Treating depression without drugs

the National Institutes of Health reports at about thirty percent of adults with major depression don’t respond to treatment well now those folks have an alternative it doesn’t involve medication and it’s non-invasive health reporter Haley Hernandez is here this morning good morning guys so it’s becoming a more common type of procedure it’s called TMS doctors from UT Health in Houston to others in Sugarland and Katie are using it for people who don’t seem to find relief with anything else Carolyn radio has been fighting treatment-resistant depression since she was a teenager she’s had lots of therapy many medications and has been hospitalized four times without much relief wasn’t able to work didn’t enjoy being around even my kids and other people it was just really hard to cope with life so when her doctor told her about neuro star she wanted to try it neuro star delivers transcranial magnetic stimulation or TMS to a part of the brain that’s under active causing depression TMS now offers a another option in terms of how to stimulate that activity had to get those neurons in the brain firing and releasing their neurotransmitters technicians have calibrated the coil that sends painless electrical pulses every few seconds for about 19 minutes Carolyn will come in for 30 treatments over six weeks dr. Rashidi says half the patients report significant relief and 30% are in remission from their symptoms without drugs person may experience another depressive episode and may need an additional treatment but that’s really no different than our existing treatments with medication and therapy Carolyn is almost finished and says it looks promising I’m seeing more more frequent good days and less frequent bad days side-effects include some scalp discomfort twitching and headache Neuros neuro stimulation is for adults who’ve tried a medication it doesn’t work for them or wasn’t tolerated most insurance companies will pay for neuro star treatments for depression oh wow number of people around Houston doing it so that’s what you want to ask your doctor about if you’re resistant to medication so nice have other options for those folks absolutely thank goodness for it

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