Trapped in a Snake Tank Pt. 2: 6ft Boa Constrictor

– Is that a six-foot
long snake in your tank, or are you just happy to see me? – Let’s talk about that. (playful theme music) Good mythical morning. – You may think that all we do around here is eat pig anus, and wear women’s jeans, and you’d be mostly correct. But listen, eating pi-anus
can be stressful, y’all. – Yeah, that’s true man. – Thankfully some cool nerds over at the University of Michigan have discovered that you can actually drastically
reduce stress and anxiety by talking to yourself in third person. And of course, whenever
scientists make a new discovery, it is our duty to double
check their findings, and we’re gonna do that in
an experiment I like to call, ♫ Today we’re gonna stress you out ♫ Put your head inside a tank ♫ And fill it with stressful
stuff that upsets you Okay Link, here’s how this is gonna work, first of all, how do you
normally deal with your stress? – Bite my fingernails. – Okay, right, I’ve seen that, but I’ve never heard you talk to yourself, or talk to yourself in third person, but that’s what you’re gonna have to do. What we’re gonna do is–
– Because the scientists say that that helps. – Yeah, drastically helps.
– Link is listening. – My mom does this. I don’t think I’ve ever
heard her say Diane, but I’ve definitely heard
her talk to herself, and maybe that’s how
she manages her stress. – That’s cool.
– I always thought it was weird, but now I’m believing in it. – No judgment. – Now here’s the thing, I’m going to introduce
three stressful situations to you–
– No, I thought I was introducing them to you. – No, no, no, no, no. – Why is this the arrangement?
– I’m the scientist today. – Link is questioning said arrangement. – I’m the captain now,
and what we’re gonna do is put a heart rate monitor on you, so we can get like a resting heart rate, but then we’re gonna
introduce the stressful thing, see if your stress goes up, and then you will begin
talking to yourself to see if it comes down. So just if you wanna warm up a little bit, how are you gonna speak to yourself? Your name is Link, remember that. – Link is willing to do this
for the sake of science. – Great.
– But Link is not really excited about it.
– Alright, that’s fine Link. – Link is apprehensive. – Rhett is okay with that, let’s do it. Okay so in order to register your stress, we have affixed a heart
rate monitor to you, show it to everybody.
– There it is. – There you go, totally scientific. – These are not heart rate monitors. – No, those are nipples,
but what we’re gonna do is get your resting heart
rate, which incidentally, I’m looking at it right
now, and you’re like, just standing next to the
tank, you’re already at 120. – And what was it earlier? – A second ago, he was just
sitting there checking his email while we were setting the tank
up, and it got down to 70, so I’m gonna call your
resting heart rate 70, so you’re like almost twice that already. You said snake already. – Talk to yourself in the third person, just go ahead, bring it down. – Link heard you say snake at
the beginning of this episode, and now there’s a box with a hole in it, obviously for my head. – It’s dropping like a
rock, look at that 108. – Link is not happy about this. – Okay, I don’t want to get
into the experiment yet, but I have reasons to
believe this is gonna work. Why don’t you get into the tank. (anxious music) – You put me in here and
you put a blindfold on me? – Yes, because we are going
to be exploring your fear of the unknown, so you can’t
know what the unknown is, ’cause then it’s no longer unknown. – Well at least I’m dressed
up for the occasion. – So Link, I’m going to
place something in here, you’re not gonna know what it is. – A snake. – No, that’s not happening
yet, I can assure you of that. – Okay.
– But it’s something that you should be, you
would probably be afraid of if you could see it, and we’re gonna see how it affects your stress level, and then I will instruct you
to begin talking to yourself in the third person and
see if it comes down, okay? – Okay.
– Alright, so now I am placing it in the tank. Okay so your heart rate
has gotten up to 120, and now I would like
you to talk to yourself in the third person. – Link doesn’t want to be here. Link is not, Link is scared. Link felt something on his ear. Link knows it’s over there, so he don’t want to look over there. Link wants to wake up from a dream, because this is a dream. Link thinks this is a dream, yes he does. Link definitely thinks this is a dream. – Okay, listen, while you were talking, you went all the way down to 96, so you dropped from 120 to 96. – Link’s feeling like he needs to talk to himself some more. – Now I’ll take your blindfold off and show you what you were fearing. That’s me. – Dang man. – Scary?
– Not really. (anxious music) – Okay Link you have calmed down to 76, which is a great place. Now you’re already at
77 just ’cause I started talking to you. Now you don’t like germs, right? – No, I love germs. I collect them, no I don’t like germs. – Do you like the germs that come from your best friend’s ear? – Is that where you keep your germs? – I got some. – Dang it. – Let’s see what I got in this one. I’ve been saving up for
a couple of days, too. Let me see if I can get some dark stuff. Oh there we go. – Come on man, there’s some– – Now okay, obviously
you’re uncomfortable, you just went to 110. Now let the germ parade begin, and let’s see how how
high we can get this. – I did not buy a ticket
to the germ parade. – You are attending it. That’s Lizzie, you know her,
she’s brushing her teeth. That sounds fun, she’s gonna do something with that toothbrush. That’s Micah, he’s flossing, typically you do flossing and brushing. – Man, there’s lots of
deep stuff in the germs. – Back up to 108.
– In the gums. – Oooh, nasty floss,
just drop it in there, get it close to him. – Oh come on, oh man. – Okay, now Link, oh, Ellie’s been having a bad week, you know that she’s come
down with something. She’s gonna– – You’re coughing and
blowing into the same tissue, I can see the reflection in the thing. – Yeah, she is. She is wearing some merch, though, so give her a break. Alright, you’re back up to 110. – Can I talk to myself yet? – Just wait one second, Chase has something he wants to offer you. – There’s a little juice on that one. – Chase wore those over
the last couple days. – And finally, Stevie has a
very special present for you. – Oh gosh, that stinks. Oh, it’s Chase! Seriously, oh my gosh,
what is on the socks? – Oh you probably didn’t know
that Stevie wears a diaper. – Are you kidding me? – That’s what she has under that onesie. – I don’t wear it well,
you know what I mean. – It better smell like pudding. – Wow, 118 Link, you’re at 118. – It’s the socks that are getting me, I don’t know what you put on the socks. – Talk to yourself, calm yourself. – Link is not happy about
the scent of that sock. Link wishes that he could
breathe through his mouth, but then he would taste it. Link doesn’t want to
breathe through his nose, or his mouth. Link’s wondering if he can
breathe through anything else. Link thinks fish can
breathe through their anus. – Yes he does, what else does Link think? – Is Link right about that? – You broke 100, 96, 93, keep
talking to yourself Link, 92. – Can Link breathe through his anus? He’s gonna try. – That’s called farting.
– He knows he can breathe out through his anus, but can he breathe in through his anus. Probably not, Link thinks. – Hey man, you got all the way
down to 92, it totally works. – Link is feeling like this is helping, but he’s still tasting that sock. – Boy, it stinks in there with Link. – It does stink, doesn’t it? – Yeah, it’s horrible. – Link wants Rhett to
agree that it stinks. Link wants Rhett to get in here. – Rhett wants Link to
move on to round three. (anxious music) Okay Link this last part is
gonna be nothing new to you. You’ve had your head trapped
in a snake tank before. But we used–
– Yeah, that was plenty. – We used garter snakes,
now we’re gonna use a slightly larger snake. A snake so large that
it requires a handler. Christina, can you bring Triss out? Oh gosh.
– Oh my crap. What the crap? – Okay, let’s, let’s–
– What is that, what? – Let’s set Triss, now what kind, Christina, what kind of snake is this? – She’s a Colombian red-tail boa. – Okay, Colombian.
– So she’s a squeezer. – She is a squeezer, she loves to hug. – [Rhett] Okay, so Christina
let’s come up here. – She doesn’t have arms. – Let’s step on to the, no, no, hey, hey, hey, hey, Link. – How long is that thing? How long, it’s taller than me? – It’s probably about
six feet long right now. – Okay, so basically,
– Right now. – Your height.
– Is it gonna get longer? – Link’s already at 126, 127,
129, 130, get in there Link. You gotta get in, you’re not
even in the tank with it yet. – Well hold on. Don’t drop it yet, okay. – I will not. – I have to be on the head side, I’m gonna let you handle that. – Yeah, no problem. – Okay Christina, whenever you’re ready. – Well hold on, what about when I’m ready? – Link, you’re as ready
as you’re ever gonna be. You’re at 129. – Can it, can it feel the love, can it smell me? – She absolutely can smell. – She looks she doesn’t–
– Can she hear me? – She looks like she doesn’t
want to be in there with you. She can smell your fear. Oh gosh. – There we go.
– 135. – Oh shoot, bad words coming to mind. Gonna say ’em. – 133, let’s see how high, 136, 137, let’s see if we can break 140, 140. Yeah, okay.
– This isn’t an auction. – Okay, Link you broke 140,
now begin talking to yourself. – Where is the head? Link wants to know where the head is. I wanna know, ahhhhh. – Is that okay what she’s doing right now? – Yeah, absolutely. All she’s doing, she’s being very curious, she’s checking things out, she doesn’t quite understand
the concept of a glass box, so she’s touching it with her body, she’s touching it with her tongue. – Okay Link, talk to yourself. – Link, oh it’s slithering. Link hears slithering,
Link sees a huge snake. – Rhett thinks Link is going to be choked. – Link is, Link has never been, Link has never wanted to put
his head in a zoo exhibit. Link has, Link keeps
hearing the snake going behind his head. – You’re going back up to 140. – Well that’s ’cause Link is scared. – Link, 141, it’s not working with this. – Link is wondering what, ohhh! What was that, what was just touching, the head of the snake? Am I freaking the snake out
because I’m freaking out? – No, you’re doing entirely fine. – She’s totally fine. – Yeah, she’s very relaxed, she’ll come and she’ll investigate
you just a little bit. – Here we go, there we go, come on around. – Link is keeping an eye
on the head of the snake. – She wants to give kisses, so she might come and give you a kiss. – Please do that. – Link feels snake on neck. – Does Link think
everything is gonna be okay? – Link thinks everythingggggg is gonna be okay. – Oh gosh, oh gosh. – It’s starting to get– – No, what is Link doing, though? – Link is in a snake tank, but I’m not. Link, I’m watching Link in a snake tank, ’cause I’m not Link. – 115, keep talking to yourself Link. – Link is doing a really good job. – Yeah he is. – Link is being amazing, but I’m not Link, I just think he’s doing great. – Now you’re going back up. – Boy, Link is sweating. Oh Link, poor Link. Link thinks Link is poor. – 113, 111. – Link is going to his happy place, Link is thinking about his dog Jade. Link loves his dog Jade. – That thing would eat Jade so fast. – Link is the serpent king. Link is the serpent king. – Yes he is, Rhett
acknowledges the serpent king. – And Link is me. I am Link, and I am the serpent king. Link is the serpent king, Link is me. – Don’t say me, that’s not third person. – Link is Link, and Link
is the serpent king. Link made friends with
the snake in a tank. Link is pretty awesome. – Can we get the snake’s
head closer to Link’s face? – Absolutely.
– What? Link objects to said snake head movement. – This is all about science Link. – Link was wondering, ohhhhh. Link is wondering if the
snake can smell his breath. Oh, Link is not happy. What are you doing? Link is wondering why the
handler wrapped the snake more around Link’s neck. Link is wondering what the
handler has against Link. – It’s going back up Link. – Link is not happy, he
is not cool with this. I can hear that snake
hissing, and so can Link. – Sometimes it’s just
their way of breathing. Sometimes they’re very
curious about stuff, and they’ll make a little bit of a hiss, just a curious sound, like hmm. – Here we go, here we go. – Link is making sweat
spots under his arm, and he’s making another
spot in his britches. Don’t come near me, don’t,
yeah, that’s it, unravel. Link is glad that that
snake has not constricted upon his neck. Link, Link, all Link can say is Link. Link, Linky, Linky, Linkster. – It’s working Link. – The Linkster is in his happy place. Linkster is, Linkster’s making it happen. – Link, you’ve gone all
the way from over 140 to down below 100. – That’s right, the Linkster
is proud of himself, and he’s not thinking about snakes. – Rhettster is proud of these scientists, because I mean, I don’t
think they even needed us to back them up, but this is true, talking to yourself
lowers stress and anxiety. We have proven it again, here,
on Good Mythical Morning. – Where’s the head? – Thanks for liking,
commenting, and subscribing. – Link knows what time it is. – I’m Devin.
– I’m Cory, this is Belladonna. – [Together] We’re from
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