daughter ran away at 13, she came home and we rebuilt the relationship after many years of struggle. She is now 30. Next challenge is my relationship has broken down after several deaths, health scare and loss of a beloved pet. Trying to tame the negative thoughts, some days are easier than others. I believe we have two hands one to serve and one for ourselves, the greatest joy in life is to give.

  37. Still feel like I getting through it but I was with a Girl who I believed with all my heart and soul I was going to marry and have a family with but after 5 years it just ended and she left me for one of my junor high friends. It was devistating I use to cry to sleep sometime and one day I just look at my Dog that I bought for her and said I'm never going to cry over her again or in general untill im massively successful. Need less to say since that day I've cryed not over her but because of how happy and passionate I feel when I listen to these tapes. And on my journey to becomeing massivley succesful and about to start my own network marketing business as well as a organization that will help people that are struggleing with mental and emotional problems. A video by simon sinek about millennials is what utimatley got me started on this journy and revived my dead heart. If I can say anything that might help is to never give up… like Jim Rhon says its not what happens to you its what you do that matters most!!! So take massive action and Give!!! P.S I hardley even think about her anymore and am glad Im not with her anymore it was a nightmare lol (: this is just one chronicle in many of my Adventures … ✌

  38. My whole life. Oldest of 4 girls to a single uneducated, unemployed and drug addicted woman. My Dad went to the fed… prison for 11 yrs. mom sold us for $$$, lucky saved by the state of California by age 13. Stayed in Two foster home before my dad got out and got me then moved us to Ks. where I would become a Drop out. Then Was a Mom by 18 who became a dealer. At 21 moved back to the west coast where I got into prostitution for a couple yrs before, I met a guy …..then after 7 intense yrs of crazy. We jump to 12/21/16 pit mauls my 12 yrs old son ripping his neck open and removing 3 fingers. Admitting him 3 days in icu where he recovers. 1/3/17 we put bobo down for the attack. While son was recovering I signed up for ged classes instead of traveling for work (bunny ranch). ged 1/18/17 – for 6 months. 4/18/17 mom Kim dies, 5/29/17 daddy dies. 6/17/17 @ 10:00 am GED graduation ceremony! 6/17/17 3am-6am my bff Amber also who was also in prostitution was killed by a trick in Florida. I got the call 6/18/17 on Father’s Day. Then 7/2017 Uncle fili family friend dies. I quit hooking and 9/28/17 start my first job in 9 yrs. stayed a yr left got another till I got this current job. I have amazed myself with the changes I have made. I let nothing hold me back. I am sad most the time still. I haven’t fully grieved anyone. I been avoiding it but focusing on myself. Right now I am ok. Tomorrow I will be better. I’m excited for my future and my sons. Oh yea the bf I had went to prison in 2014 and is still there. Ugh. I can’t believe that was my normal.

  39. Its 3am in the morning and I am awake and trying to cope with infidelity as I lay here alone in my bed wondering where my husband is. I want to feel strong and be able to move forward in this situation in a positive way but its so painful. Looking for any advice on how to handle infidelity positively.

  40. toughest time of my life : leaving a toxic and abusive relationship while newly sober
    what got me through : my parents, time, perseverance, prayer, meditation,

  41. the truth, what is it – deal w that your story stop being rewarderd by sadness , what am i going to go for, coming up w a vision for my life get a role model give much more than you would expect to recieve

  42. About 8 years ago, my father and sister passed away in a six month period. I also broke up with a girl I loved during that time and lost my job because of not knowing how to deal with the emotional impact of it all. I was lost for a long time, depressed, really didn’t know how to go on. A few things helped. Counselling, working out intensely and getting fit, supplements to help replace those reduced due to depression, friends, family and eventually after a long healing process, meeting and marrying my wife. I believed that was the beginning of a new wonderful chapter in my life. We were together for 4 years but she decided to return to her home country for various reasons and does not want to return. I now face a similar heartache.

    What’s going to get me through this time ..

    I have discovered my faith in God, Jesus and the Healing power of the Holy Spirit. I went to Tony’s UPW last year and still practice priming every morning. I became a student with Bob Proctor. I have some awareness of how our minds work, the power of faith, believing and attitudes of the mind. Despite the current situation, I still believe my wife and I have a future together and our marriage can be stronger, full of the blessings and grace of God. I pray everyday for it’s restoration and healing in the heart of both me and my wife. Amen 🙏🏻

  43. One of my biggest crisis was my senior year in college. I grew attached to someone who lied and cheated on me. It put me in a depression so deep that I was unfocused in my classes.

    However, this particular colleague —-who wasn’t even considered as my friend helped me push through with my classes. His name was Denzel, and I had a breakdown when speaking about our assignment. I told him I didn’t think I could push through and how I didn’t want to do our final presentation. He told me, without even knowing me, that he would stand up in front of the class with me so I won’t feel alone.

    I am thankful for his existence, and because of that day—- I am college graduate. He made me realize I’m not alone.

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  45. My 3yr old daughter Skylar got RSV(a very bad cold) when she was just 1yr old. Skylar was born with Chronic Lung Disease as well cuz she was born at only 1lb&5oz but when she turned 1yr old….She slipped into a 40day coma, she flat lined 3 different times(meaning she had no heartbeat) both of her lungs had Collapsed. The first time her heart stopped was for 5min. The 2nd time was for close to 25min & the 3rd was for 15min. Through each & every second of these unexplainable moments, the doctors and nurses at the Sanford Hospital in Sioux Falls SD tagged in and out performing CPR on my 1yr old while I watched helplessly..she was only the 5th case EVER in SD that has used a machine called ECMO(where blood is taken out of her lungs and is filtered through the machine and put back into her lungs). They had many complications with the machine and it almost killed her. At one point the head doctor told us that she wasn't going to make it to the next day….but she did<3 granite she had to learn how to walk and eat all over again she come out with no brain damage, no major scars and is as happy an healthy as ever to this day<3<3<3 it was a complete miracle!!!!

  46. I have been through a couple of divorces and after those I constantly affirmed how much better my life would become. Years later I realized a key factor: passion without action is useless. I thought I was taking action when in fact I was becoming reactionary instead of intentional. The snowball effect of being evicted, Financial crisis, emotional abuse, etc…I started to say why me instead of try me. I now understand the attitude of gratitude because it can always be worse. Now I have a wonderful family, not financially destitute, and don't take anything for granted. What I have learned is we all go through it. Whatever IT is…state, mindset, attitude, laughter, fear. IT'S CONTAGIOUS! Do not wake up every day wondering…instead KNOW and follow through. It can't rain forever. I have a morning mantra to remind myself what challenge I am overcoming today. Thankyou to all the people like Tony Robbins that remind us to use our tools instead of affirming that we have them.


  48. I am facing a very big crisis. I don't just know what to do. I have been searching for answers for too long but can't find out in any way. I think that a person abused me but people around me say that its because of my schizophrenia that i feel so. They name people about whom i have said such things and defend them by saying that its me not them. I want to know what it was. I really want to know the truth. Its not necessary what they are saying is true. I felt that that's why I said. They are saying schizophrenia but it may be because they want to hide their faults. And if one considers that I have such thing that doesn't necessarily mean that I am wrong. They torture me a lot and then say its me not them.

  49. The toughest time in my life was when my parents got divorced, my mom was depressed and my dad abandoned me.m, and to make things worst I was molested by three different uncles at a very young age, so young i didn’t know what sex was. when i told my mom in my teenage years, my mom doubted me. The vision I had was to have my own family one day. Fast forward, I’m a mom and I’ve been fighting for my marriage for 3 years and we are ready to sign divorce papers. I’m very sad, it’s tough, and i’m looking for a role model or people that have been through this. I still have hope to have a good next marriage, and I’m actively working on myself, therapy, meditation, inner peace, and healing.

  50. My big crises now I am having emotionally break down the boy who is in relationship with me has cheated he give all the dream will get married and have children settle down in the life suddenly After 2 weeks suddenly disappeared he is saying his mum in hospital he had to go back to him house then when I try to contact him he block me Facebook viber everything what ever I could contact him now.if he give me one reason Could understand.then 3 weeks latter I have seen he get married with another girl what pain movement I have .when I see his married video I feel like everything is gone black I was cry like nightmare now I try to get on and fight for the situation no girl or boy should cheated like me .

  51. Keep getting hurt in relationships. Two marriages and divorce. Thought I would try it again. Thought it would be different but even though they knew of all the pain I had endured and promised they wouldn't do the same they did. The moment I lost my job the relationship went down. Just in shock. Didn't see it coming. #numb

  52. Tony has the most depressing comment section under his videos. Everyone feels need to tell us thei story of abuse and suffering. Why? No one asked you people.

  53. Hitting up people for money when they’re desperate; that’s Tony’s role model? Yeah, and his pep-talks for pay, modeled after the same system. 🙄 I’m outa here.

  54. Ok so I made a choice 8 weeks ago. Lose weight, new job get healthy. I swapped fried breakfasts for bananas. I swapped coffee for water. I swapped chocolate for fruit yogurt. I ate wholemeal bread and oranges for lunch. How do I feel? Shit. How is my weight? Worse. Truth be told it's your environment that makes you fat. It's your environment that makes you unhappy. It's your environment that makes you poor. Today I pulled a sickie and left work at 12pm. Fuck this shit and fuck this bullshit YouTube video. The first 3 mins are right, grow balls and make a choice. The rest of this video… well… Go to the gym if you want but that's not the solution. Health us important but go look at the budget monks that drink poison and live… It's not bacon that's killing you or lack of exercise. It's work.

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