Top 10 Anxiety and Depression Symptoms of Anxiety in Pregnancy Anxiety Symptoms Depression Symptoms

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10 Symptoms of Depression and Anxiety It can be tricky to diagnose mood disorders
during pregnancy because “some of the symptoms can overlap with symptoms of pregnancy, such
as changes in appetite, energy levels, concentration, or sleep,” Dr. Smith says. “It’s also normal to have some degree of worry
over the health of the pregnancy.” But if you experience persistent symptoms
of depression and/or anxiety, especially if you’re unable to function normally, get help. Symptoms of depression include: Being in a depressed mood most of the time
for at least two weeks No longer enjoying the things you used to
enjoy Decreased interest in the world around you
Guilt A sense of worthlessness
Low energy Poor concentration
Appetite changes Feeling hopeless
Thoughts of suicide Getting too much sleep, or not enough sleep The symptoms of anxiety vary by type of anxiety
disorder, and include: Generalized Anxiety Disorder: Excessive worry that’s difficult to control
Irritability Tension/muscle aches
Disrupted sleep patterns Feeling restless inside
Fatigue Poor concentration Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder: Recurrent, persistent, intrusive thoughts
Compulsions to relieve those thoughts through repetitive thoughts or behaviors Panic disorder: Recurrent panic attacks
Persistent fear of having a panic attack

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