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  1. Buy 10 grams each of: Thyme (ओवाफूल) crystals, Medicinal Camphor (भीमसेनी कापूर) crystals and Peppermint (अस्मानतारा / थंडक) crystals from your chemist's shop. Mix the crystals and put in a glass bottle. You will find a viscous transparent liquid formed from the mixture. Just rub your nose – nostrils – forehead – neck etc. with a few drops of this liquid. You will find all your colds disappearing within a minute! Put 1-2 drops of this liquid in hot tea and drink the tea to find your respiratory track clear of all colds…

  2. My age is 50.  after every 10-15 days  I am having pain on the top of my head and forehead.  I am taking saridon or anacin pl. suggest me proper medicine

  3. Due to an illness I have, I get daily chronic headaches and migraines, it's only the severity that changes. I've tried every diet, natural/herbal recipe etc, and every migraine/headache medication known to man!! If I've tried everything in my bag of tricks and nothing has worked, I have my 2 go-to, last resort tricks.
    1) I don't drink coffee or coke, so I find a glass/can of coke often helps because of the caffeine. Not sure if this works if you regularly drink anything with caffeine in it.
    2) this trick I swear by: put 2 teaspoons of dried rosemary into a coffee/tea cup. Add boiling water and fill to about 2/3. Let the herb and water mix steep for 3-4 mins like you would with a regular herbal tea, then drink! I swear it works! I add a wee bit of stevia or sugar to mine as it can have that odd, dry taste similar to chamomile tea, but you can add sugar, honey, or even milk etc, anything that helps it be a bit more palatable for you.
    If you do try this, let me know if it works for you 😀

  4. Ok, i am against being a test subject for big pharm chemical garbage, so i try to get my pain relief naturally.My wife has been a sufferer of serious sinus headaches that last a week or more.NOTHING worked for pain relief ..until now! I made up the ginger paste and within 20 min ,the pain started to subside.Within 1 hour ,she was almost completely pain free.I am now going to be purchasing ginger powder by the case so i always have some on hand.Again, nature wins..big pharm chemical garbage loses!! Thank you for this recipe of relief.

  5. yesterday u got rid of mine headache as well as my sons vomiting problems…ur simply awesome… hope u get lots of love ..hope or subscribers increase

  6. As specialist, I'm sure Sinuzolax Miracle is
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    it a shot? maybe it'll work for you too.

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  8. I have often suffer from head ache problem but after have been start using Planet Ayurveda Ashwagandha Capsule now i feels much better and it calm my mind.

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