Treating Chronic Headaches with BOTOX Injections

People who have migraines go searching online
for anything they can find. When someone doesn’t want to use drugs, BOTOX
can be very useful, because it can last three to six months. BOTOX has been around for a number of years. It’s been approved probably over the last
five years for chronic daily headaches, and it’s used very similarly to taking care of the wrinkles in the face and forehead. One of the thoughts is that the tension in
the forehead, and the wrinkles are also causing the headaches. So, semi-paralyzing the muscles in the forehead,
and around the eyes, can take care of the migraines. It was discovered by several physicians, who
noticed their migraine patients, who had BOTOX for facial reasons, didn’t have their headaches. Two types of headaches that I take care of
with BOTOX. One is the traditional, where it’s in the
front of the head, and the second is the ones that are in the neck, where the BOTOX goes
more to the neck muscles. So, it goes behind the head at the very base
of the skull, down to the base of the neck, and out into the shoulders. Usually, the people who do get BOTOX, get
excellent results. They have three to six months of pain relief,
and it really controls their migraines. Having someone who is very knowledgeable about
interventional techniques to control headaches, is extremely helpful, because they can look
at all the possibilities that are causing your headaches, and give you several different
strategies to manage the headaches successfully. CDI is excellent at being able to diagnose
the cause and give you a set of options for treatment. The reward is making a patient better, and
solving their problems, and giving them solutions so they can manage their life better.

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