Transgender 101: All Your Questions Answered

Time to let go and be truly
free. When I was younger, I was born in the wrong body,
which means that I am transgender. *Yummy by Ayesha Erotica plays* *Gotta Get Up (Interlude) by Kali Uchis starts playing* Hey guys, it’s me. The one, the only
Juliet Belisario. Where art thou Romeo, am I fucking right? Filming this
video today feels so weird. I mean, I haven’t been the video in like a
good four or five months now. I mean, nothing’s really changed since then, you
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my hair looks very musty, gross and dry all
throughout this video so, please ignore that. She’s dead and you
know what? We all mourn in different ways. So my way is to (stutters).
Okay. In today’s video, we will be discussing the
topic of being transgender. My intention with this video
is to hopefully clear up
some misconceptions that a lot of people may have about the topic
and hopefully inform you guys with a better understanding of the subject as
its sort of a hot topic- *Heavy metal music* -within today’s political climate. Gotta love how
people’s lives are politicized. But yeah, it really feels like nobody even
understands what it means to be trans. Like the only trans person most people
know as Caitlyn “The hardest thing about being a woman is figuring
out what to wear” Jenner. So I guess it’s my job as a 15 year old
cisgender girl who’s mildly educated on trans topics to share my knowledge.
I’ll be like your teacher, but sexier and even more of a milf. And even if you think
you know all the facts, all the logic and all the things in all
the lands that are to know about trans people, I mean you’re
probably still wrong. So I recommend shutting the fuck sitting
the fuck down and still watching this video. Give me your adsense,
give me your watch time, and give me your attention. Please.
I was neglected in my childhood. And although I’ll try my best to
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Um, I dunno. Subscribe if you want. Okay, let’s get
to transplaining. Section one, the basics of being transgender. So I guess we should start off with
a dictionary definition of what a transgender is. Ew that phrasing
makes trans people sound like objects. But I mean, that’s basically how today’s
society thinks of trans people anyways. We live in a society. Get
a load of this society. A transgender person is defined as someone
that identifies with a gender outside of the one they were assigned
at birth. For example, if you were assigned male at birth
because of your bulging baby penis and identify as a woman,
you’re now transgender. Welcome to a life full of oppression
and rejection, hunty. Cheers. But I guess for you to fully
understand the definition, we’re going to have to unpack what it
means. So what is gender identity? Well, gender identity is how you in
your head think about yourself. It’s the way that you want
to go through the world. This is not to be confused
with gender expression, which simply refers to how
masculine or feminine you are. Gender identity is a spectrum with
boy on one end and girl on the other. Anyone in between the spectrum of
gender identity is what we would call non-binary. Some of that just doesn’t fit into the
two polar ends of the gender identity spectrum. How fun and the terms this or cisgender
refers to anybody that isn’t transgender and can be a really useful term and these
types of conversations. For example, I’m obsessed. I’m like a mega CIS
woman, superciswoman, if you will. Now Lilly Singh isn’t doing that superwoman gag anymore and has sort of moved on to late night talk shows. I think it’s
about time we have another superwoman. So as of today, my new channel name is
superCISwoman. Anyways, to be clear, non-binary people are trans too. Anybody
that doesn’t identify with the gender they were assigned at birth, is trans.
That’s just the dictionary definition babe. Facts don’t care about your feelings. I find the nonbinary people is where
most people get confused when it comes to the topic of trans people.
Well for clarity, non-binary is not a new gender within itself. It’s an umbrella term for anybody
who isn’t strictly a boy or girl. There are not only two genders. However, there isn’t a set number of however many
genders there are because gender is simply not something that can be measured
numerically and as a bit of a side track I myself am not the biggest fan of
language like “I identify as” because every single time I hear it, I can’t help but associate
it with straight white boy
humor. Like, wow, Connor, you identified as an attack
helicopter? You identify as a squirrel? That’s fucking hilarious. Like
can you unzip your pants for me? And aside from that, I think of being trans as something that
transcends identity and is instead a reality. To me, a trans woman is a woman,
not because she identifies as such, but because that’s just the
reality of the situation. Also, just we’re all on the same page here. A trans woman is defined as someone
that was assigned male at birth, but as a woman and a trans man is someone
that was assigned female at birth and is a man. Now with that being
said a trans man or a trans woman, it’s also not being a new gender within
itself because you’re still fitting into one of two ends of the gender identity
spectrum. Therefore saying the typical, there are only two genders thing to a
trans man or woman simply does not make sense because even if that
were true, which it isn’t, trans men and woman still generally fit
into the categories of being either a man or a woman. Now I can hear the stans of the
rapper ‘Lil Facts with cum on their stomachs physically cringing right now
and you know what? I don’t really care. You guys are choosing to ignore the facts, the fact that gender is a spectrum
and is purely psychological, social and cultural. Facts don’t care about your feelings. Facts don’t care about your feelings. Facts don’t care about yo- Now we have sex, which
is different to gender. Sex is defined by objectively
measurable features such as chromosomes, hormone levels, and sex traits
such as a penis, vagina, breasts, ovaries, and my personal
favorite testicles. Now, although sex isn’t completely immutable, I guess many trans people may choose
to alter aspects of their sex, like going in hormones or getting various
surgeries such as gender affirmation surgery, informally known as
the sex change. This is known as a a transsexual. However, a lot of the time this can be seen as a
term with a negative connotation to it for various reasons, and I’m
just too lazy to get into. Okay, so your safest bet is
to use the term trans. Do not use the term transsexual
and absolutely do not use
the term transvestite. A transvestite literally means
cross-dresser. Watch someone call me a transvestite in the
comments down below. Jokes on you. I’m a cis woman, but as biological
sex goes, yeah, okay, sure. You can’t change chromosomes, but
also like who fucking cares? I mean, you have five senses and none
of them can detect chromosomes. Chromosomes are completely unimportant
in the grand scheme of things. And what about an intersex person? A
person that has a variation in their sex. For example, if an intersex person
were assigned female at birth, consider their gender to be that of a
woman for the entirety of their lives, but one day through genetic test
found out that they in fact had XY chromosomes. Is she suddenly a man? Is
dating her an act of homosexuality? Is she suddenly a danger to the
little girls in the woman’s bathroom? And if you say, yeah, okay, but that’s
like the exception. Well, congrats. But trans people too are living quote
on quote exceptions of the preestablished and incredibly narrow views that
society has of gender and sex. So have you already, there’s absolutely
no difference between gender and sex. Then you’re also arguing that as
long as someone’s intersex, them being non-binary is valid.
No. Yeah. Okay. Unless they’re Intersex trans women are biologically
male and trans men are biologically female. However, I’d
like to point 2 things out. 1. In almost every single context, There’s absolutely no reason to point
this out unless it’s to a partner you’re entering serious relationship with or
to a doctor and 2. trans people can acknowledge to the reality of their
biological sex and simultaneously not be defined by it. Trans women for example, are not ironically claiming that
their biological cis females, they’re not out here saying that
you know they can give birth, they have uteruses, they get
their periods, et cetera, but they’re still a woman because all
of the affirmation things are simply not defining aspects of womanhood. The only defining aspect of womanhood
is simply being a woman I guess. But if you think the defining aspect
of womanhood is simply to reproduce, then I’m sorry, but that’s just sexist. Women are obviously way more
than just baby making machines. Just serving you the mint tea real
and fresh girl. This is caramel tea actually. Just thought
I’d throw that out there. So fucking important for society. Men and women are socially constructed
ideas and terms that refer to gender. But to say that gender is
a social construct is not
to say that it’s completely fake and non-existent like money.
It’s completely socially constructed, but it’s very real and important
within today’s world. For now. Are y’all still with me?
To make things easier, I’ve included a graph of the genderbread
person that pretty simply explains the differences & spectrums
of gender identity, gender expression and biological sex. In case you’re still confused
and honestly as a sidetrack, it’s okay to be confused
about trans topics, but just because you don’t
fully understand something
doesn’t invalidate it. I mean, I don’t fully understand what
it’s like to be a furry, for example, but that doesn’t invalidate and diminish
the lived experiences of people that just want to dress
up like fucking animals. Yes. I’m comparing being a furry to being trans. I mean all of that should really be
expected of people and their relationship with trans people is to just give
them basic human fucking decency. I guess for some that can be asking for
way too much and somehow shoving the trans agenda and trans cult down them and their children’s throats. But don’t worry girls, we’ll get to
transphobia later in this video. Also, to be clear, transphobia, is defined as a dislike of or prejudice
against transgender people. Look, this can all be a lot to take
in all at once. I’m very aware. But just pretend you know what I’m talking
about so I can hear like I did a good job with this video. Okay? Okay. Section two, The root of being transgender. Now, if you were to pose the
question as many people do, why is someone transgender? What
causes that? Well, honestly, there isn’t a clear answer
to this question. I mean, there’s a lot of theories to it, but
truthfully, all of them fucking suck. I mean, you have things like being trans
is a fetish. It’s a result of trauma, but the most popular theory seems to
be that gender dysphoria is an inherent part of being trans and that it is a
necessity to be a real transgender and gender dysphoria is in the DSM five which
is like the Bible of mental illnesses. It’s a diagnosable medical condition
in which someone experiences extreme distress with their body because of a
strong disconnect between their internal sense of gender and their body.
This is a very real and sad thing, and if not give him the proper
resources to aid in dysphoria, it could end in things as
tragic as suicide. I mean, 40% of trans people have attempted suicide
in their lifetime, but hear me out. I honestly don’t think that
you need dysphoria to be trans. I don’t just think it, I know it. I’m a
fucking genius. I poopy me pants girl. Step aside, Poopoo girl: As an American, I honestly do not care
about any other part of the world. This is the best country. This is
the only place I’m worried about No but in fact there’s many reputable medical sources. that would also agree that you don’t
need gender dysphoria to be trans, such as the American
psychiatric association and
the world health organization it’s a shitty and lazy
attempt to rationalize being
trans to people that don’t respect it. But reality is if they only
claim to respect you as
soon as you add some sort of medical basis and suffering
to you being trans, is it even worth having their
respect in the first place? And a lot of people that believe in
this theory tend to have an irrational hatred and dislike for nonbinary people
or just those that experience gender in the slightest of a
different way than they do, then they’ll go on to call them
things like transtrenders, which is annoying as fuck. I’ll say this. I can understand how to appear appears
appetizing to every rational explanation for your transness. And I also do think that a lot of
trans people have dysphoria. However, not every single one does. Reality of the situation is somethings
just don’t have a clear answer and that’s okay, that’s fine. Some things
just are and not to be philosophical, but if you go through life expecting
you to answer for every little single thing, you’ll drive yourself insane. I think being transgender is one of the
many concepts in like that cannot be false. He articulated the reason which
is why I can get confusing to many, but that’s okay. I mean love is also something
that can’t be entirely rationalized, but we all still accept that and respect that
therefore we should absolutely keep the same energy with being trans.
Now with all that being said, I don’t want to make it seem like
I’m trivializing gender dysphoria. I mean as a super cisgendered woman, I wouldn’t really know what
it’s like to have dysphoria, but I could totes only imagine. But the presence of
dysphoria in many trans people’s lives is why telling trans people to just
love their body is like telling a cancer patient to just get well soon. Section
three trans related vocabulary. Okay, so this section is just going to be
me saying a bunch of different common vocabulary relating to trans. Firstly,
there’s the word transitioning, which is primarily used her
for the process of trans
person undergoes to change their outward appearance to match with
her internal sense of gender up here in the noggin. It can also refer to
socially and or physically transitioning, but I’ll expand on that
later. Heteronormative, which is basically the assumption
that straight as a default, it’s an ignorant worldview of the
hundreds of millions of people that aren’t straight and it’s the exact same
thing with the term cis normative, but just replacing the word
straight with cis. Mis-gendering, which refers to using the wrong
pronoun for a trans person for example. It’s like calling a trans
man who’s strictly uses, he and him pronouns by the pronoun she
deadname is a name that a trans person had prior to transitioning, also known
as give a name or a birth name. Not all trans people
choose a new name though, like the legend and God is
Hunter Schaffer. Honestly, I think keeping your given
name is a bad bitch move, but I could obviously understand
why you wouldn’t want to. It’s also incredibly impolite to bring
up someone’s that name as it could potentially be very painful
to hear passing, which
refers to when a trans woman, for example, passes as a CIS woman,
I get very agitated or Aggie. I hate the word. I’m so Aggie right now. May God I get very agitated when I see
people use this word in the context of passing as a woman for trans woman because
like they’re not passing as a woman. They are women. Besides that, the whole concept of passing in the
first place is pretty problematic for its own various reasons. I mean trans people that don’t pass this
are way more likely to face violence that can sometimes kind of murderer. I’ve always taken issue
with the term passing. It promotes a false impression that
trans women are engaging in a process through which we are passing
ourselves office. This gender woman, which we are not, you’re
not passing as woman. We’re not trying or pretending
to be women. We are women. It’s just people are not more valid,
legitimate or real than trans people. Besides tobacco. I spelled like an
insult when I’m striving to Excel. Then there’s also this whole issue, people valuing trans beauty and validity
on the basis of how well a trans person passes as cis. Like they’ll even intentionally
mis-gender them just because they don’t fit into their own narrow little box
of what passing as cis means. Coughs. Tiffany tumbles cough. But
speaking of ms staggering, let’s talk about pronouns section
for pronouns. My name non binary. People choose to use van that
pronouns. This is not the unbelieving. There are several people. These are,
they isn’t always plural. For example, if someone cuts you off in traffic and
you don’t know the gender of the person in the car, you probably say something along the
lines of fuck that for your referring to a single person. Therefore you’re using the singular
that so you think that most people are refusing to use the pronoun day is out
of their own sheer spite for something that’s different. It doesn’t fit to the tiny little
box of what’s okay and what isn’t. These people don’t care about the
grammar gods in sucking their debt. Like these are the same people that
use words like slot and proper grammar constantly. So even if using the singular
they was grammatically incorrect. I mean who are you to
give a single fuck anyway? If someone tells you to
use a certain pronoun, do what the fuck are all me in the
pronoun God’s will God you like a fish and don’t fall for that dumb my pronouns
or that bitch or my pronouns are trash thing. I find it’s almost always CIS gay men
and CIS lesbian woman that make those jokes and it’s like you do realize there
wouldn’t even be a gay rights movement first place if it wasn’t for trans
women of color like Marsha P Johnson and Sylvia Rivera. Right. Do some research on the people that gave
your rights instead of being such an annoying little print all the
time. Okay. Okay. Section five. The art of transitioning. Most trans people pursue some degree
of transitioning I stated before to transition is to change the outward
appearance of oneself to match with their internal gender so they’re socially
transitioning and then there is medically transitioning. So socially transitioning can refer
to things like choosing a new name, requesting different pronouns, wearing
different clothes, changing your hair, superficial things like that. They’re
not permanent effects on one’s body. Now, medically transitioning is like when
someone pursues puberty blockers, hormones or various surgeries,
so let’s get into that. Puberty blockers are something that may
be prescribed to trans youth in order to put a temporary pause on puberty. This is a completely reversible thing
and oftentimes can be done to let the trans youth in question explore their
gender without puberty getting in the way or whatever. There’s no reliable evidence that
States that it’s unsafe under medical supervision. Then there’s hormones.
There’s both masculinizing hormones, also known as T or to Starstone.
Then there’s feminizing hormones, also known as HRT. It’s street
names include… and my personal favorite antibiotics. These hormones are typically
available to be taken as a patch, a pill or an injection. Hormones for trans people are essentially
just like puberty and honestly things like hormones and puberty blockers
can be lifesaving for trans teens, which is why we shouldn’t
even be considering the
legalization of trans youth. Being able to access these quite
literally lifesavers South Dakota. I’m talking to you amongst trans folks. There’s an unhealthy obsession with trans
view and they think that putting them on hormones is child abuse, but to me what really is child abuse
is not letting trans youth access the medically necessary medication that
they need for their own survival. Like these trans suicide statistics
are not something to play with hun. Then they’ll argue something along the
lines of it messing with mother nature and it’s like a matching saying that,
well, the really any other medication, Oh, you’re taking aspirin to prevent
yourself from having a heart attack? I wonder what mother nature
is going to say about that. I want to make it clear that I’m mostly
talking about trans teenagers here. A child is typically considered someone
12 or under, so yes, absolutely. In those cases I think is
vastly different. However, at the end of the day it’s up to what
I was a doctor thinks is best for that child. You know, cause they’re like
a licensed professional or whatever. No biggie. No. As for surgeries, there’s many very surgeries a trans person
could get if they have the resources and desire to use facial
feminization surgery. FTM top surgery will feminization tracheal
shape at gender affirmation surgery. That’s why it’s weird when people refer
to gender affirmation surgery as the surgery when there’s like a galaxy of
surgeries that a trans person could get if you’re a trans woman, hormones don’t actually change your
voice the way it does for trans men. Therefore they may pursue
professional voice training. They also may get electrolysis as a means
to permanently remove facial and body hair and like this shit is
really fucking expensive. So it’s really weird when people act like
trans people it for the clout and call them things like trans trenders
like are you dumb or are you stupid? He’s just the baby youth,
a non-binary angel. There’s the whole process of legally
transitioning with changing your name and your sex marker. Like you’d have to
get a change in your driver’s license, your passport or your birth
certificate and bank accounts. Also potentially at school work,
like if you’re renting a place, your house mortgage, your car
insurance, your health insurance, any bills in general, it’s a whole
fucking process. These trans trenders, am I right? It’s also important to recognize that
none of the aforementioned forms of transitioning do not speak for the
validity of one’s transness trans woman that’s gone sexual reassignment
surgery and been on hormones for years. Isn’t any more or less of a trans woman
than one that hasn’t pursued those same steps. I mean, every trans person has a different
picture of the way that they want their transition to go and have a different
idea of what a full transition means to them. Section six sexuality, tell
us, is it gay to date a woman? No. Obviously not. No. What if she
happens to be a trans experience? No, absolutely not. I mean, sure, it can be a gray area thing if there’s
like a specific attraction to the girl Dick, but oftentimes there just isn’t, although there’s nothing to
be ashamed of if there is, I mean sexuality is one of the most
complex aspects of being human in my opinion. So just saying he
liked the girl with the escape, the very narrow and simple-minded
way of looking at it. Gender and gender identity, So for clarity, a trans person could
also be gay themself. You can be a trans woman and lesbian. You can be a trans man and gay.
Like in Euphoria where the goddess to end all goddesses, Hunter Schafer’s character, dates Zendayas character. Like there’s no
heterosexual explanation for that. It’s peak lesbianism. I just want to
enter an open relationship with them, is that too much to ask for?
Hunter Schafer and Zendaya If you’re watching this, my number is four one six six
section seven transphobia. As previously stated in this video, transphobia is defined as the dislike
of or prejudice against trans people, or trans folks loves wiggle Wharton
their way around this and be like, I’m not transphobic because
I’m not scared of trans people. PP poopoo and I don’t know if trans folks
know this because they typically have warm for brains, but a word can be
used in more than one way. Besides, I would argue that a lot of trans folks
do indeed have a fear of trans people. they’d be so fearful of finding out
that someone they stepped foot near and unconsciously assuming
ASIS is indeed trans, but transphobia exists in
many shapes and forms. See, trans folks may discriminate
against trans people, but you don’t discriminate against
fat people. That was a dumb joke. They usually hate that
people with transphobia. It can be as slick and petty
as calling a trans woman sir, or as extreme as full on murdering a trans
person simply for being trans and also be walking around a college campus and
asking unsuspecting students if they think that there should be urinals
in women’s bathrooms have bad faith. I don’t understand why poopoo girl is so obsessed with what
other people do the bathroom and you can’t even make it to one herself. I also think transphobia comes in the
form of not being able to change your name and gender on animal crossing, so every five seconds you have a character
telling you that you’re a man when you’re a trans woman. It’s about,
I love you baby, but it’s ma’am. Bob died at school. That dumb ass like video that all the
transphobes off to make fun of. Excuse me, it’s man and this man, mother fucker. Let’s talk about that. Actually, the very intentional misrepresentation
of trans people in the media. Now I want to make it clear that I
obviously don’t condone that it’s ma’am ladies actions. That’s obviously not an inappropriate
response to be mis-gendered. As frustrating as being mis-gendered. Maybe I feel like it doesn’t even have
to be said that I’ve got inappropriate, but you know how people are all the
way take issue with how certain news publications will take these obscure, isolated incidents of trans
people misbehaving and use
that as some kind of all encompassing representation
of all trans people. When the reality is almost every single
trans person simply does not behave like that, and it’s very telling when news
publications wants to give a heartbeat, sharing a video like that, but what even dare to mention the
epidemic of trans women of color being murdered also takes, that’s
horrible of a person she is. The media loves to take a single example
of a trans woman being predatory and the act like that somehow
speaks for all trans woman. Kind of like how in the 90s all gay men
were assumed to be pedophiles because of a few bad apples or how still to this
day, some people more specifically pigs, I mean cops believe that all
black people are criminals. It’s interesting how a lot
of these conversations, you can replace the word
trans with gay or black. It starts to sound even more ridiculous
and obviously racism and transphobia are completely different things, but they share the similarity of a
prejudice against a certain characteristic that both isn’t harming anyone and cannot
be changed because being trans is not a choice. It’s the act of
actually transitioning. That’s a choice and conversion therapy
is as effective for trans people as it is for gay people. 0% success rate, the stereotype the media has painted
of trans people as being be sensitive. Snowflakes aren’t caring
about issues around there. It’s arguably one of the most misinformed
and incorrect stereotypes there is out there. I mean the Supreme court of the United
States is currently debating whether it should be legal or not. To fire someone on the basis of them
being gay or trans like why is that even up for debate? And on top of that, just the shit trans people face on a
daily basis simply for being trans. For example, there’s a case of a trans woman who
had a neighbor who anonymously sent her threatening letters over the course
of three years and then that neighbor eventually murdered the
cat of that trans woman by
chopping it in half and trans people also go through shit like in
the tiktok I’m about to show you, I’m suddenly getting a lot of hate
comments telling me like, I’m a man, I’ll never be a real girl,
whatever, whatever. Um, I just want you guys to know
that in April of this year, four Chan analyzed all of my pictures
and like looked at the fence in my backyard and the sidewalk in my front
yard and searched all of Google earth in Dallas, Texas to find my address and
my house and bitches came to my house. Like one person came to my house and
lift a basket of something on my front porch step and I never got to find out
what was in it because the police took it. And um, we feared for our life. So,
uh, we went to a hotel for a few days. Here’s my cats and my hotel. They also my house on Craigslist and
said that anybody could come in and just take whatever they want. Also, here’s
this, you can just pause and read that they did all of this just because
I’m trans and do I care? Not really. So my point is, your hate comments
mean absolutely nothing, thank you. In fact in the majority of the States in us, there’s actually legal defense
called the trans panic defense, which for example is when a straight man
could say that a trans woman tried to trick him or decieve him as an excuse or
reasoning for the murder of said trans woman. Meaning that this defense basically enables you
to get away with murder or at the very least have your sentence lessened. And that’s a perfect example of why
calling trans woman men is harmful. And has unimaginable consequences.
When you say stuff like that, you’re literally playing to
the same system that enables
people to get away with the murders of innocent trans
people. And on top of that, the trans panic defense can all be used
if they choose to investigate the case, find the perpetrator, or if it’s
even reported in the first place, which reminder’s standing is a very
common and reality of how these things go. Now, throughout the
creation of this video, I was including the real names of many
notable transphobic public figures, but then I made the realization
not to say their real name, no matter the context I’m saying it in
would be to give them power and trans folks absolutely love having this crowd
of trans people and trans allies coming for them. So being the silly
little goose that I am, I gave them some silly
little nicknames instead. Like this one became Tiffany Tumbles. This one became little facts
and this one became poopoo girl. Instead of saying the real names of shitty
transphobes that do not deserve to be called out by name. I’ll name the 27 documented trans people
that were killed in the U S in 2019 alone, overwhelming majority of
which were hate crimes. But keep in mind that these 27 names are
barely scratching the surface. I mean, sadly, a lot of these cases go completely
unreported or misreported. Therefore, it’s probably a way bigger number than
27 or regardless just one trans murder is one too many. I also like to pay tribute to a trans
rights activists and trans woman whose murder just a few weeks ago, just a
few minutes away from where I live. Julie Berman, section
eight wait, you can do. The future for trans people isn’t
completely bleak and hopeless. I mean the trans rights movement, it’s still in its baby steps so it’s hard
to predict where it’s really going to go, but I think it’s moving
in the right direction. I mean in recent years we’ve definitely
had an increase of trans acceptance and had some incredible breakthroughs as
for trans representation in the media, like the show sense eight which both
start a trans woman and was created by two trans women, the Wichowski sisters who rules from
you Foria the incredible show pose which started five trans women
of color in lead roles. So what can you do
yourself as a trans ally? You could donate to charities like the
Trevor project in the black trans woman fund. PC go find means for
people’s transitions or
just trans related things in general on Twitter. Definitely donate to them if you can and
if not at the very least signal boost stuff by leaving a
retweet or a like. Also, if you ever see any petitions floating
around for important things relating to trans people, sign those because that’s
always free support. Trans people, specifically black trans women
and trans women of color. I would also like to make it very clear
that I put an emphasis on trans women of color and black trans woman because those
are the overwhelming majority of trans people that are being
murdered and facing violence, which is more than absolutely
an intersection between
race and gender identity. So yeah, there’s that intersection that makes black
and Brown trans woman incredibly more vulnerable to violence compared to
the rest of the trans community. Then I absolutely believe that that
should be emphasized and called out. And I am incredibly wary of any white
trans person that refuses to cough. Tiffany tumbles cough. I also believe that one of the best
things you can do as a trans ally, and I should’ve said this
way earlier in the video, but it’s to not speak on or behalf of
trans people and instead pass the mother fucking megaphone. So I guess I probably shouldn’t even be
making this video in the first place as a CIS woman. I mean I’m a woman who
just happens to be assists experience. No excuses though. I was just snow really dark place and
I didn’t think twice about what I was doing and his actions. No longer a
Slack. 2:00 AM today as a person. But anyways, I hope you guys learned something new
about trans people and that this video didn’t just make you more
confused on the topic. I also don’t think I’m going to be making
any more trans specific content in the future because as I said, I’m
assist woman and it’s not my place, but let me know if you want to see me
make more videos of this sort of video essay style. I mean I had a lot of fun piecing this
together even though it was absolutely not the most positive topic. I
also made a new Instagram account, so follow up please at
Juliet Bellisario anyways, I suppose they should ask me a favor. Twink what he thinks about all the facts
and logic I’ve been spitting throughout this video. *Run Cried the Crawling
by Agnes Obel plays* These are facts, and facts
don’t care about your feelings. *Yummy by Ayesha Erotica*

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  1. i know this is incredibly different from my typical youtube content but i hope y’all enjoyed it! please don’t kill me for thinking trans people deserve rights i’m sensitive. this wasn’t mentioned in the video but i’ve also recently started a patreon that you can support me through if you’d like! @julietbelisario 🖤

  2. I don’t pretend to understand the change, and I’m sad your old content is gone, but know that I support you as a person. I guess my confusion is when you say you’re a cis woman. I thought you were, as you say, “assigned male at birth”. So wouldn’t that mean you are a trans woman?

  3. also, just putting a separate comment because i wanted you to see that we’ve missed you. okay! i’m not sure how to start this comment, but to put it simply, you shouldn’t have called yourself a cis woman. maybe it was humor? either way, it could lead to confusion for those of us who are new to these definitions and ideas. if you were assigned male at birth, you’re just not able to call yourself cis woman. this isn’t me attacking you and is no hate whatsoever. correct me if i’m wrong with anything! please be kind as well, but essentially, i can’t tell if you meant it to be silly or if you’re legitimately calling yourself assigned as female at birth. sorry if this came off as rude. love your content, SO proud of you for making this video with proper information, and can’t wait for further videos from you. all the love in the world for you, juliet <3

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